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Avatar m tn If you have arthritis and cartilage loss then consider non steroidal anti inflammatory medications, viscosupplementation and other pain killers. Knee surgery called total knee replacement needs lot of physiotherapy after the surgery to recover so taking your age into consideration it is difficult, but follow up with an orthopedician. Take care!
Avatar n tn What causes a bone cyst in the knee ? I have had an m r I done on my knee and the results came back to say that I have a well defined T2 hyperintensity consistent with a bone cyst in the medullary bone of the distal femur , could you break this down in laymans terms for me please , so I can better understand .
Avatar f tn Since that time, he has developed a bone spur on the outside of the knee replacement device - and the spur irritates the tendons in his knee. He has a dull pain in his leg all the time. The surgeon had never seen a spur like this after surgery and indicated any further surgery would be worse than the first; otherwise, live with the pain. After surgery, my husband took Tramadol - but, to get off the drugs, had changed to taking 2 Aleve, twice a day.
Avatar m tn I have had three MRI done on my right Knee the first did see anything wrong but have had pain for years and is getting worse. I had a CT done and they found a bone tumor on my tiba the rad doctor wanted a MRI done on this. I have had a family history of bone cancer is this something that I should be concened about and how should I be treated.
Avatar f tn I have just found out, after seeing 3 doctors, that I have a cyst on the back of my knee cap. I had my second knee replacement 8 years ago. The doctor is sending me for a ct scan and bone imaging test but said that he could not scope the knee. How can I walk if surgery will not be done? I understand because of the chance of infection, but I will be crippled in 6 months.
Avatar f tn I would get numbing and throbbing pain in my knee, still do after all of these years. It could be endo on the nerves or its pressing on an area in your pelvic region and the pain is in your leg. Have you been diagnosed with Endo? What are your symptoms other than this?
Avatar n tn I want another mri, I had 2 meniscus surgeries on my other knee yet nothing like this. cant work. or stand on leg. can something else be wrong, shin bone seems swollen and back of calf.
Avatar m tn Hi, A bone scan is done not only to determine cancers that has spread to bone, but it also help to diagnose following conditions: 1.Help determine the cause or location of unexplained bone pain. 2.Help diagnose broken bones, such as a hip fracture or a stress fracture, not clearly seen on X-ray. 3.Detect damage to the bones caused by infection or other conditions, such as Paget's disease. So don't worry at this point of time and go ahead with the investigations suggested by your doctor.
Avatar n tn I have had my cartilage scrap but now I feel and hear bone on bone everytime I walk. I am considering replacement surgery. Has anyone had knee replacement surgery. Do you recommend it?
Avatar f tn They did an MRI of my knee which showed I had a genetic malformation where the groove that holds the patella in place isn't deep enough, Extensive cartilage damage, and bone spurs under my kneecaps. They recommended surgery to cut a tendon that supposedly pulled on the kneecap causing it to dislocate or something, all I remember is SURGERY CUT TENDON I'M 32.
553692 tn?1215281331 Hi I recently recieved my mri from my knee, and im having alot of pain, cannot even bear weight on my knee. I am devastated, I thought it was a torn meniscus and so did My Orthopedic Surgeon. Well my mri says I have large bone infarcts on my medial femoral condyle, which extends to weight bearing surface with moderate bone marrow edema. A large bony infarct involving my tibial metaphysis with extension into the proximal diaphysis and bone infarcts in the lateral femoral condyle.
Avatar f tn A bone island is an area of dense bone that is usually found on an xray taken for another reason. This is known as an incidental finding. They are benign, do not cause pain, and are rarely cause for alarm. As far as I know, there is no reason for surgical excision of a bone island.
Avatar f tn As a result of Knee replacement surgery six years ago my immune system has difficulty with the replacement. I now get steroid injections in the knee cap 6 monthly which takes my pain and swelling away. In the past 8 weeks I have developed pain inside the middle of my femur on the same leg. It is painful to weight bare but my knee is still pain free. Any idea what this femur pain could be from?
Avatar f tn My friend fell over backwords into a laundry bin last year. He was told he would need surgery on his knee in order to walk without assistance. He does not have insurance and has applied for medical help but was denied. He is forced to walk with a cane because his knee was never fixed. He has a displaced bucket handle that acording to the mri is flipped and also has a tear of lateral meniscus.
Avatar f tn I had acl surgery on the 1st of May - After surgery come to fing I had two tears on my right knee the right side tear went right down to bone where a cyst was . Now still 2 months I am in horrible pain and so far every week fluid is drawn from the knee - and right after it is drawn it fills right back up - Not only that I have a lump right where the incision is and it looks like the cyst is back - I really dont get an answers from Dr.
302835 tn?1192584951 WHAT is happening to my knee and WHY does the pain only intensify and act up when I am walking or on my feet???
Avatar n tn Hi again, As you know I'm having the same surgery in 5 days on my left knee then the right in November. Anywho my doctor says that I will be able to run free of pain after a year and the pain till then is normal due to the fact that there are now screws there. He also told me that I shouldn't try to start running until then so that it will be able to heal properly.
Avatar f tn What does it mean the disk hasn't fused all the way. Will it eventually fuse or will surgery on it be needed again. What does it mean a disk protruding? Is that cause for more surgery. Are there other ways besides Physical Therapy to fix.
Avatar f tn (It's an extra bone that sticks out on the inside of your foot below the ankle where your arch is or should be if you're flat footed?) I'm asking because I had surgery on my left foot for this over 5yrs. ago and had surgery on right one this past Wed. on the 4th of May. If you do have this I will write more details on my experience and how to find the right doc and treatments I experienced. Good luck!!
Avatar n tn After torn meniscus surgery 4 weeks ago the shin bone and calf are excruciating and very swollen. Took an ultrasound no blood clots. Surgeron states that fluid may have leaked into the scope. He gave me a shot of prednisone and marcane for the swelling. which only went down a little . Yet i still cant stand on leg. its worse what else could be wrong. Should I have another mri.
Avatar f tn Hello, I had minor surgery 5 years ago (arthroscopic surgery to loosen tendon) on my right knee and I went to physio therapy for almost 2 years. I finally bent my knee 75 degrees. Thats pretty much all i could do. I had an MRI done and they did not find any reason why it can't bend,My therapist advised me that I would need to excersize it. Its now been 3 years since I've been to physio. I try my best to excersize it but it just won't bend.
Avatar n tn The ENT that ran the tests did not feel qualified to handle this case, so he referred me to a colleague who does a lot of throat cancer surgery and work around the hyoid bone. He reviewed the tests and theorized that if we removed the portion of the hyoid that was not firmly attached to the rest of the bone, it should solve the problem.
Avatar n tn Saw the doctor yesterday. I'm now on Cephalexin for the next 10 days and got Terconazole for a YI too. I've only taken 3 pills and th elump already seems to be shrinking here's hoping it disappears! Hope you've gotten help too.
Avatar n tn I would say that there is a connection between this bone and bones on the rest of your body, still I do believe that there must be some operation to help you in this area. I have heard that a lot of people are going to India for surgery because they are cheaper but also because the do a great job! Even in the US, and even with insurance, people are going to India. I am not sure if this is a better option for you or not, but something to keep in mind.
Avatar m tn I, of course, now have bone against bone contact in the joint. Somehow, it doesn't make sense to me to continue waiting for the bone surfaces to wear down ....... creating damage to the bones themselves and perhaps encouraging arthritis. Wouldn't it make more sense to do a partial knee replacement now in order to prevent this process (prophylaxis/prevention) or do the risks or consequences of the surgery make non-replacement currently the lesser of two evils?
Avatar n tn I cannot be sure if the L4 root compression is causing symptoms based on your note (would cause pain medial leg and foot, weakness of knee flexion, decreased knee jerk). The S1 root does seem to be causing probably most of your symptoms, and with a retained fragment usually necessitates further surgery. The cyst is probably incidental and does not need to be removed.
Avatar n tn On July 24, 2008 I had surgery on my left tibia platuea bone. I injured it badly. I had 6 screws and a plate inserted in my left tibia. It's been almost 8 months since my surgery. And I still cain't walk right nor can straighten out my leg all the way. I walk with a limp and my knee stays bent all the time. I am in severe pain all the time. I am not able to walk more than ablock because my left knee gives out. And my leg gets swollen badly. I can not stand for more than 10 minutes.
553692 tn?1215281331 I have been on crutches and ibuprofen 800 for the last month, my pain is increasing in my knee, im becoming intolerant to any weight bearing on my knee at all, the pain is becoming severe.It feels really unstable. Thanks again!!