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Avatar f tn Hi, How are you? Like any surgery, knee surgery also has scar tissue which can remain for the rest of the life, but it's size might decrease after the surgery. As you mentioned, it is 18 months after surgery I don't think this scar would dissappear. Normally, the scar will be approximately six to eight inches long. It will be straight down the center of your knee unless you have previous scars, in which case they may use the prior scar. There will be some numbness around the scar.
Avatar m tn I remember the doctor was surprised with me a LONG time after surgery how I said the knee I had surgery on was turning very red and hot compared to the other (w/hot water). He said that was a sign of bone healing but he was surprised it was happening that long after the surgery. You might want to defer to your surgeon- perhaps he/she knows using scar medicine is appropriate later on rather than right now.
Avatar f tn I had major knee surgery in 1988 when I was 18 years old. Since then, I've had two more less invasive knee surgeries cleaning up the same knee and now it is just bone on bone. I am 46 years old, and suffer from a condition known as Minere's disease - vertigo, which causes me to fall. I fell this past weekend on my knee and have a huge hematoma on my knee where the scar is. The nerve pain is HORRIBLE. I take Lyrica for pain but it is not helping. What can I do if anything?? Help!!!
Avatar m tn I got this scar after a minor injury where my knee was peeled of after u fell down. It's been almost 2 years and this mark look very bad on my knee and I am thinking of surgery to fix this. Before I do that I want to know if any kind if ointment can fix this. I guess my old skin needs to get off and new skin will probably look good. Now this part looks like its burnt Here is the pic
Avatar f tn Hi same thing happened to my Knee , but when pins ect , came out no pain but i had a lot more movement and free of pain , take care ,
Avatar f tn scars on there something I can use to fade these scars away without surgery?? Ive heard of....fresh lemons rubbed on the scar to help fade them away...however never tried it...again........information...home remedies...creams that youve heard of would be a huge help.
Avatar f tn Gel sheets applied and kept on the wounds may also prevent hypertrophic scars from forming. In very bad cases surgery and removal of scars can be done. This consists of surgically removing the scar by scraping it. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn Its a sharp shooting pain near one of my ACL surgery scars. The doctors thought it may the screw which has not softenened yet. They also thought it may be a nerve problem or a problem with the fluid, so I underwent Euflexxa injections, then had a Lumbar Sympathetic Nerve Block, and was taking Lyrica for several months. The condition still persisted and now I have finally gone back to my Orthopaedic surgeon to get another diagnosis.
Avatar n tn The problem with surgery is that on the lower legs, the scars will be linear and may draw more attention than the existing scars. It is possible that laser treatment may fade some of the scars, but to be honest, I am not optimistic. See a local plastic surgeon to get an opinion about your scars.
Avatar f tn I have an appendectomy scar on the top of my belly button and a cholecystectomy(gall bladder surgery) scar on the bottom. Are they going to stretch or tear? They're already getting tight and my doc didn't say anything so i'm gonna assume they'll be fine. Just like some wisdom from those in the same situation.
Avatar n tn hi... when i was 8 year years old i had a surgery under my eye,,, now scars are left under my eye.. i want to do a laser treatment.... so that i can get rid off from my scars... i dont like it really... its on my face and i feel complex.... plz tell me and give me tha good advice.... i want to get rid from this scars...
Avatar n tn m 16 and I used to self harm so I know a lot about how my body scars. Recently I scar so easily like I got a bug bite and it scared, I skinned my knee falling down and it scared. I didn't pick at them or anything and yet they scared. I got scraped by a rose bush and not only did it scar but the scars are still purple and this happened 4 months ago! I'm wondering if it could be something with my blood becuase I bleed a lot, not only with cuts and scrapes but on my period as well.
Avatar f tn Hi, Allies2733. Sometimes it's hard to ask dr,s questions or to tell them our concerns especially when we're angry & unnerved and time is short. Were the first 3 surgeries to fix different tears in the meniscus or repair the same one over again? The location of the tear has much to do with how fast it will heal. You should see this dr. again prior to your surgery. Write down beforehand the issues of 1. Recovery time based on YOUR previous experiences; 2.
Avatar f tn I had a Left Breast Biopsy for suspicious lesion done. Although the results came back benign, the radiologist indicated that there is a radial scar, and that the area should be removed for my peace of mind. My Surgeon feels the opposite and doesn't feel that surgery is necessary, Which one should I be listening to? I have read the other posts and wondered if there is more information that is now currently available for these situations? Please advise.
Avatar n tn As far as I have found, silicone-based products seem to have the highest rating for surgery scars; as well as, many other forms of scars. I am going to continue my research, but currently I am leaning towards purchasing one of the silicone-based products.
1858011 tn?1319837353 Most people will have scars anywhere that they have surgery. Are you thinking of lesions as scars on your spinal column?
Avatar n tn count your self lucky scars are on your body and not on face. there is nothing or no plastic surgery can do get rid of chickenpox scars. such a shame that plastic surgeon can turn man in to woman and vice verse but can not remove chicken pox scars. shame on surgery.
Avatar f tn With mature healed scars of the arms and legs, it is unlikely that significant improvement will occur with surgery.
Avatar f tn It depends on how bad the scars are. If they are deep or raised (keloid) then cosmetic surgery with with radiation treatments is an option. It should be a last resort though. I'd try laser treatments first. If that doesn't work, talk with your doctor about possible scar revision surgery. Just remember, that it will still leave a scar. You can't get away with no scar at all. Another option is to get a tattoo to cover your scars. Just a few things to think about.
Avatar f tn then back in 2009 i was flipped over some ones back hard and feel on the same knee and put two holes in my pants and they match the two scars on my knee. it swelled bad couldnt bend it for about two months it looked nasty didnt have medical so didnt go to docs again. what could it be...
1157646 tn?1343967128 s which had deeloped inside my belly button after a previous surgery. I had the surgery about 8 weeks ago now and the scar has become a little raised and red. I have heard micropore tape helps with the redness and makes the scar flatter, I was wondering if 8 weeks post-op is too late to do any good if I start the micropore tape now?? Many thanks.
20910642 tn?1627445346 Nothing else worked for me, as a result, scars have already formed. 95% of my scars are located on my cheeks and temples. 99% of the scars are "rolling" scars. I'm currently 25 years old and male, and I've been 1.5 years off Accutane and any oral medication for treating acne. My acne is now under control.
Avatar f tn , I am a 30 yr old female and I just had shingles about 2 months ago which left unsightly scars on my right, lower leg. I was wondering... can laser surgery help remove those scars? And if so, how soon can I start laser skin treatment? I have very pale white skin and would like the scars to be removed without my skin pigmentation changing. Do you also know how much they usually cost? Thank you so much.
Avatar n tn As a general guide the treatment options range from local applications, superficial procedures such as microdermabrasion to lasers and cosmetic surgery. To treat chicken pox scars skin specialists first reduce underlying fibrous adhesions and later either perform a dermal filler or stimulate new collagen growth with Non Ablative Laser Rejuvenation. It will be difficult to recommend a particular treatment to you but there are many options and medicinal products available.
Avatar m tn i had a knee surgery a year ago and now my knee is full of arthritis it still pops and ackes driving down the road i need the heat on the floor and little cool air makes it throb and acke is there anything i can do to get sum relief
Avatar n tn i had total knee surgery 2 months ago,i am still having pain,my knee is still swollen and i can not sleep at night is this normal,when will i start to feel better,i am still on pain med,but only twice a day.