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Avatar f tn Hi I hav3 had five lt knee replacement . After my first one my knee was just like yours,,, no one could or wanted to help me. The first surgeon wanted me to do a Mua. I can’t believe he didn’t see it for what it was... I was in pain, chair bound and miserable. I found a dr who beil3ved in me. I believe you. This dr told me that 50 of the aspirations do not show infections. He and my pcp could see it was infected. Your leg is infected. Antibioditics will not help as a tried oral ones..
Avatar f tn I had a osteotomy on my right knee which was a total disaster and had to have a total knee replacement later. I need total knee replacement on my left knee. I am so scared to get it because of what I went through with my right leg. With tka's what is the % of surgeries that turn out normal? I know I have to have the P.T. for about 6 weeks and all that but boy it's a painfull surgery and what type of pain medication would you think would be sufficent?
Avatar f tn So he came up with the diagnoses of skin lupus due to blood work. My knee was still swollen at a year post surgery so I scheduled an appointment with my knee surgeon. My knee surgeon comes up with the diagnoses that I am have a reaction to the graft used in my knee. He took some fluid from my knee and put me on some anti-inflammatory medication. The anti-inflammatory medication did help some but the swelling never went completely down.
Avatar f tn I just had my knee replacement 6 weeks ago, I have gone through it all with no pain meds, I can not take anything but Advil, Tylenol, it was and is a very tuff recovery, I can not sleep at night, I feel my knee locks on me, no matter which way I sleep, on my back or side, I wake up every two hours in pain. I wonder if anyone has any ideas on how I can sleep just one full night. I am so miserable. Thanks.
Avatar m tn I have to see the surgeon that did my ankle tomorrow. He also did the knee about 28 years ago. My uncle has had three total knee replacements on both knees, six all together. He is always in alot of pain but since they were both last replaced he has been able to lower is daily dose of pain medication by more than double. I know that he was having problems similar to what you are describing as well as the early replacement joints were not as good as what they use today.
Avatar m tn I went to a revision specialist. He proceeded to tell me that a Total Knee Replacement is my only option, at this point. Which, I already knew that. So we set the date. December 2nd, 2013. The fun begins. Three months later, still in therapy, and I am worse off than before. All the pain I had prior, had been multiplied, as well as the swelling. I go back in for my follow up, and the surgeon still resided on the statement, it's just gonna take some time.
405614 tn?1329147714 can I give myself my Avonex injection in the leg that I'm going to have a total knee replacement on, the night before surgery? Do I feel so awful from this virus/bronchitis/asthma because my MS flared up too, the dizziness, blurred vision, etc.? Do I really have to avoid the gym for my final three weeks before surgery to stay away from other virus possibilities, realllly? My final three weeks of Zumba before a very long rehab after surgery.
Avatar n tn I have had several knee surgeries including a sugery back in 1979 with last surgery in 2004 a total knee replacement. I am very curious to see what has gone wrong after so long as at the bottom of the knee cap on the front, something has come loose or is a spur that seems to be poking through the skin. It is very "sharp, rough" on the outside. What could have happened?
Avatar n tn Why am I having numbness and pain in my foot after total knee replacement? It really physician is giving me Lyrica. Any info on this will be appreciated.
Avatar m tn You can have arthritis at young age and when the joint cartilage is lost then you would need total knee replacement. Take care!
Avatar n tn i had a total knee replacement 16 months ago ,and i am still having a lot of pain and tightness ,i have ad no end of physio and it as done no good whatsoever.i am on 2 lots of painrelief and it does no good .i was told last year that i now have nerve damage,i am 58 years old and suffered with pain since i was at school,i have attended pain clinic,no good more physio ,no good so what can i try now.
Avatar f tn Should I Have another cortesone shot in my knees? I am too young to have knee replacement. Can you have surgery for bone spures arthroscopically?
93210 tn?1287457826 Anyway, now my ortho doc (unless the knee greatly improves) is talking about a total knee replacement in about a year. My other knee is in desperate need of a total because of severe osteoarthritis that has chewed away at my joint so much that I'm bone on bone now. My knee is constantly swollen and from time to time has about 60-70 cc's of fluid drawn off of it. And of course the pain is almost constant and mostly severe. Sorry for the long bio.
Avatar m tn My mum had a partial knee replacement at the end of October 2012. Although the pain was very bad, she recovered well, having no problems with the knee replacement. Yesterday, completely out of the blue, she had a sudden severe pain in her knee whenever she bent it, which went on intensely for about 20 minutes. She couldn't bend the knee at all in that time without being in agony, but it felt okay as long as she kept the knee straight.
Avatar f tn Please let me know what your doctor says- I think your first priorities are to make sure there is no infection and nothing gone wrong with the knee replacement. Then trying to come up with a good pain management plan, exercise and diet regime are next, so you won't be hurting your body with too much ibuprofen, so your leg will have the best mobility you can attain, and so you won't be driven nuts with those unwanted additional pounds!
Avatar f tn thankyou so much i have a doc's appt soon ill let u know byee
Avatar f tn This pain was so sudden and intense that you could almost visualize the penetration of a foreign objet into the knee, but to my surprise there was nothing there, and the pain had gone away as fast as it had come. I've had this occaisonal pain (only when kneeling full weight) in both knees for the last 5 years and it hasn't gotten any better since. It is something bareable in the sense that I don't spend my time kneeling on hard surfaces, but when I forget about it...
Avatar m tn Granted when I saw him I had already been having this problem for over a year and he tells me if I am still having problems in a couple of weeks to come back - now really if over a year it is not gone how is seeing him and for him to say it is probably something you will just have to deal with and if it is not gone in two weeks come back going to help me.
Avatar n tn I had my right total knee replacement 11/10/11 and my left total knee replacement 1 1/2 years prior to that. As of today both of my knees continue to throb, shooting pains down my legs, mostly at night. My orthopedic M.D. has done x-rays several times and sees nothing. He claims that it "could" be tendinitis. I currently take 2-5mg. ea. immediate release Oxycodone every 4 hours. THAT is his solution. It does help, but not all the time.
Avatar n tn Other option that can be foreseen with such a bad knee would be an knee replacement. To comment on such a surgery requires in depth analysis of your condition.
Avatar n tn I'm now 43 years old. I've been waiting 3 years for disc replacement surgery to be a little more mainstream treatment. I'm interested in hearing anything about this procedure for the C-spine. I'm considered a surgery candidtate for c-5/6 and c-6/7 levels.
Avatar n tn Pain in the knee after total knee replacement can occur due to knee infection or loosening, resurfaced patella, with effusion in the joint occuring due to worn out polyethylene components, due to damage to the vessels and nerves around the knee etc. In case of infection antibiotics would help. In case of worn out polyethylene components may be reoperation could be considered. Also you mentioned that a cyst is present in the knee area, this could have been the cause of pain in the knee.
Avatar n tn This pain has come and gone previously in my right knee but never lasting more than a few seconds with episodes only for a few days then gone, however, this time it's back with a vengence. I see a pain specialist already for back pain and know that I have arthritis in various parts of my body including that right knee cap but when it hits you can't help but gasp no matter where you are.
Avatar f tn I have hip/groin lower back and knee pain on my left side. My ortho sent me to Physical Therapy with a diagnosis of Left Chondromalacio Pattelar L-S spine. I practically 'live' on anti inflammatories and I'm SO SICK OF TAKING NARCOTICS!! I have an MRI set up for Nov 07' but I'm not so sure the MRI will show anything.
1207048 tn?1282177904 So Nancy, are you thinking about a knee replacement? I assure you all that pain can AND IS from your bone-on-bone arthritis. I use to wonder if the pain that spiraled around my outer knee and then traveled down my leg would really be helped by replacing the knee joint. It was, almost immediately. It's a painful surgery and requires a firm committment to a difficult rehab exercise routine.
Avatar m tn I saw two doctors who both looked at me like I was crazy and could find nothing wrong with my knee (although all I got was a cursory exam). My pains went away after a few months. This was probably two years ago and they have not returned since. The pain was awful. Easily a 10. I would writhe around for a few seconds and it would be gone. As you described, it could happen anywhere, at any time.
Avatar f tn They had me keep food diaries and looked everywhere they could to see what was wrong. I was only allowed to drink water, no caffeine etc. In three weeks I lost 2 1/2 pounds. Then they told me to stop exercising so I did that and nothing happened. I was stalled. It seems like I would regain and lose the same 2 1/2 pounds. During the time I was on this diet I was absolutely miserable. I was starving, my head hurt and I wanted to murder everyone I saw.
Avatar n tn My mom, who is 60, has gone in for a knee replacement, and on conducting the tests prior to the op, they discovered that she has an extremelely low white blood cell count (0.75) and her kidney was enlarged. What can this be caused from? And more importantly what could be wrong?