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Avatar f tn my grandma had a knee replacement 1 month again and had a nerve block.
874521 tn?1424120397 I had a lateral release knee surgery a couple years back and when I awoke was in a lot of pain. They offered me a nerve block, and I said okay. Thing was, I walked gingerly to the bathroom and saw a man screaming and thrashing in his bed. I asked the nurse what he was having done, and yep...a nerve block. Turned me off right there. Mind you I don't want to scare you, not my intention just want you to have my perspective on it.
Avatar m tn The good news is that the doctors seem to have found a bone growth which is pushing on the peroneal nerve . A nerve block is scheduled to further confirm that hypothesis. The bad news is that the knee orthopedic surgeon says that he is nervous about operating in the popliteal cavity with its mess of nerves and blood vessels. He says that I should go see one of his associates who is a cancer orthopedic specialist who has operated more often in that challenging area of the knee.
Avatar n tn I have questions about my nerve-block anesthesia two weeks ago for surgery to repair my lower fibula, I still have numbness, burning pain, etc. I have seen on the web that nerve damage can occur from nerve blocks, but not much other followup info about the natural history of this kind of damage and followup treatment. I know you can't diagnose over the web, but I'd like some general information: how long can it take for nerve blocks (for surgical anesthesia) to resolve?
Avatar n tn Has anyone had surgery for a pinched nerve @ L4-5? What was involved in the procedure? How long was recovery time? Any complications? Was it successful? Also, any questions I should ask the surgeon that I may not have thought of already? Thanks!
Avatar n tn I had right knee replacement surgery 5 days ago. And after surgery, I have numbness in my right foot. I cannot flex my foot backward at all. My surgeon said it may take weeks or even months for the feeling return. The numbness caught me totally by surprize. I am so worried the feeling won't return. I walk with a walker, but have tripped several times due to my toes turning under when I put weight on my foot and take a step with my right foot.
Avatar f tn Manipulation of the knee occurred on March 15, 2010. Since the surgery I have been unable to move my leg without physically lifting my leg. The EMG revealed that I had sustained severe nerve damage as a result of the femoral block. Is there treatment for this and what is prognosis for recovery.
Avatar n tn My 80 year old Mom had knee replacement surgery on 6/25/08. Her surgeon had a nerve block done along with general anesthesia. Mom can not pick up her left leg nor raise it to put on her clothes or shoes. She is a very healthy 80 year old, takes no meds AT ALL! Her surgeon and anesthesologist says this has never happened to them before. Went to a Neurologist, had an EMG, he agreed the quadrucepts are not all working, but says he is "perplexed" as to why she can not lift her leg.
Avatar n tn However, one of the vascular surgeons offered to do a lumbar sympathetic nerve block to see if circulation to the foot improves. If so, he would repeat several times to confirm, then cut the sympathetic nerve so the leg artery is always wide open. But, the other vascular surgeon advised against this saying that the effects are temporary, that the body somehow finds another way to reestablish the sympathetic nerve function, and this procedure is now frowned upon. Is this correct?
Avatar f tn During surgery I was given a femoral nerve block that has resulted in femoral nerve damage. I have a scs implant for the pain. The main problem is that I cannot bend and straighten my knee due to severe pain. It feels like my knee is going to snap in half. what can this be?
192332 tn?1189759428 even then i still go through W/D'S any way.I gotta go back to sleep before the nerve block wears off.Nite,cros,Fladdict,yoda,const,hubby choo,cinamonstix,lil rab,tink1517,and everyone else.PS.clay, im me when you can bro. God Bless all in withdrawals too.It is doable.I know!
Avatar m tn it seems to me to be some kind of nerve damage related to either the tourniquet or the femoral nerve block. . . I also have EXTREME sensitivity on my middle to outer thigh. . . .
Avatar m tn I recently had knee surgery to repair my ACL in my left knee (for the 2nd time). The Doctor too the Petella graft from my right knee. The surgery was done in March 07. Shortly after the surgery during my Physical Therapy I started having pain in my right knee. The Doctor went back in on July 5th 07 to try and find a Neuroma. The Doctor said after the surgery that she didn't find anything, but I still had very sharp pains shooting through my knee.
Avatar m tn I recently had knee surgery to repair my ACL in my left knee (for the 2nd time). The Doctor too the Petella graft from my right knee. The surgery was done in March 07. Shortly after the surgery during my Physical Therapy I started having pain in my right knee. The Doctor went back in on July 5th 07 to try and find a Neuroma. The Doctor said after the surgery that she didn't find anything, but I still had very sharp pains shooting through my knee.
1448748 tn?1312959808 I am doing what he asked and going to a pain manangement specialist to be evaluated for occipital neuralgia and getting an occipital nerve block... has anyone had this and has it helped? does it touch anything chiari related ? or will it definitely tell me whether my headaches are chiari related or occipital nerve related? any help is appreciated Thanks.
Avatar m tn I had a knee surgery yesterday and i was given a femoral block. Today it has been over 12 hours and i still have no feeling in my thigh and knee and my thigh is yellow. Why is this? Is this bad? Should I call the doctor? Please help! Thanks.
Avatar n tn I am scheduled to have knee surgery May 9. I am in horrible pain. I'm scared to take too much pain meds due to the fact I don't want to be addicted to it. Is there a nerve block that I could have now to get me out of this pain until the surgery? Thx so much.
Avatar f tn Hi, I can understand your situation. Pain on the outside of the knee, or lateral aspect of the knee joint, is commonly caused by lateral meniscus tears, lateral collateral ligament injuries, IT band tendonitis, and arthritis of the joint. Pain in the back of the knee can be due to the formation of a cyst, called a Baker's cyst in the back of the knee joint. Also common is for kneecap pain to be felt in the back of the knee.
Avatar n tn I'm having total knee replacement surgery soon. I can't have a nerve block due to my spine. I'll have general Anesthesia, but was told the pain will be increased since I can't have the block. I'm concerned about managing pain afterward since I have Barrett's. Has anyone had knee or hip surgery and have Barrett's? What type of pain medication did you have?
Avatar n tn I have had a EMG and found that my femoral nerve was damaged. The surgeon contributes this to my positioning during surgery, i am in more pain than i was in before my surgery. The pain ranges from a 7 to a 10 plus. I am now raking 100 mg of lyrica 3 times a day and Lortab 10 650 four times a day. I wake up during the night with a stabbing pain in my leg. My left knee stays swollen all the time and now the pain goes into my knee.
Avatar f tn I also have medial knee pain and am having a nerve block just below the knee in a few weeks.
Avatar f tn I have moderate denervation mainly rectus femoris and vastus lateralis due to damaged femoral nerve which happened due to the nerve block I was given in surgery. Have been told it won't get better. What is the prognosis. I have pain, weakness and loss of some movement. Can it get worse? Am I wasting my time trying to strenthen leg muscles?
Avatar f tn also have developed a joint effusion and bakers cyst in knee of operative leg that was not there prior to surgery. surgeon wanted to blame on anesthesia for the nerve root block but emg rules that out. i too am very frustrated as no one wants to fix and they just "hope" it will get better . i guess because they are almighty dr's they do not have to answer for possibly putting me in a brace for the rest of my life. what ever happened to "first do no harm"??
Avatar n tn I have never expereinced headaches like some but i have nerve damage on my left side from breast to knee....I have been told that it is permenent and that i could take Cymbalta. I refused and live with the pain. I need suggestions on how to deal with this. It affects my sleep, my mood with my children adn husband and my outlook on life. I cant find anything on the nerve pain affiliated with this condition. Idea????
Avatar f tn The day of my surgery (I still had my femoral nerve block in) I fell down the stairs. Because of the nerve block, I felt no pain. As the nerve block faded, I began to feel weakness in my knee- buckling, giving out, along with swelling and a some degree of hyperextension. I'm still on crutches after this minor arthroscopic surgery and am feeling pain. I am not sure if this is from the plica resection surgery because I was told that it should be pretty pain free. Did I injure my knee when I fell?
Avatar n tn I have burning from my pudendal nerve following ACL repair for my knee. I am on 1200mg neurontin as well as ambien cr to sleep and lexapro for pain and sanity. This began in recovery from the knee surgery 1 yr. and 3mos. ago. I recently (4wks ago) got botox for the piriformis syndrome that developed from this pain. Now the burning in my vulvar area is through the roof. I am in NYC.
Avatar f tn She is still at the hospital and they have transferred her to Rehab, she is walking a little bit. She had Knee Surgery for a Femur Bone that came away from her knee. That part is good I guess. She is in severe pain and morphine, and oxycodone are hardly taking the pain away, does anyone have any suggestions. She has 9 doctors and they can't come up with any relieve.
Avatar f tn So far it sounds like it may be a nerve issue? May be caused by habitual knee crossing on that knee. Which makes sense, since I don't have the problem with the other knee. Does anyone else have it on the side on which you cross your legs? So, does anyone have cure or solution?
290867 tn?1333572878 I am new to this forum ( back and neck) I am a 21 year old female and I think I am suffering with siatic nerve pain. When I was pregnant I had problems with the siatic nerve but after he was boen I had no problems until the winter of 09 (my son was born June 08) In the winter of 09 I began getting a tingling sensation in my legs below my knee, only when I sit on the toilet for a few min or when I am on the floor changing my sons diaper in a straddleing position.