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Avatar n tn What if something happens and you need x-rays? Or surgery? You can always say you tweaked your knee or something.
Avatar f tn It's been 2 years since a small tear was diagnosed in the medial meniscus..... for 2 years everything seemed to stabilize and feel good without any surgery. 1 month ago (right at the end of ski season) my knee began catching... couldn't bend it all the way without pain.. even had pain at night when I bent it in my sleep.
20367568 tn?1496228133 I cannot find the results of my MRI back then (the ski twisted my leg (rotation anti clock wise). But I remember the doctor saying: - partial rupture of cruciate ligaments - light damage on the meniscus Since then, I muscled my leg back. Even thou it hurts from time to time (for stupid thing, like getting off the bus), I have done tons of sport without any problems: climbing, rugby, marathon, crossfit, weighlifting. I am now 31.
356518 tn?1322263642 Several years ago I traveled to Colorado for my first ski trip in that beautiful state. As I was bending over to hoist my unimaginably heavy ski boot duffle bag over my shoulder, I suddenly felt a knife-like pain in my lower back. It took my breath away and I couldn’t stand up straight. My friends looked at me quizzically. I crawled into the ski lodge and lay on the floor, trying to understand what was going on.
Avatar m tn As the muscle tissue has a chance to heal and rebuild, the pain will subside. As you ski more often, the affected muscles will build back stronger, resulting in less pain after future runs. In some cases, soreness may be due to an actual injury to a muscle, particularly in cases where the soreness develops while you're skiing.
Avatar n tn I recently fell barefoot skiing and my leg went into the ski handle. I was dragged by my calf at about 35-40mph in the water before I slipped my leg out. After the incident my calf was very sore but I could walk on it with some pain. This occured over a week ago and just two days ago it started to bruise. I have the most pain when my leg is straight and when going down stairs. I get a burning pain in my upper calf neer the back of my knee.
Avatar f tn I will be doing a lot of traveling this summer, lots of airports; does an orthopaedic boot support both knee and ankle? I use Voltaren gel and take Tramadol twice a day.
Avatar m tn Sorry about your ski accident, nice way to spend New Years... On a nice November evening I was on my motorcycle, green light at the intersection and all clear until it wasn't. Opposite traffic turned left in front of me and that was that. Bike came to a quick stop and i went flying. Right femur and wrist, broken, 2 weeks in hospital, big pin in leg and small ones in the wrist. I couldn't bend my knee much either, they put me on a constant motion machine which helped a lot.
1900462 tn?1352775302 Oh I'm sorry to hear your poor knees have taken such a beating :( Only one of my knees has been seriously injured. I disclocated my shin bone from my knee while ice skating. But it doesn't seem to be hurting more than the other knee. The thing is though that my knees hurt WAY more when I'm resting. I'd thought it should be the other way around but I don't know, its weird.
Avatar n tn Thank you so much am considering this! I cannot stand the rod sticking g up out of my knee hurts so bad, can't bend it properly or even put it on the bed knee down. Did you have a to is fibia break?
Avatar n tn Subject had no prior history of knee pain or knee injuries. Subject is 66 year old man, 5' 11" 290lbs in good health. He stated has always liked to walk, ski, dance, and was otherwise active. On August 24, 2008, after about 4 miles walk subject reported he woke up, next morning, with pain in BOTH knees. Subject also reported being in the Middle East in June 2008, and having had a short affair with an attractive woman in her 40s. STD. lyme, other blood tests were negative.
Avatar f tn m a 46yo fem skier symptoms of joint line pain and stiffness in the right knee. No locking or serious instability although the knee has given a couple of times. 18years prior I had a broken tibial plateau that required bone graft (freeze dried cadaver bone) with 2 screws and meniscus repair on the lateral side. Screws were taken out and the plateau had to be reshaped on both the lateral and medial sides to due excess bone growth from the repair. I've been skiing ever since.
1595781 tn?1297287872 I am a 25 and a ski instructor in Lake Tahoe. I have recently broken my fib & tib in a skiing accident where i slammed into a log.... I now have a rod inside my tibia with a screw just below my knee and three screws above my ankle....As of right now the healing process seems to be going perfect and right on schedule. My question is after i am 100% healed is it a good idea to get all the hardware taken out.
Avatar f tn Obviously a lot of bumps wouldnt be safe, but is it okay to ride on a jet ski and go for boat rides? Considering the water to be fairly flat. How about going on a ski biscuit too? Could it cause labor to come early or should it be fine? Anyone else gone on a jet ski and done water activites late in pregnancy?
Avatar n tn Hi all, I am not sure why I am writing down all this. I guess I am looking for some support. It's been almost 5 months now since my high risk exposure. The anxiety gets worse and worse, so I finally decided to go back to my home country to do the final test. I've been tested negative after one week and 39 days. It didn't really give me much relieve. rather the opposite: I got so anxious that I couldn't go to a further test.
Avatar m tn I am 6 feet 220# and was a ski patroller, snowboarder, professional mountain biker and have ridden my road bike 6000 miles a year every year for the last decade or so. I gave up downhill skiing and snowboarding years ago because of knee problems and now concentrate on road biking and XC skiing. The pain started out as a sharp sudden pain if I moved the wrong way mostly involving hip flexion and rotation. Cycling was not painful at all.
Avatar f tn I had rt knee replacement surgery 2.5 months ago. Went to P.T and used pool 3 X a week. My doctor and therapist were not real happy with the flexion of my knee; app 90%. I however felt I was doing fine, I had been off pain pills for 2 weeks and was walking well, going up and down stairs fairly well. All with very minimal pain. Needless to say I had manipulation done a week ago, and after going back to P.T.
Avatar n tn They regularly get sick with upset stomach, colds, strep, headaches, coughs, runny noses, leg and knee pain, and probably a few other events. In addition each has broken one or more bones in the past year. They appear to eat right - lots of milk, meat, cereals, fruit, and vegetables. They are extremely active both in and out of school. They play soccer, basketball, and baseball. They scateboard, snow ski, and in general, run around the yard a lot.
Avatar f tn I had a ski accident a week ago and injured my left leg. Had some sweeling around knee cap and upper leg for 3 days during which I applied cold compress 3 times a day. Now the swelling is gone. I rested a lot, moved around with crutches and did not use any medicines for a week. I did not experience any sort of pain except a slight discomfort when standing up or sleeping on my side. Yesterday I decided to go to a doctor to make sure that all is fine.
Avatar m tn Because of the atrophy in my leg, I will have to wear a brace for the rest of my life and this brace seems to be the one that gives me the most support. I hope your knee is better and you do not have to wear a brace indefinitely but if you do, I recommend the Donjoy Defiance III. It is a custom fitted brace. Your doctor should be able to help. Best wishes to you and stay positive. You'll be fine...
Avatar m tn Another history piece if it helps figure out what is going on is I did crack C2 in a ski accident 36 years ago. There may be other things too, but hopefully this much can give someone enough information to point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn 00 diopter and had LASIK 4 years ago. Vision is pretty good 20/20. Do you think for my case I can go to ski with friends. Cause you know i was told by my doctor i need to avoid strenuous crash with people and hard things like ground. When i ski you know it is unavoidable that i will hit the snow ground or crash with other people. is that acceptable for my eyes. Pls kindly advise. also do i need eye shield?
Avatar f tn See your chiropractor, seriously, I have a knee that does that, he works on it and it is fine. In the mean time, try wearing a knee brace to give it support.
Avatar n tn m a little bit afraid that i have been exposed to HIV/AIDS in a very unusual way. About 7 weeks ago, i was on a ski trip, and fell over, and snow got into my mouth, but when i went to spit it out there was a bloody tissue that had been in the snow and had gotten into my mouth. Now i have the flu symptoms, about 6 weeks later. No swollen glands, but fever, sore throat, a white coating on my tongue, sores on the inside of my lips. Is this a risk or am i being paranoid?
535882 tn?1396576685 So glad that you are doing better and better with each passing week. We just returned from a ski trip where my daughter did fantastic! She had lots of energy and no muscle or joint aches, and skiing is an activity that demands alot of endurance and strength. She even remembered to take her afternoon medication each day during her lesson and she progressed from level 3 all the way to level 5 at ski school.