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Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 56, had 2 meniscus tears repaired on left knee 02/09 and 3 repaired on right knee 12/09. I also have arthritis in both knees (over 50%) and both ankles (not as severe). I will be doing a lot of traveling this summer, lots of airports; does an orthopaedic boot support both knee and ankle? I use Voltaren gel and take Tramadol twice a day.
1317473 tn?1329245903 hi, any idea what support is best for a torn meniscus and torn posterior cruciate ligament
Avatar m tn The good news is that if you are a right handed golfer then a tear in the left knee meniscus would be much worse. A knee support will help and you should be able to play without causing more damage. However itf hurts or locks stop right away. I've uploaded pictures of my tear on my profile. Do you have any that you have uploaded?
Avatar f tn Alright, so on Tuesday night I was longboarding at a fireworks show and crashed going about 25. My right knee was the first poi.t of contact tearing the skin off and all. Anyways I didn't think much of it, but now Saturday, I cannot straighten or completely bend my knee and I have nonstop pain all around my knee. I really need to know what is wrong as I am a Lifeguard and this is severely affecting work Also, my parents will not take me to the doctor as of yet. Thanks.
Avatar m tn 3) Can I continue with sports such as cricket, cycling and swimming if I wear knee braces/supports? If yes then which kind of knee braces/support? (because I usually tend to injure my knee with the elastic knee supports more often than without it). 4) Would Yoga, magnet therapy or any kind of therapy help heal the knee joint? Thanks in anticipation...
Avatar f tn I tore my acl and medial meniscus two weeks ago today. Actually, the acl was already torn and I didn't know it so the meniscus went out very easily when I twisted my knee too far. The first week I couldn't put any weight on it because it would buckle and I would fall. I am now able to put a little weight on it and can walk with a walker using both legs. I start physical therapy next Wednesday (3/9/11). The past two days my knee seems stiffer and has a little more pain than it did have.
1587585 tn?1309432260 If yes then which kind of knee braces/support? (because I usually tend to injure my knee with the elastic knee supports more often than without it). 4) Would Yoga, magnet therapy or any kind of therapy help heal the knee joint? Thanks in anticipation...
Avatar m tn sudsha One of the most common knee problems an Orthopedist sees in the office is a degenerative meniscus tear. A meniscus is a cushion inside your knee. It aids in stability of the knee and minimizing the stress across the knee, thus minimizing the risk of developing osteoarthritis. Meniscus tears are incredibly common. Although meniscus tears occur in all age groups, they are most common in adults over 50. There are many different types of meniscus tears.
Avatar f tn I am 19 years old and I am having my third meniscus surgery. The first meniscus surgery the doctor tried to repair it but the meniscus ended up tearing again. For the second surgery the doctor removed 30% of the medial meniscus. And now I went to another orthopedic doctor to get a second opinion and it turns out that the meniscus is torn once more in the same place.
Avatar n tn MRI of the knee was performed using the following sequences: axial, sagittal, and coronal proton density weighted with fat saturation; sagittal proton density weighted; sagittal 3D GRE. 284 images were presented for interpretation. Comparison(s): Right knee radiograph, 12/7/15 FINDINGS: Menisci: Medial meniscus: Horizontal tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus with extension into the body.
Avatar n tn MRI of knee shows "irregularity and hyperense signal in root of lateral meniscus , popliteal fossa cysts, small bakers cyst, myxoid degeneration in lateral meniscus and posterior horn of medial meniscus." ( also mild chondromalacia patella??) Physician is reccommending arthroscopic surgery.... does this sound reasonable??
Avatar n tn Then if the knee is actively used, or through physiotherapy, the muscles around the knee joint strengthen and lend support given by the meniscus. Generally this approach to treatment takes care of the symptoms. Surgery is only thought of if these conservative methods fail. So though the tear is not fully repaired, in most cases it heals enough to allow normal joint function.
Avatar f tn Surgical repair for torn meniscus of L' Knee. 3 months post-op it buckled, caused tear during fall to R' Knee and meniscus was surgically repaired but has also failed, although the surgeon refuses to order an MRI to "prove" this latest injury. Pain is an issue as I am allergic to all pain meds ordered to date and take nothing for the pain levels of 9-10. Before injury both knees were healthy, minimal arthritic changes on MRI's in spite of age 58 and obesity.
Avatar m tn Minor joint effusion Conclusion Tear posterior horn medial meniscus. Remaining internal structures of the knee appear grossly intact. Knee causes lots of pain and discomfort and some nice noises. What are the chances of this needing surgery?
Avatar m tn I have been having knee pain for quite some time now. Initially was taking it light, but recently got the same checked and MRI was performed. Dr.'s conclusion are as follow: 1. Grade 2C tear of medial meniscus. 2. Moderate to severe joint effusion distending the suprapatellar bursa with underlying osteoarthritic changes at knee. 3. Bone marrow edema is noted at the medial tibial condyle. Yet to meet my docter in two days.
378273 tn?1262097621 You could consult your doctor and ask regarding physiotherapy and knee band/cap for support. Usually these two should be able to maintain your knee movement with minimal pain. You could also take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory as and when required. Sometimes debridement of the torn ligament and damaged cartilage helps reduce the pain. However, yes, it is not a permanent cure. Please consult all aspects of an arthroscopic surgery with your doctor. Take care!
Avatar m tn Rehabilitation following a meniscus repair is more significant than if the torn piece of meniscus is simply removed.Your symptoms might have appeared due to over exertion and as such nothing serious is presumed.You can see your physician for a normal checkup. Refer
Avatar f tn You would need surgery as meniscus are very important ligaments in the knee joint and spontaneous healing is difficult. Take care!
Avatar m tn Essentially, you have two injuries to your knee. The first is a torn medial meniscus, or a torn cartilage. The rest is a description of the shape of the tear. A bucket handle flops back and forth inside the knee, like the handle on a bucket, and can cause pain, locking, and swelling. This treated arthroscopically and will require either repair or removal of the damaged piece of meniscus. The second injury is a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament, (ACL).
Avatar n tn What does "High signal within the posterior horn of the medial and lateral menisci suggesting small tears" mean in lamens terms? Does this sort of knee injury usually wind up with orthoscopic surgery, normal surgery, or does it usually heal on its own?
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm an 19 year old male and since the last week of August, I've had a sharp pain in my knee. It's occurs in my left knee, on the inside. It's very near to the platella, but I don't know if it's the tibia or the fibula. It's the bone that kind of slightly juts out. Anyways, it hurts to bend the knee and walking up and down stairs causes slight pain as well. Any insight on the problem is appreciated. Thanks for your time!
Avatar n tn s not severe or at the edges only, you will be sent to physical therapy to strengthen the muscles that support the knee in the hope it will heal with reduced stress. In the beginning, treatment is ice, elevation, and rest. You can read this on the web if you google meniscus tear, but the only way you can get a diagnosis is to get an MRI and see an orthopedist or physiatrist, and even then they often can't tell if it isn't a large tear without looking inside.
Avatar n tn I just had surgery less than a week ago for both lateral and medial meniscus tears on my right knee. It was really no big deal at all. surgery was on a friday and I was back to work monday. not much pain involved and I am aleready walking w/out crutches after 3 days. I have been avoiding surgery for about 5 years, and now I don't know why. My personal recommendation is to go w/ your orthopedic doctors advice.
Avatar m tn If your meniscus is torn, you will hear the crackling sound until you have it repaired. It is cartilage and will continue to wear down, that is what you are hearing. It is probably getting caught in different parts of your knee, twisting around with every movement, and this will cause the sound. If it really is tore, you should have it repaired if it is bothering you. If not it will just continue to wear down until there is nothing left.
Avatar m tn Pain at the joint line is the result of a collateral ligament or meniscus problem (or both) until proven otherwise. Anterior knee pain can also be due to Patello-femoral syndrome. When did his pain begin, what was he doing at the time, and what were the initial symptoms? Does he experience any grinding, locking, catching, or giving way of the knee? Are there any positions that make his knee more or less comfortable? Has he tried anything to help his pain and, if yes, has that been successful?