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Avatar f tn Anyone ever have both knees replaced at the same time? Need to do in November...seeking advice and support. What should I do to prepare? Scared. Please share your journey with me, so I know what to expect. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Severe knee pain both knees no injury or swelling.. please reply. I am 59 years old. This pain is really something..
Avatar n tn im a girl and 17, i have large (bone) knees. I have very low confident because of that, i always wear baggy jeans just to not show my big knees. I wonder if i can do a surgery to remove kneebone from the "inner thigh" side? Or can i do a knee replacement to replace the big knee to a small one?
Avatar m tn After the surgey, my chief complaint is knee pain. In both knees. Mostly in the left knee though. I can some what understand if it was just one knee, but this is affecting both. It seems to be worse when it is about to rain. My heart doctor is dumbfounded and I have seen a pain specialist. The pain specialist thinks it is phantom pains. I have had several xrays, and nothing showing. I am taking several medications, but we have tried dropping and changing to see if they were causing it.
159619 tn?1707018272 MRIs of both knees show tears in the meniscus, bucket tears specifically, as well as grade II MCL tears. In addition to the soft tissue damage, both knees show degenerative OA. I have just relocated and started seeing a new Orthopedic surgeon and he is recommending doing arthroscopic surgeries on both knees which is scheduled for February 3rd.
Avatar m tn My right knee shack tremendously when doing leg extentions or going down stairs. And my surgery knee shacks a little bit not as much as the non surgery knee. (right) What is the problem? Anyone who responds to this, do you think i will need get surgery on the other knee. And last question. Is PFS common in black people and can PFS result in a patella tendon rapture.
Avatar f tn The knee braces help a little but they drive me crazy. My doctor told me that I need to have knee surgery on both of my knees in order to prevent it from getting worse. I have refused the surgery and now two years later they are hurting worse than ever.
Avatar n tn Really can't stick this pain much longer !! Having really bad pain in both knees can't walk up stairs or down hurts to bed or even sit someone help !!
Avatar f tn I had to have total knee replacement! The doctor that did mine is a world renown surgeon. The photos below aren't of my knees My surgery was minimally invasive. http://photobucket.
Avatar f tn Hi there my husband underwent partial knee replacement surgery 10yrs and then second knee 6years ago. his knees have been fine and he started gentle running again after many years of not being able to due to pain. 5years ago whilst jogging he experienced a near fatal anaphylactic shock and was later diagnosed with exercise induced anaphylaxis but only after eating wheat. All has been well for a number of years but then a couple of wks ago another problem occurred.
Avatar m tn My gym teacher makes us run and 3 weeks ago I fell and twisted both my knees backwards I tried Flexall and everything and nothing helps. It has been 3 weeks. What is this and what do use for it???
Avatar m tn The day after his op he was taken for x-rays and put in a wheelchair, but as his legs were swung off the bed and bent 70 degrees he cried out in pain and almost fainted. It is now a week after surgery and his pain is still severe when bending his knees. His left knee can only bend about 20 degrees before sharp pain sets in, while his right knee can bend about 60 or 70 degrees before feeling pain.
523100 tn?1213724854 I am having knee surgery this thursday,my knee is bone on bone my Dr. said I am to young for a repl. so he is going to cut some bone below my knee kinda like a reverse shim.
Avatar n tn I have had pain in both knees for about a week now. I can hardly stand to bend my when I sit down..they do hurt some even when I am standing or sitting, but not as bad as when i start to sit down. I have had 2 back surgeries..the last in 2004. I have gained about 30 pounds in the last year. I have never had knee problems, and am wondering if it could be coming from my back .
Avatar f tn If not I encourage you to see him/her. At 19 you are pretty young to have osteoarthritis. However because both of your knees are painful an inflammatory condition such as arthritis should be ruled out. This can be done with a simple x-ray and maybe some a lab work to rule out something like rheumatoid arthritis. In the meantime you may want to rotate heat and ice on your knees. Ask your pharmacist about an OTC NSADI. A little treatment may bring you some comfort until you can see your PCP.
Avatar f tn Just like you I had been told after Arthroscopic surgery on both knees that I was bone on bone and needed TKR on both knees. After lots of pain and meds plus more than one doctor's opinion I decided to go forward. So last August (2012) I had my left knee done. Long story short! The pain I feel today is worse than EVER, encompassing my knee, leg, hip, ankle and now back. I cannot walk, sit down, get up, cook, kneel, lay dpwn on my back without severe pain.
Avatar f tn Is my on-going pain in both knees imaginary or is it possible that both knees are just going to hurt constantly due to ongoing arthritis or should I seek another opinion from another ortho surgeon specializing in TKR? I do understand from my surgeon that nerves in that area can become trapped in a part of the new joint and consequently feel like the sharp stabbing pain I consistently experience in each knee.
Avatar f tn My father in law had both knees replaced and he's doing great! He bike rides, golfs, dances with his wife, etc. The key to a positive outcome is to stick with the post-operative physical therapy even though it's going to hurt. If you give up too soon, you're sure not to have a good long-term outcome. Have you seen an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in knees? The hardware technology is improving all the time.
Avatar f tn Anyway, 4-months after being diagnosed, I was walking around the neighborhood with my wife and daughter. Then, out of nowhere, both my knees buckled at the same time. In a instant, I went from: a standing position; hitting my rear on the sidewalk; a squatting position for a second, or two; then wobbling my arms frantically in a sub-conscience attempt to stand back up straight~which I did.
Avatar m tn both knees have been dislocated more than 10 times. I have what are called Mal-tracking knees. I was born deformed. The knee cap is suppose to have a groove to ride in and I was born without the groove. This allows my knee to sublux.
Avatar f tn I have had arthroscopic surgery on both knees, about 15 years apart, the last was in '08. Now I'm suffering more pain than ever before. My ortho. says the only thing left to do is knee replacement for both knees. I've tried cortisone shots, no help, and I can't think of the name of the other shots right now but there are (2) in succession. Although there might have been a very slight reduction in pain, it only lasted a week or two. I've talked with the ortho.
Avatar n tn My father in law had both knees replaced a couple years ago and he has done great. But I know another man who had a double knee done, decided the therapy was too painful, and now he can't walk at all. The key to knee replacement is to diligently do your post-surgical physical therapy no matter how bad it hurts. I'm pretty sure my FIL did his much longer than 4 weeks. He remains as active as possible - golf, ballroom dancing, and especially bike riding.