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Avatar f tn my grandma had a knee replacement 1 month again and had a nerve block.
Avatar f tn I dislocated my knee while instructing a class and did major damage and ended up having a knee replacement in December 2013. Upon waking up in recovery I was given a femoral nerve block for pain. While they were inserting the nerve block I experienced extreme pain that felt like I was being shocked repeatedly in my knee for about 10seconds which caused me to scream like I have never before. That was 10 weeks ago and I am having major problems since.
874521 tn?1424120397 I had a lateral release knee surgery a couple years back and when I awoke was in a lot of pain. They offered me a nerve block, and I said okay. Thing was, I walked gingerly to the bathroom and saw a man screaming and thrashing in his bed. I asked the nurse what he was having done, and yep...a nerve block. Turned me off right there. Mind you I don't want to scare you, not my intention just want you to have my perspective on it.
Avatar n tn I had right knee replacement surgery 5 days ago. And after surgery, I have numbness in my right foot. I cannot flex my foot backward at all. My surgeon said it may take weeks or even months for the feeling return. The numbness caught me totally by surprize. I am so worried the feeling won't return. I walk with a walker, but have tripped several times due to my toes turning under when I put weight on my foot and take a step with my right foot.
Avatar n tn Cluneal nerve entrapment syndrome isn't often under appreciated and under diagnosed condition. The site of entrapment is at the upper aspect of the iliac crest above the buttock, approximately 8 cm from the middle of the spine. I am not quite sure what was targeted with the injection you had, but it certainly does not cluneal nerve. If you do an image search online, you will see the actual location of the medial branch of the superior cluneal nerve and the patterns of pain associated with it.
Avatar m tn it seems to me to be some kind of nerve damage related to either the tourniquet or the femoral nerve block. . . I also have EXTREME sensitivity on my middle to outer thigh. . . .
Avatar m tn I had a total knee done under general anesthesia with a nerve block. I did not get up out of bed after the surgery until the third day. The PT walked me about 20 yards and then to a set of stairs to teach me how to do them. As I was going up the stairs the knee that was just operated on buckled inward. I did not fall completely but caught myself before going down on it.
Avatar f tn I am a 51 year old slender, healthy female and had a total knee replacement on December 9th, 2014. Rather than general anesthesia, I had both a spinal block, a thigh nerve block, and twilight sleep. By that afternoon, I was up and walked to the chair and back, and for the next two days, down the hall for physical therapy twice a day. I was released after two days and sent home.
Avatar n tn i had a total knee replacement 16 months ago ,and i am still having a lot of pain and tightness ,i have ad no end of physio and it as done no good whatsoever.i am on 2 lots of painrelief and it does no good .i was told last year that i now have nerve damage,i am 58 years old and suffered with pain since i was at school,i have attended pain clinic,no good more physio ,no good so what can i try now.
Avatar n tn My 80 year old Mom had knee replacement surgery on 6/25/08. Her surgeon had a nerve block done along with general anesthesia. Mom can not pick up her left leg nor raise it to put on her clothes or shoes. She is a very healthy 80 year old, takes no meds AT ALL! Her surgeon and anesthesologist says this has never happened to them before. Went to a Neurologist, had an EMG, he agreed the quadrucepts are not all working, but says he is "perplexed" as to why she can not lift her leg.
Avatar f tn So far it sounds like it may be a nerve issue? May be caused by habitual knee crossing on that knee. Which makes sense, since I don't have the problem with the other knee. Does anyone else have it on the side on which you cross your legs? So, does anyone have cure or solution?
Avatar m tn Its been 2 years post-op and the knee pain is constant. I have been told my future holds a double knee replacement but because of my age they refuse to do it. I'm told I also have neuroma. Apparently there is a surgury for this, but once again I was told I am not a candidate. Every second of everyday is painful. At times I say to myself, I wish they would just cut the leg off. I know this is an absurd way of thinking, but after 2yrs. with no relief I am at ly wits end.
Avatar n tn I had my right total knee replacement 11/10/11 and my left total knee replacement 1 1/2 years prior to that. As of today both of my knees continue to throb, shooting pains down my legs, mostly at night. My orthopedic M.D. has done x-rays several times and sees nothing. He claims that it "could" be tendinitis. I currently take 2-5mg. ea. immediate release Oxycodone every 4 hours. THAT is his solution. It does help, but not all the time.
4618404 tn?1357233099 Should I have a stellate ganglion block prior to surgery to prevent RSD from spreading to my wrist? Or should it be a lumbar block, or alternatively, no block? Thank you so much for any help you can provide.
Avatar n tn I just had a full C5 disk replacement. I had nerve pain in my right arm that was pretty severe, caused by a piece of my disk that had fragmented into my spinal chord. At the moment all the nerve pain is gone. I have muscle soreness, mostly in my left shoulder. My biggest problem so far is getting comfortable in bed or on the couch. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I had a total knee replacement on July 29 of this year. After returning home on the 20 of August everything seemed fine with having physical therapy. Then about 3 weeks ago I began having severe sharp, stabbing pain on the right side of my knee and behind my kneecap. I had an MRI which showed I had sciatica in my spine. I was sent for an epidural block yesterday with no relief whatsoever.
Avatar n tn I'm having total knee replacement surgery soon. I can't have a nerve block due to my spine. I'll have general Anesthesia, but was told the pain will be increased since I can't have the block. I'm concerned about managing pain afterward since I have Barrett's. Has anyone had knee or hip surgery and have Barrett's? What type of pain medication did you have?
Avatar m tn I feel I can't function on my job without the percoset and am wondering whether a nerve block or total knee replacement is an option?
Avatar n tn 1--herniated disc causing sciatic nerve pain in knee. 2- piriformis syndrome- pinching of butt muscle onto your sciatica. this really makes sense to me because I can go days without attacks. Cream solution sounds very very questionable to me. Especially if it's inconsistent, and brought on my any position, and by any activity or non activity. Knee MRIS and xrays come back negative.
Avatar n tn ), Clonidine Patches, also tried Lidican IV with no benefit, and Sympathetic Nerve Block - this made things worse! Told possible stenosis? Psuodocladication? Symathetic Nerve Problems? Scar tissue? - Nothing else can be done? Any suggestions would be much appreicated, faith and a loving family are the only things keeping me sain.
Avatar n tn They are wanting to do a SI and L5 nerve root block. I'm scared to death!!!! For 3 years I have been miserable hoping to die to be rid of pain. I haven't read much positive about nerve blocks, but I'm desperate for ANY relief. Can someone please tell me I have a chance at this helping???
Avatar n tn I have extreme referred leg Pain - caused by assumed sciatic nerve pressure from bulge from diagnosed minor Bulging L5 / S1 disc. Signs of canal stynosis - as I have pins and needles in my left foot and calf muscle consistantly. I get severe Glutenal cramping from walking so awkwardly to lessen the impact as sitting and walking seems to aggravate sciatic nerve due to added pressure on the disc. Lying down relieves leg pain. Acupuncture and physio can not relieve my pain more than temporaraly.
Avatar n tn Hello Hope you well I Have had 3 years of Pain resulting in the following surgery - First of all had a ADR - Anteria disc replacement - To neck region. Then followed by T2 - T12 with rods and X Bar at T4 -T5. Also had Plate grafted to Lower T Area with Screws.
Avatar n tn My 80 year old Mom had knee replacement surgery on 6/25/08. Her surgeon had a nerve block done along with general anesthesia. Mom can not pick up her left leg nor raise it to put on her clothes or shoes. She is a very healthy 80 year old, takes no meds AT ALL! Her surgeon and anesthesologist says this has never happened to them before. Went to a Neurologist, had an EMG, he agreed the quadrucepts are not all working, but says he is "perplexed" as to why she can not lift her leg.
Avatar n tn Re: Neuromas in Knee after Multiple Surgeries [ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ Neurology and Neurosurgery Forum ] [ FAQ ] Posted by ccf neuro M.D.* on November 07, 1997 at 23:14:43: In Reply to: Neuromas in Knee after Multiple Surgeries posted by PSGore on October 11, 1997 at 01:47:21: I have what has been diagnosed as many neuromas in my rt knee after multiple surgeries including a total knee replacement last year at age 41.
Avatar f tn For knee surgery , a combination block that targets the lumbar plexus and the sciatic nerve can numb only one leg. The differnce between epidural and spinal anesthesia is not the level, both can be given at the same level, but in the depth of penetration, and the method of delivery for the anesthetic. In a spinal block, the anesthesia is injected into the fluid surrounding the spinal cord in the lower part of your back.
Avatar n tn I called my orthopedic doctor and he referred me to a specialist that he had worked with, that doctor sent me to pain mangement and they started to do nerve blocks through my back to my knee, the nerve blocks helped block the pain which allowed me to walk properly and after about two months I was doing great and haven't had a problem since and that was two years ago, as the meniscus will heal itself if given the opportunity. Best of luck to you and I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Peripheral neuropathies as in diabetes, hypothyroidism, Lyme's and lupus are the other possibilities. It can also be spinal nerve compression in lower back. Other than this, yes, a nerve block or radio-ablation helps relieve pain. However, it may cause numbness in the area that was earlier painful. So, it is first important to rule out all the above mentioned causes of pain. You could also try physiotherapy, traction, spinal cord stimulator, opioid pain killers, TENS therapy etc.
1602878 tn?1304339616 I'm not sure my title is correct, but I had a total knee replacement done ten days ago. The day after surgery, I had an unfortunate accident - the nurse was getting me up for the first time but she didn't use a belt, brace, second person, or walker - she just put one arm under my arm to assist me. I had a femoral nerve block which was still in place so my left leg was dead. I took one step on my good leg and then tried to step with the left.