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Avatar f tn I had a knee replacement 5 months ago and I am allergic to nickel. Now this knee needs to be taken out and replaced! Is the Oxinium knee nickel free? I am very sick from this and need help quick! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/227286'>On-going Pain after Knee replacement surgery</a>.
Avatar n tn Hello, my mom was allergic to the components in her knee replacements. She ended up having them removed and redoing the replacement with titanium so that all the symptons would go away hopefully. They did, not even an hour after the surgery her hives,redness,everything was gone.The doctors will tell you that your not allergic to the replacement. But, my mom was within an hour after surgery. red all over,fever. have an allergist do a skin and patch test for metals & cement.
Avatar m tn After several years of constant pain, a different doctor found the my knee caps had been replaced with over-sized ones during the first (knee replacement) surgery, and they had ripped out the stitches in the muscle, causing the knee caps to rub against the ruptured muscle. A second doctor discovered the oversized knee cap, and replaced one. However, the pain in both knees continues, growing daily, and I can now hardly walk (must use walker) or stand. Doctor says he can do nothing more for me.
Avatar f tn I had an ACL Replacement surgery eight years ago. A large titanium alloy screw was put through my tibia. Since that time I have had constant and extreme pain in my knee. Recent X-rays reveled a dark area in the surface of the tibia surrounding the exposed head of the screw. I have had extreme fatigue, migraines, systemic inflammation, depression, pain and the loss of mobility in the years following the implant. I have tested positive to allergies to nickel and titanium.
Avatar n tn Now 20 years later I need to have knee replacement and the dr says the rod comes down so low it will interfere with the new knee and he will have to back the rod out of the femur in order to replace the knee. I am scared and I am also in a great deal of pain with the knee. I want so badly to resume a normal life. I have been dealing with this accident for 40 years. Does the bone grow to the titanium rod? He seems to think he can remove the three screws and back out the rod?
Avatar n tn I know a lady who had a knee replacement and she was allergic to titanium. I believe this product has been recalled. Many people are allergic to titanium. She was part of a national law suit against the company.
Avatar f tn She is a 68 y/o African American female. January 21st, she had total knee replacement surgery to her right knee. She stayed in the phys rehab center for 8 days post-op, and was fine. The surgeon sent her home with oxycodone for pain management. She only took it 3 days because she developed hives and swollen lips. We attributed this to an oxycodone reaction. However, it is now 3 months later, and the hives have not subsided. They are manageable with prednisone and other antihistamines.
Avatar f tn I have arthritis through out my body. 15 months ago I had total knee replacement, now I have pain there. There is a sore spot on either side of the knee, sometimes the pain wakes me. My ortho did x-rays last wk and cannot find any reason for the pain. Have any of you had this same experience?
Avatar f tn What are the symptoms to allergies to titanium knee replacements?
1762990 tn?1372421100 I eventually ended up using a power chair to get around and canes for simply walking around my home. At age 50 I had total double knee replacement surgery and I have beautiful new titanium knees. It was the toughest thing to do. A lot of hard work, pain and dedication to physical therapy. BUT! I DID IT! Now I walk on the beach, hike, climb mountains. I walk at least 3 miles every day. I got my life back and I am thankful for each step I can take pain free.
Avatar f tn My mom is six weeks out from having a TKR where they used titanium but was I was informed today that her knee replacement WAS NOT total titanium. within 2 wks post surgery my mom developed a bad smell in sinuses, a very bad bitter metallic taste in her mouth, she's has had constant nausea for six weeks now along with loss of appetite to which she has lost considerable amount of weight, severely depressed with anxiety now..
Avatar f tn ITS NOT VERY PROFESSIONALLY WRITTEN AND I DONT KNOW WHO THE AUTHOR IS, NOR DO THEY REFERENCE STUDIES, BUT I THINK A LOT OF IT RINGS TRUE. Titanium is NOT Biologically Inert Titanium implants release metal ions into your mouth 24 hours a day, and this chronic exposure may trigger inflammation, allergies, and autoimmune disease in susceptible individuals. They are a precursor to disease.
Avatar f tn I had a titanium rod put in my right tibia 16 years ago after fracturing my tib/fib in a skiing accident. Didn't give it much thought until I developed a love for running in the last year, and have been having some knee issues. I have seen an orthopedic surgeon who recommends removal and I'm set for the surgery next week. I have a few concerns: What kind of recovery am I looking at here? (I'm 31 years old and otherwise healthy.
Avatar n tn Was there any indication that the rash/hives were from the titanium in the hip? My husband had a titanium hip replacement last fall and suddenly is covered with a rash and hives.
Avatar n tn i had a total knee replacement 16 months ago ,and i am still having a lot of pain and tightness ,i have ad no end of physio and it as done no good whatsoever.i am on 2 lots of painrelief and it does no good .i was told last year that i now have nerve damage,i am 58 years old and suffered with pain since i was at school,i have attended pain clinic,no good more physio ,no good so what can i try now.
Avatar m tn As a result, I have a titanium rod and screws in the head and above my knee. I am planning on getting my metal removed next summer as I will be going back to school again soon and don't want to be recovering while living on campus. I have experienced this sharp yet aching pain you described every day since my initial injury. I am hoping it's the metal causing it. My question is, did younger yours removed?
Avatar f tn I feel that it's a doctor's duty to run the appropriate tests necessary prior to surgical implant of a hip or knee, to determine the type of prosthesis needed for each individual patient. It should not be left up to the patient to determine which metals/prosthesis, they are allergic to.
Avatar f tn I underwent Total Knee replacement for degenertive joint disease October of 06. I had several complications from the begining after my surgery. Even though I took physical therapy through out my recovery and in a great deal of pain, I still developed capsilitis in the Joint which after 8 weeks I had Manipulation under Anesthsia. After 12 weeeks I tried to go back to work, but because I was still limping so bad ,I herniated L4-5 , and underwent emergent disectomy.
Avatar f tn My mom is six weeks out from having a TKR where they used titanium but was I was informed today that her knee replacement WAS NOT total titanium. within 2 wks post surgery my mom developed a bad smell in sinuses, a very bad bitter metallic taste in her mouth, she's has had constant nausea for six weeks now along with loss of appetite to which she has lost considerable amount of weight, severely depressed with anxiety now..
Avatar n tn Pain in the knee after total knee replacement can occur due to knee infection or loosening, resurfaced patella, with effusion in the joint occuring due to worn out polyethylene components, due to damage to the vessels and nerves around the knee etc. In case of infection antibiotics would help. In case of worn out polyethylene components may be reoperation could be considered. Also you mentioned that a cyst is present in the knee area, this could have been the cause of pain in the knee.
Avatar m tn Thanks for the quick response. I'm active duty Air Force so I'm not too worried about surgeries and such but more about my 8 years I have left to retirement. I'm sure my Ortho will tell me it's not failed since the last x-rays done he said everything looked great. He said he could barely see the harvest site and the implants looked great. However, of course I've been more active since those x-rays were done. Maybe too active...?
Avatar n tn I'm now 43 years old. I've been waiting 3 years for disc replacement surgery to be a little more mainstream treatment. I'm interested in hearing anything about this procedure for the C-spine. I'm considered a surgery candidtate for c-5/6 and c-6/7 levels.
Avatar f tn I had a right hip replacement in Oct. 08. I have had pain in my right groin, down the front or left side of thigh and pain in my mid butt since then. Now numbness is starting from the groin to the knee. The break was caused by a fall and never really felt the same. It has become chronic and the doctor doesn't know what's causing it short of replacing the ball with plastic/metal. I have full metal on metal (not titanium).
Avatar n tn I am not a meteorolgist so I don't know if it is high or low when it rains!) My mom had a knee replacement so she has some titanium in her knee and she said it bothers her too! You doing ok otherwise Joe Joe...I'm doing pretty well...been busy at work and with kids....good days and I can't really say bad,,,,just not AS good!!! I feel very fortunate Grateful for the clean days I have had so far....hope I keep it up! I hope the same for you too!!!! Always! About the statement....
Avatar f tn as life would see fit, i am constantly plagued with these new beginnings, I am 38,a single mother and I am about to have a total right knee replacement because of arthritis,and a valgus knee joint is collapsing... I sleep like crap because it locks up in my sleep but i get up, go to work, and keep on going, in February 2010, I had experienced the last night of right hip pain that I could tolerate,this I related to my knee..
Avatar n tn I had a total knee replacement of my right knee (Smith & Nephew titanium knee) on May 4th. The last couple of weeks I have been experiencing moderate muscle spasms. I was prescribed muscle relaxers to help me. In the last couple of days the spasms have increased considerably and the pain in my knee has been excruciating. I had constant throbbing pain at my incision site all last night that was almost more than I could bear.
179332 tn?1273250959 I am Having total knee replacement and have already been tested for most metals except titanium. I was extremly allergic to nickle and metals used for surgical implants. Doctors in my areas don't seem to know where to go for testing of titanium. I live in Raleigh , N.C., so if you know of any place to go please let me know!
Avatar n tn I've been diagnosed with Limited Scleroderma / CREST Syndrome, this all started with in 6 months after my first knee replacement, since my second I seem to have doubled my problems and only reasonally been given a name for all my problems. My question is.......... Could all this be a result of metal poisoning?????? I know I can not have, hold, wear or use anything with metal of any kind without a reaction.
Avatar n tn I had a partial knee replacement (patellofemoral replacement) in June 2008 and just yesterday started having vibration sensations in my right thigh just above the knee. I was wondering if this could be due to the implanted titanium plate in my femur? The replaced knee cap is plastic so I don't think this is an issue, but I guess you never know. The sensation is not painful but is quite annoying and distracting.