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393942 tn?1315560152 About 3 weeks ago I had knee surgery. The Doc did 3 seperate things to my knee. He cleaned out more arthritis, repaired my minicus, and a lateral release. Since the surgery I have developed a hugh lump on the outside part of my knee and my whole leg swelled. My doc said that the only thing that will help all the swelling would be a compression stocking. The stocking helped from my knee down but did nothing from my knee up. The lump is still as big as ever.
Avatar f tn I am scheduled to have orthoscopic knee surgery on my right knee to correct problems I am having related to osteoarthritis. Does this type of surgery prevent osteoarthritis from returning? Is this surgery safe? What is recovery like after surgery? Any information anyone has regarding this topic will be greatly appreciated.
647391 tn?1275016633 I am 50 years old and set to have knee replacement surgery in a month. This is because of damage to the knee and missing cartilage. What is your thoughts as to someone my age having knee replacement surgery. Also, what is the quickest recovery you have seen for someone with knee replacement surgery?
Avatar n tn 22 days clean and no knee surgery needed so I will not have to face a hurdle that I was expecting!!! MRI results were strong and the doc said a few more weeks of taking it easy and I can start running again but in a more responsible way... Anyway my road to recovery continues but I'm feeling great and about 85% back to normal (from detox and my old self) -- thank you all for your support!
Avatar n tn Had knee replacement surgery 2008 and have had pain since then. Recently it has become debilitating and my ortho guy says my knee films look like a normal knee post-op.
Avatar m tn I take one ten ml in the morning and 1 to a half before bed to help me sleep. Well i have knee surgery monday and i am very afraid to tell my doctor. He is a knee doctor and never has prescribed me pain meds. I thought of telling just the anesthesiologist but am afraid of not having a prescription in my name. I think I should tell him so I dont have complications from the surgery but dont know the legal issues and basically really dont want them to judge me. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn my knee feels very weak and stiff like it did before surgery. i have some swelling and sharp pains when i pivot on my knee. anyways, is there another surgery i could have to fix this problem or am i going to have to live with it?
Avatar m tn It has been a few months after the surgery, and the other night i hyper flexed the knee. The knee hurt for about 15 seconds, and then felt fine.I think there is a tiny bit of swelling, but im not sure. My question is if i retore it, would it hurt to walk on? would it swell? and how do i know? I dont want to have to go through that long process again.
Avatar m tn once i had the surgery in may my knee feels great but my question is that ever since my surgery i have had this like sharp pain in my right glut and occasionally in my right lower leg. i feel it the most when i bend over my right leg to pick something up. i was wondering if you could tell me what it could possibly be and what i can do to get rid of it. I am an active person and would like to get back to enjoying the outdoors.
Avatar f tn Yes, it's normal for your knee to be stiff and sore after an injury like that. It's good that you are going to start PT. This will help your range of motion prior to surgery and help strenthen your quads, which need to be strong to help support the ACL. Whether you decide to fix the ACL right away or not, the meniscal tear needs to be addressed with surgery.
6473455 tn?1381627629 So, in my opinion, you must discuss the risks and then first go ahead with aneurysm surgery and then with the knee surgery. Depending on the location, risk of hemorrhage, risk of rupture, family history, etc, your surgeon will estimate the risk. Also ask your ortho specialist whether there are other options for you except knee replacement surgery. Then if your neuro-surgeon feels you can wait for a year or more and have MRI in between to monitor progress, then you can wait this time.
Avatar n tn Could someone answer a question for me, i had knee surgery 23 days ago, i have major swelling in my knee, calf, and foot, is this normal, and when should i call the doctor, is this something i should be worried about?
Avatar n tn On February 23, 2009 I had surgery on my right knee, now four months later i am experiencing swelling of my left ankle with pain and redness which is moving up my leg to the lower part of my shin. What is causing this.
Avatar n tn no, I don't think sinusitis have to do with your knee surgery. But you better drink lots of water for your sinusitis, boiled water is better but have it cool first before you drink it :) .
Avatar f tn Had an MRI done that shows a tear in my knee. I saw an orthopedic surgeon who has scheduled surgery to sculpt out the scar tissue in my knee. He wasn't really helpful in answering my questions. I want to know: Is it really necessary? My knee locks when i walk but other than that, its not too much of a problem. Will it leave a big scar on my knee? What if I wait and do it in 10 - 15 years when there's better technology?
999692 tn?1250637950 d need surgery to fix it. I need a knee brace and to do strengthening exercises so I can still hike, bike, and run. Any suggestions on braces that can withstand such abuse?
Avatar m tn any one out there w similar circumstance, and are you recovering.. did you recover completely from such a surgery/injury?
Avatar n tn TNX For your help i think my knee situation can't last long. I'm just 21 and i have one thousand dreams! another doctor said that surgery should be done. in a few weeks i will have surgery. now I'm collecting information about recovery after surgery. exercise, physiotherapy, and etc. i will be happy if you help me about that. TNX Again!
Avatar f tn I feel ur pain, I haven't walked in two mos since surgery. Hope it's just heeling process and not any complications. No answers yet for my questions, good luck.
Avatar f tn I have had three surgeries on my left knee, starting with an ACL reconstruction and medial meniscus repair my freshman year of high school, a lateral and medial meniscectomy my senior year of high school, and I just recently had the same surgery, a lateral and medial meniscectomy this past January, 2010.
Avatar f tn I have moderate knee pain most of the time, especially when I sit. The knee is swollen and looks as if it has a lot of fluid in it. My orthopedic surgeon has said that I will definetly have to have a total knee replacement but the time to do it is up to me. I am 67 years old and don't know if it would be better to do it before I get older. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn Probably just a scope and this is the most minor knee surgery you can have. The recovery time in physical therapy is usually around 6-8 weeks. I've had a scope for a meniscus tear and I am also an Athletic Trainer so I deal with othropedic injuries all the time! No need to worry!
Avatar f tn I had knee surgery (tibial tuberosity osteotomy with lateral release) 4 weeks ago. Was wanting to hear from other people who have gone through the same procedure. 4 weeks on I can bend my knee about 30 degrees and I am getting a bit more voluntary control of the muscles around my patella. My knee is still a bit swollen and I am still icing 2-3 times per day. I go back to see my surgeon in 2 weeks and would like to know if others have been referred to the physio sooner as this will be 5.
Avatar m tn And its not a rough surgery either. You may consider wearing a hinged knee brace, that may help you. Hope everything works out!!!
Avatar f tn On 4/13/07 i got into a bad motorcycle accident that broke my left knee. The urgent care I went to told me that it was a fractured tib/fib plateau and that it would heal soon. They said that i could walk on it when i wanted to and gave me 20 vicodin 500s. The surgeuon that my insurance had was on vacation but when he got back almost a week after my break, he called me and told me that i need emergency knee surgery.