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Avatar m tn Once, two years ago, was a quick dislocation of the kneecap - out and immediately back in - with some bruising of the bones. Last year I stretched an attachment of my MCL (?). My knee still hurts almost constantly. The pain moves around and is mainly around the medial, anterior, and lateral portions of the knee as well as directly on the kneecap. Every so often while walking I experience sharp and intense, but very short-lived bursts of pain on the lateral side of my knee.
Avatar m tn Most of these problems resolve with non-surgical management including NSAIDs, physical therapy, patella bracing or taping, shoe inserts, and activity modification. If you truly have exhausted these options, then surgery is a possibility. The two most common procedures are an arthroscopic lateral release, or an antero-medialization of the tibial tubercle known as a Fulkerson Procedure.
Avatar m tn Being a skinny 17 year old, I wanted to get atleast a little bigger before I headed off to college. My routine consists of squats, deadlifts, bench press, military press and power cleans alternating on M/W/Th. However about two weeks back I suppose I pushed myself too hard on the squats and loaded too much weight without having proper form. What happened was that after squatting down, trying to come back up was extremely difficult. Around parallel my right knee seemed to have locked up.
Avatar f tn When I would kneel On my right knee it felt like there was glass under my kneecap. One day I decided to go ahead and Kneel hard on it and roll my kneecap around, enduring the pain. I envisioned that a Crystal had formed in my kneecap and it just needed to be crushed and then my body could absorb it. After that the pain vanished and never returned so my guess must’ve been correct.
Avatar m tn My question is, once I stop taping the toes together will they go back to their original state? If the taping doesn't work, the doctor wants to try another procedure. At this point, I'll probably not do anything, especially with this doctor.
Avatar n tn This condition causes fluid accumulation in the bursa just on top of the kneecap. Usually the fluid can be felt on top of the kneecap, rather than underneath the kneecap. Physical examination by doctor is necessary, to determine what fluid it is and depending upon that whether to remove the fluid or use antibiotics can be decided. All the best.
Avatar f tn Months ago I tripped landing on my kneecap. I had a superficial laceration where I landed. Then a few weeks ago my knee began to hurt, localized tenderness, pain, Weakness in thigh/leg, numbness in certain areas of the kneecap and balance issues . Lesions appeared, I thought I somehow got glass in my knee but what I came across is a white bony Substance imbedded in my knee. What could that be?
Avatar n tn I am a runner and have recently noted that my right kneecap is getting "jellyer". When I google searched it some results for Prepatelar Bursitis came up, but the pictures seem to drastic and there is no kneeling or trauma going on. It is not such a huge inflamation, its just that one kneecap is certainly squishier than the other one and progressively getting more and more. I know running is causing it, but I don't understand what's behind it. Also: no pain.
Avatar m tn t have any insurance, but I went to a doctor anyway. He pulled on my leg a little and moved the kneecap around a bit and took an xray. He said there was nothing broken and that I probably bruised the tendon and gave me anti inflammatory meds. I wasn't given really any advice on what to do with it after the appointment for recovery and it just seemed like maybe they wanted me out of there. upon leaving they gave me a foam knee brace and sent me on my way.
Avatar n tn The Boxer’s fractures are treated by immobilizing the joint using a variety of splints, a cast, or taping techniques. “Buddy-taping” involves taping the little finger to the ring finger. It typically takes four to six weeks for the fracture to heal and thereafter some more time to regain motion and strength. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I somehow dislocated (what I think it is) my kneecap. Immediately after I put it back in place but it still hurts today. It's not an unbearable pain considering that I can walk pretty normal but I can't put too much weight on it. It wasn't swollen yesterday but I have a feeling it's a bit swollen now. I'm planning on going to a doctor in the morning but an advice or a heads up of what can I expect would be very helpful.
Avatar f tn Until it pops, I have awful pain that is on the inside on my knee and underneath my kneecap and sometimes I have shooting pain go from under my kneecap all the way up the center/middle of my thigh to my hip. My right hip is in the same position as my knee where I have to force it to pop to make the pain go away.
Avatar n tn Hi The Boxer’s fractures are treated by immobilizing the joint using a variety of splints, a cast, or taping techniques. “Buddy-taping” involves taping the little finger to the ring finger. It typically takes four to six weeks for the fracture to heal and thereafter some more time to regain motion and strength. You should contact your doctor or go to the emergency department because you have developed signs and symptoms which might indicate infection or some other complication.
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Avatar f tn t hit it on anything. I looked at it and it is a bit swollen on top of the kneecap. It is red on the top and a couple spots around the kneecap. Also it seems there may be a pocket of fluid on top of the kneecap. It is also warm to the touch. Does any one know what this could be?
Avatar f tn s kinda like someone took a piece of fabric and sewed it in inside my knee. It covers most of my kneecap and that inner part of my knee. I can't kneel without sharp pain in my kneecap. I've tried to talk to my doctor about it but she keeps telling me she doesn't know what it is but that I should leave it. She also said it'll either go away on its own or I'll have it the rest of my life. I'd really like to find out what it is!!
Avatar f tn Both my knees click, you can feel grinding when touching the kneecap, and the pain is usually under the kneecap on the inside of the knee. The pain is worse while bending the knee joint. Keeping it straight helps, but does not stop the pain. I've had x-rays and ct scans, revealing that my cartilage is fine, and my tendons are fine. Next step is an MRI. So what could be causing this long term cronic pain? Inflammation is common, and the area gets hot. My hips also suffer.
Avatar f tn This time, I am unable to bear much weight on the leg. When I attempt to bear weight, I have an intense amount of pressure right in the front of my kneecap. I also have a searing pain behind the kneecap. It is horrifically swollen and I have pockets of what feel like fluid all over the knee. Is this normal? I had an MRI on Thursday but haven't received a result yet. My next follow up is on the 11th & my doctor is extremely difficult to reach by phone.
Avatar f tn It hurts just underneath my kneecap slightly to the left, also swollen, and a little in the kneecap itself. The thing is, the pain isn't constant and doesn't always prevent me from doing things. It hurts and stiffens up whilst going downstairs, walking down inclined ground or walking for a period of time. I don't know whether it is worth getting it checked out or not because the pain is only dull, just quite frustrating.
Avatar m tn its feels like the pain is coming from behind the kneecap. Also over a year ago a banged the same knee pretty hard on the floor which ever since I've been unable to kneel down on that knee not even on a bed or mat it feels like a really bad bruise and shooting pain that I get, I was originally told it was a bruised bone but that was over a year ago and is still just as bad. I've had an mri scan and its showing nothing more than abit of fluid at either side.
Avatar m tn Playing as a goalkeeper, I suffered quite a few abrasions (not exactly bleeding badly though) on my kneecap. I would like enquire - what are the chances of getting HIV if my kneecap came into contact with my opponent's leg (assuming he had some cuts as well)? Although I don't recall colliding into him, but during the game, some form of contact could have occurred. This is worrying me as this guy has quite a liberal sex life and I am not sure of his HIV status.
Avatar f tn It appears as dark bruising across my whole kneecap. It does not cause a lot of pain, just a mild ache here and there. It is not a result of bumping the knee. It seems to happen if I have been kneeling, even in church. I never know when it will occur. Sometimes I get a strange mild cold sensation in the knee or occasionally, a quick sharp pain. I am not having any trouble walking, and I do not have constant pain when it happens.
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Avatar f tn In the last few days, I have felt a burning, almost tearing-like sensation in my left kneecap. Oddly, it comes and goes. I can kneel down and feel the sensation, likewise if I press my finger directly on the kneecap I can feel the sensation. The leg can be straight or bent and the sensation can occur. No problem walking, running, no side knee problems. Likewise, at times, the pain is non-existent in the same postions/situations. Do not recall bumping it, however could have. Anyway, really odd.