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Avatar n tn I'm having total knee replacement surgery soon. I can't have a nerve block due to my spine. I'll have general Anesthesia, but was told the pain will be increased since I can't have the block. I'm concerned about managing pain afterward since I have Barrett's. Has anyone had knee or hip surgery and have Barrett's? What type of pain medication did you have?
Avatar m tn The good news is that the doctors seem to have found a bone growth which is pushing on the peroneal nerve . A nerve block is scheduled to further confirm that hypothesis. The bad news is that the knee orthopedic surgeon says that he is nervous about operating in the popliteal cavity with its mess of nerves and blood vessels. He says that I should go see one of his associates who is a cancer orthopedic specialist who has operated more often in that challenging area of the knee.
Avatar f tn I also have medial knee pain and am having a nerve block just below the knee in a few weeks.
Avatar f tn my grandma had a knee replacement 1 month again and had a nerve block.
Avatar f tn s going on. My back and legs started hurting again and PM Dr. tested me for a nerve block. It worked on me so he will do it the 8th of Dec. I had 4 days of NO PAIN. It should last 18 months , then they can do it again! Maybe it could help a lot of other people on here. I was getting scared I was going to have too get back on the pills again, I also got a script for a antidepressant. It's helping too. I'm not bragging just want to pass along the good news and maybe help someone else.
Avatar f tn I have moderate denervation mainly rectus femoris and vastus lateralis due to damaged femoral nerve which happened due to the nerve block I was given in surgery. Have been told it won't get better. What is the prognosis. I have pain, weakness and loss of some movement. Can it get worse? Am I wasting my time trying to strenthen leg muscles?
Avatar f tn I spoke with the Pain Clinic yesterday. The doctor thinks that I just "over did" it after the nerve block last week. I guess he didn't take into account that I'd done absolutely nothing between the numbing wearing off and the pain starting. I went to physical therapy last night, the therapist did a few manual tests and said that the ankle pain is from "neural tension", not muscular or tendon related.
874521 tn?1424116797 I had a lateral release knee surgery a couple years back and when I awoke was in a lot of pain. They offered me a nerve block, and I said okay. Thing was, I walked gingerly to the bathroom and saw a man screaming and thrashing in his bed. I asked the nurse what he was having done, and yep...a nerve block. Turned me off right there. Mind you I don't want to scare you, not my intention just want you to have my perspective on it.
Avatar f tn If they gave you a femoral nerve block during surgery, there may have been some damage done to the nerve itself. Pain in the buttock area also would indicate to me sciatic nerve damage as well. What are you doing for the pain as of now? If acquiring pain medication is out of the question, i would suggest a more holistic approach: massage therapy, Range of Motion exercises (don't strain), warm or cool compresses (whichever you find more relieving).
Avatar m tn it seems to me to be some kind of nerve damage related to either the tourniquet or the femoral nerve block. . . I also have EXTREME sensitivity on my middle to outer thigh. . . .
Avatar f tn There is the possibility of direct nerve damage with the needle or the local anesthetic solution during the nerve block given for surgery. This could cause numbness, pain and electric shock sensation. Nerve conduction velocity study needs to be done to check. Multiple sclerosis needs to be ruled out. The last thing that the neurologist needs to check for is CRPS or reflex sympathetic dystrophy following trauma.
Avatar n tn I am scheduled to have knee surgery May 9. I am in horrible pain. I'm scared to take too much pain meds due to the fact I don't want to be addicted to it. Is there a nerve block that I could have now to get me out of this pain until the surgery? Thx so much.
Avatar f tn also have developed a joint effusion and bakers cyst in knee of operative leg that was not there prior to surgery. surgeon wanted to blame on anesthesia for the nerve root block but emg rules that out. i too am very frustrated as no one wants to fix and they just "hope" it will get better . i guess because they are almighty dr's they do not have to answer for possibly putting me in a brace for the rest of my life. what ever happened to "first do no harm"??
136956 tn?1425606272 I considered getting nerve block shots for my migraines (I also believe TMJ plays into some of my migraines), but opted against it due to the co-pays with each one and how many I would have to commit to getting done, along with the risk each time. I'm sorry you had a bad recovery from your TMJ surgery in the past. What do you mean by 'DDD'?
Avatar n tn He told me that i have a partially torn patellar tendon... and that i can either have open knee surgery or inject it with plasma and wait 3 months to see if it will heal. I have decided to do surgery because i want to be 100% back no doubt for my Senior year of volleyball,,,,,,,, Do you think i have made the right decision? or should i get another doctors opinion?
Avatar m tn t function on my job without the percoset and am wondering whether a nerve block or total knee replacement is an option?
Avatar f tn I am in Ted hose and have been doing my exercises they did a nerve block during surgery and I can tell that helped me a lot it hurts under my knee on the right side of knee and my thigh hurts very bad. Have a lot of fluid on top of knee not red or leaking I have a lot of heat coming from the knee and ice helps a lot. I was hoping someone has had some great advice and points they can share.
1605482 tn?1297864778 About 3 years ago, I went to a Neurologist and she diagnosed me with a separate problem... Occipital Neuralgia. (a compressed nerve). Surgery was an option, but my Neurosurgeon ruled it out. Said that it wouldn't be a good idea. The headaches are worse these days. I have gone to a pain management doctor and he is suggesting an Occipital Nerve Block. Has anyone ever had this procedure done? Was it helpful?
546639 tn?1219850831 Does anyone happen to know what a person would experience if they had a nerve block shot partially or totally injected into their femoral artery? I have been dealing with life changing health problems since going through an ACL reconstruction, and after seeing more than 30 doctors over the last year I am still getting no where. I have a bunch of clots, I have muscle tissue dying, nerve damage, swollen nodes, kidney stones developed, 24 hour pain and many other things.
Avatar n tn I called my orthopedic doctor and he referred me to a specialist that he had worked with, that doctor sent me to pain mangement and they started to do nerve blocks through my back to my knee, the nerve blocks helped block the pain which allowed me to walk properly and after about two months I was doing great and haven't had a problem since and that was two years ago, as the meniscus will heal itself if given the opportunity. Best of luck to you and I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn it was down to the heel, now it is to the knee? I had pain after the surgery and pain down my leg, after 2 months I complained and the doc said it would heal one mm a day.
Avatar m tn Dr showed us the mro and her disk is flat on both sides. She had a nerve block last month and we found for the first 3-4 days she was in more pain and we found she is allergic to hydrocodone. The dr stated this could happen and it looked like the nerve block did not work for her. He did give her low dose pain pills. She is now having surgery this month. I have spoken with dr as one of my concerns was her age and taking pain pills and if this did not work what would happen?
Avatar n tn I'm not a doctor but have been presented with sympathetic nerve blocks as a way of diagnosing and possibly treating pain "left over" from a cuboid fracture in my mid-foot. CRPS and RSD are the ADHD of the year. Read the medical journals about the injection. Know exactly what you're getting into before you let anyone do a nerve block at the spinal level. See a physical medicine specialist or pain clinic. Your insurance carrier should have one in network.