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Avatar n tn I had total knee replacement surgery the 24th of January this year. Surgery went fine & I haven't been in much pain but have a lot of swelling in my leg, ankle & foot. What can I do to get this swelling down?
Avatar n tn Have you tried anything to help the pain and, if yes, has that been successful? Have you ever had surgery on your knee? Do you have any hip or ankle pain? When any patient complains of “knee pain,” the initial differential diagnosis in most of the cases includes: Osteoarthritis, Ligament damage, Meniscus damage or Patello-femoral disorder. Keep me informed. Bye.
Avatar f tn I won't go into everything, but I had bilateral knee scopes 2 days ago, and my right knee has this odd swelling going on. It feels as though someone stuffed a bunch of that blue gel ice pack filling all around my knee. And the funniest part is that it audibly gurgles and slushes every time I move it- so much so that other people in the room can hear it. I was admitted overnight, and when I left yesterday morning, the PA said that was just fluid that would be absorbed.
Avatar n tn I have also been in severe pain with swelling in my left knee 4 months after arthroscopic surgery. I also have a large lump at the site were the scope entered my knee, when I ask the doctor that did the surgery about he said it should go away before I die. I thought this was a horrible thing to say because I was really worried about the lump. I have a hard time even getting to see the doctor and no one seem's concerned about the pain and swelling but me.
Avatar m tn Ever since then I have more swelling and moderate pain but underneath my knee. My knee also feels unstable- like it is going to give out. What could have happened?
302835 tn?1192584951 The ER doc probably told you to stay off of it to get the swelling to drain away from the knee. When you're walking and up on your feet, the pain worsens as the knee swells up more. It's best to follow the ER doc's advice and get that knee up over the level of your heart since that makes the swelling come down as fast as possible.
Avatar f tn I had surgery on my Right knee about a week ago. They did orthoscopic and open surgery. On one side of my knee it has a soft part that is really soft feeling. When I touch it, it feels numb and hot...What do you think that is ? Should I go get it checked out?
Avatar n tn My question is can all these infections be caused by the knee surgery or can the infections effect my knee surgery recovery? The last 2 days, I noticed that my knee has started hurting at night and is swelling more than usual. All info I have read say infections can be life threatening after knee surgery, should I be worried, should I tell my knee surgeon about these problem or they all separate conditions?
Avatar f tn I had surgery 12-18-08 on my knee area. I had fallen and had a muscl. tear and a cyst. I had been getting ster. injections, and cart. injections since the previous May when I fell, trying to avoid surgery. Surgery with scope (3 holes) when great and I felt very optomistic. But in late Jan. My knee area swell 3-times the size and I could not bend it or get around that good. I was taking pen.
Avatar f tn How much swelling may I expect after knee replacement surgery? Could it become dangerous? /at what point?
Avatar f tn I am trying to reduce the swelling in my knee. I had surgery 11/10/10, and have had some success with PT and TED hose, but need to get the rest of the swelling down because it is impeding my ROM. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn I had knee surgery about a month ago but I just noticed swelling in my knee,leg and foot what can i do to keep the swelling down?
569793 tn?1216890981 Things went well for the next two weeks and then I started to experience swelling around my knee. No pain, only swelling. After the season I took 5 weeks off like my doctor said, no activity whatsoever, only walking. I slowly started to ease my way back into playing, weight lifting to strengthen the muscles and running. The first two weeks were fantastic, no swelling. I took a day off and woke up the next day with swelling, for no reason.
Avatar f tn The swelling in my legs is mainly with my left leg and it's the leg I had knee surgery with a couple years ago I'm a ftm so it just scared me
Avatar f tn i had minululations inbetween each surgery and pt as well.. i am so tired of the pain and swelling this has been a full year. what can I do?
Avatar m tn In September, I underwent umbilical hernia repair surgery. In the recovery room, during extubation, my airway collapsed and I spent 24 hours in ICU. Approximately three months later, my left hand and arm swelled enormously. A trip to the ER and IV steriods, antibiotics and Zantac started bringing the swelling down (hand and arm returned to normal after a day or so). Two weeks later, I was taken to ER (by ambulance) when my airway swelled shut.
263648 tn?1189759434 Hi, Do you remember getting hurt in your knees? The swelling and the pain in the knee suggests the possibility of arthritis. Other causes could be gout and meniscus injury. Radiating pains from knee also indicates a nerve compression. It is very difficult to pinpoint at the exact cause. without clinical examination and running some tests. I would suggest you to seek consultation with an orthopedic surgeon as soon as you can. Take care!
231441 tn?1333896366 My tummy is hardly showing, but I've got swelling. Is this early to start swelling? Any advice on how to manage this? I am trying to walk around as much as possible, and will try to resume regular swimming (been out of exercise for a few weeks post appendectomy surgery 6 weeks ago). I know diuretics not recommended, but any natural diuretics with mild action recommended? I want this baby very much, but I don't like what's happening to my body!
Avatar n tn On February 23, 2009 I had surgery on my right knee, now four months later i am experiencing swelling of my left ankle with pain and redness which is moving up my leg to the lower part of my shin. What is causing this.
393942 tn?1315563752 About 3 weeks ago I had knee surgery. The Doc did 3 seperate things to my knee. He cleaned out more arthritis, repaired my minicus, and a lateral release. Since the surgery I have developed a hugh lump on the outside part of my knee and my whole leg swelled. My doc said that the only thing that will help all the swelling would be a compression stocking. The stocking helped from my knee down but did nothing from my knee up. The lump is still as big as ever.
4615153 tn?1357189785 I had knee surgery, a lateral release and multiple pieces of cartilage removed both attached and not. I have had a slow recovery but returned to work full time a month after. I recently (three months after) fell onto my knee. It was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. I went to the ER but all they could tell me is that I didn't break anything. My surgeon can't see me for almost a month. I am in pain, swelling a lot even in my feet.
Avatar n tn today marks the 7 months since i had surgery on my knee for some torn cartridges and i had arthroscopic surgery. i decided to play basketball for a high school team and it started swelling up and im wondering if this is irritating that.
Avatar f tn Can I get cortisone shots after total knee replacement? I've had swelling and much pain for the past 8 months and my surgeon says he's sorry this happen but there is nothing he can do about it.
Avatar f tn I had arthroscopy knee surgery June2,2010 and my leg and foot are swelling alot.