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Avatar f tn I am trying to reduce the swelling in my knee. I had surgery 11/10/10, and have had some success with PT and TED hose, but need to get the rest of the swelling down because it is impeding my ROM. Any ideas?
393942 tn?1315560152 About 3 weeks ago I had knee surgery. The Doc did 3 seperate things to my knee. He cleaned out more arthritis, repaired my minicus, and a lateral release. Since the surgery I have developed a hugh lump on the outside part of my knee and my whole leg swelled. My doc said that the only thing that will help all the swelling would be a compression stocking. The stocking helped from my knee down but did nothing from my knee up. The lump is still as big as ever.
Avatar n tn i had the same surgery as melhal and im a 42 yr old female, however, i cannot bend my knee when i walk or go down the stairs because something on the side of my knee pops and it hurts so much and i limp and still have swelling in front and back of my knee.
Avatar f tn I had knee surgery about a month ago but I just noticed swelling in my knee,leg and foot what can i do to keep the swelling down?
Avatar n tn On February 23, 2009 I had surgery on my right knee, now four months later i am experiencing swelling of my left ankle with pain and redness which is moving up my leg to the lower part of my shin. What is causing this.
Avatar n tn Hi, Thanks for writing in. If there is noticeable swelling in the knee, then the cause for pain and swelling should be initially confirmed with an MRI. It could be a repeat tear in the meniscus or ligament or tendon injury. It is difficult to say what it is without examination. Is there any numbness or sensation of pins and needles? If yes, then a neurologist’s opinion would be required. I would suggest that you take a second opinion of a orthopedician. Best.
Avatar f tn I have knee pain and swelling that comes and goes. I have been to an Orthopedic and have had x-rays and MRI. Nothing specific was noted in the x-ray and scan. The Dr suggested orthoscopic surgery to see what he might be able to do. I have not had the surgery. He also suggested I may have osteoarthritis. The pain will come with walking, sometimes very quickly and sometimes not much at all.
569793 tn?1216887381 Things went well for the next two weeks and then I started to experience swelling around my knee. No pain, only swelling. After the season I took 5 weeks off like my doctor said, no activity whatsoever, only walking. I slowly started to ease my way back into playing, weight lifting to strengthen the muscles and running. The first two weeks were fantastic, no swelling. I took a day off and woke up the next day with swelling, for no reason.
Avatar n tn Could someone answer a question for me, i had knee surgery 23 days ago, i have major swelling in my knee, calf, and foot, is this normal, and when should i call the doctor, is this something i should be worried about?
Avatar f tn Hi, I had R knee arthroscopy approx 4wks ago and am still having significant pain and swelling. Pain & swelling seem to be mainly on medial aspect of knee from quads/vastus medialis through to medial and anterior calf/shin. Significant swelling just above medial joint line to back of knee. I have a copy of my surgeons letter to gp and it says I have significant changes to patellofemoral joint, grade iv changes to the the trochlea & grade ii changes to the the patella.
159619 tn?1538180937 I could walk fine before the surgery. Now I have a limp and am in constant pain, not only the knee, but my other knee, back and hip from compensation. DO NOT GET THIS SURGERY!!
Avatar f tn yeah my leg hurts because it is stiff, but thats because i have a knee brace on so i dont bend my knee, i had surgery like 2 weeks ago and i cant get my knee brace off for a couple of weeks, i cant wait.
Avatar f tn The swelling in my legs is mainly with my left leg and it's the leg I had knee surgery with a couple years ago I'm a ftm so it just scared me
Avatar m tn It has been a few months after the surgery, and the other night i hyper flexed the knee. The knee hurt for about 15 seconds, and then felt fine.I think there is a tiny bit of swelling, but im not sure. My question is if i retore it, would it hurt to walk on? would it swell? and how do i know? I dont want to have to go through that long process again.
Avatar m tn Recently, after running and following my stretching regime, I have experienced tightening of the knee in question, and then the following morning a swelling at the back of the knee on the medial side appeared. It seems to clear within a couple of days, and in fact does not always return following further running or walking. Do you have any inclination whether this is common following a cartilage op. and do you consider they are even necessarily related? Thanks for your attention.
Avatar n tn As for swelling in your foot, that could come from the swelling in your knee draining down into your foot due to gravity. Any swelling will make the swollen area tender, even if it's not the injured area. You will probably experience swelling in your knee for a while. Do you keep it elevated at all? You should try to elevate it - above your heart when possible (like when you sleep) - that should help the swelling. You haven't had much recovery time yet.
Avatar f tn Im 2 weeks post op Quad tendon repair surgery. I noticed my swelling on my foot never went down only got worse. I asked my surgeon he said it was common just elevate it. Eventually found out i had fluid in my ankle/foot which was caused the swelling and my foot not to be straight. After elevating and taking Naproxen for a few days the fluid & swelling is gone. Not 100% back but close. As i was showering I noticed there’s fluid in the back of my knee i had surgery on.
Avatar n tn i was back to linedancing 6 weeks after each one. I started having problems with my left knee about a month after my 2nd surgery....Numbness, pain stiffness,swelling, crunches and buckles..... It hurts when I sleep and just sitting or standing can make it go bad..... I thought it would eventually go away but it hasn't... My Dr. has x-rayed and does not see anything? thinks maybe it is blood pooling up..and said to come in when it swells up and they will drain to see..
Avatar m tn hello i was also diagnosed with bipartite petela and just got surgery and i got a big swelling and i am not able toben my knee the way my docter said so. what should i do in order to bend my leg please pray and give me advice.
Avatar m tn It's been over a decade since my arthroscopic knee surgery, but it wouldn't surprise me if some inflammation and swelling after only two weeks was pretty normal. I remember the doctor was surprised with me a LONG time after surgery how I said the knee I had surgery on was turning very red and hot compared to the other (w/hot water). He said that was a sign of bone healing but he was surprised it was happening that long after the surgery.
Avatar n tn It also showed some arthritis under the knee cap. The surgery included a scraping and shaping under the knee cap. After surgery there was still sensitivity on the medial side of knee. Surgeon said it was because of the way the knee was held open during surgery and it would fade. It did for a time and now it is back. If I move my left leg from left to right and have some resistance against the foot there will be a sharp pain in the medial meniscus.
Avatar n tn I am on thyroixne medication from 8years. Past 1month mine right knee joint started paining, swelling and it is in tolerable. Blood test showed that TSH is very high, Dr advised and increased the dose from 75mcg to 100mcg. Presently I am under physiotherapy. Swelling had reduced but left ankle joint started swelling and pain started. Presently I am taking 1.
Avatar f tn my knee feels very weak and stiff like it did before surgery. i have some swelling and sharp pains when i pivot on my knee. anyways, is there another surgery i could have to fix this problem or am i going to have to live with it?
Avatar n tn One of My Friend has knee surgery, he is also suffering from same Problem. it really difficult to walk in pain. he had surgery in India. i must recommend you to have proper chekup. if you want i ask my friend to share details of his surgery to you.
Avatar n tn I've been experiencing major swelling in my left ankle and foot. I've been to 4 doctors (Orthopaedic, Vascular, Arthritic and a Primary) and still have no idea what the problem is. I had microscopic surgery on my left knee in June 2006. The swelling in my ankle didn't begin until Spring 2007. Not sure if they're related. It started off as random minor swelling.