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Avatar f tn Thank you for the information on the knee replacement. I had a shoulder replacement a little over a year ago and I believe I'm in for a revision/second surgery on it very soon. Recently I've been having intense, severe pain and loss of mobility in the shoulder that, in some respects, is worse than before the surgery.
16888441 tn?1452155657 s usually a good practice to consult with at least 2-3 top doctors before undergoing a knee replacement surgery. Knee replacement can be an excellent option in many cases, but there are also some contra-indications where a knee replacement should not be the first choice. For instance, if a person is young and below 50 years of age, knee replacement can be delayed because the life of implants typically lasts between 15-20 years. Is the person too over-weight?
Avatar f tn Ok, after reading all the negative comments about knee replacement on this site, I have just about decided not to have the surgery done. Is there anyone out there that has had success in this and would like to share? I need some positive feedback, please.
Avatar n tn My mother 67 years, obese, with hypothyroidism, and on antihypertensive is having osteoarthritis both knee more on left and now assosciated with limping, is advised to undergo knee replacement surgery.which hospital is preferable in kerala? and what is the prognosis. She is having severe pain now. Could it be controlled by surgery? Please advise whether surgery is beneficial at her age?
Avatar f tn Perhaps you were misunderstanding each other?
452066 tn?1400626877 At what point does an orthopedic surgeon come to a conclusion that a partial knee replacement is the only option? I had surgery for a torn meniscus on my left knee over a year and a half ago. Since then, the knee feels worse and is progressively getting worse. I have been on steroids, had injections, take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, went through PT...and even continue to exercise the knee now.
647391 tn?1275016633 This is because of damage to the knee and missing cartilage. What is your thoughts as to someone my age having knee replacement surgery. Also, what is the quickest recovery you have seen for someone with knee replacement surgery?
Avatar f tn I had a total left knee replacement done 10 years ago. I now need to have that knee redone, plus a left hip replacement done. My question is, can I have both these done at the same time?
Avatar m tn She recently had a replacement on the other knee and noticed the difference in recovery right away that there seemed to be a weakness still in the knee she had done a year ago. The doctor often would answer my mothers concerns by telling her the knee was fine it was just in her head, and she just needed to continue to strengthen her leg with further excersise.
Avatar f tn m only 46) and having some other health issues (lupus, fibromyalgia, asthma), he would strongly suggest going with a total knee FUSION as opposed to a total knee REPLACEMENT. He said that because I am relatively young (although I don't feel young most days) and have the autimmune problems, there is an increased chance that a knee replacement would not last very long for me and would have to be done at least one more time, if not several times.
Avatar n tn what is the average length of rehab therapy after total knee replacement? This discussion is related to <a href=''>On-going Pain after Knee replacement surgery</a>.
Avatar f tn My first knee replacement was in 2002. Second one was in 2003 (on the other knee). For a number of years now I have had pain in my "knees". Even the tissue surrounding them. I've noticed that I can hear the prosthesis move when I move my leg. I swing my legs and they make a funny noise. Today I went to an orthopaedic surgeon about another (unrelated) problem and asked him about the pain in my knees.
1092452 tn?1257350509 I had a knee replacement in June 09, I spent 4weeks in a rehab. center..physical therapy 6 days a week. Right after surgery I had ' foot drop ' So I had to deal with that + my knee...It's been 5 months.. well my knee still hurts so much it wake's me up at night, Is this normal ? Any one have this problem ? Any suggestion ? I really need help. Please I can't stand it much longer..
Avatar f tn This would be a difficult question to answer without the relevant clinical details. A knee replacement is not preferred in young patients as the life of a knee replacement around 10-20 years (the newer devices last longer than the older ones). Though knee replacements are usually successful and help in regaining movements around the joint conservative management is preferred due to the risk associated with the replacement surgery and a possible re-replacement surgery.
Avatar f tn I found out yesterday that I have almost no cartilidge left in my left knee and there are also spurs. The MRI report contained several big words I can't remember right now but my doctor actually said to me "You're a little young for a knee replacement but........". I am scared to death. In the last six years, I have had the tendons in my right ankle reconstructed and 4 screws and two pins placed in my left hand and wrist.
Avatar m tn I have been to see haematology specialists, rheumatology consultants,orthapedic surgeons (who have perfomed arthroscopies ) and nobody has ever seen a knee (that has has got some damage due to r/a), continue to bleed. I have now agreed with the surgeon to have a replacement knee but he still cannot assure me that this will stop the bleeding. Has anyone out there any ideas on where the blood is coming from and how to make it stop?
744603 tn?1348041275 They found that women who had their first period BEFORE age 11 were 9% more likely to need hip replacement surgery, and 15% more likely to need knee replacement surgery. Good news for you! Other significant variables that they found were the number of childbirths, and the use of HRT: Each successive child born increased the probability of needing hip replacement by 2%, and that of knee replacement by 8%. The most shocking of all was the effects that HRT had.
Avatar n tn I just feel my body has to many problems based on the weight... to have a knee replacement help at this point....
757973 tn?1234458769 In your case, that would be the arthritis. I hope you misunderstood your orthopedist when he recommended a knee replacement. It is not appropriate therapy to treat a Baker's cyst; knee replacement would certainly help your arthritic knee, however. Most Baker's cysts disappear on their own, but, depending on the cause and severity, it can take months or perhaps even years for that to happen.
Avatar f tn Back in 1973 & 1974, at age 19, I had both kneecaps removed due to Chondromalacia Patella. I wasn't given replacement parts. Now as a 62 female, I find myself walking with a cane and my left knee is extremely painful. I consulted with 2 orthopedic MDs. The first one wanted to do joint replacement surgery. The second one said I am not a candidate for joint replacement surgery since I don't have kneecaps. He prescribed diclofenac potassium for the pain.
Avatar f tn I had a osteotomy on my right knee which was a total disaster and had to have a total knee replacement later. I need total knee replacement on my left knee. I am so scared to get it because of what I went through with my right leg. With tka's what is the % of surgeries that turn out normal? I know I have to have the P.T. for about 6 weeks and all that but boy it's a painfull surgery and what type of pain medication would you think would be sufficent?
Avatar m tn On September 7/12 I received a total knee replacement of my left knee. I suffer from severe osteoarthrits and am only 59 years of age. I previously had shoulder replacements in 2008 and 2010 respectively. My right knee is scheduled for replacement on March 25th of this year. My initial recovery from the left knee replacement was excellent. I was walking without a cane within 7 days, and no longer needed any medication stronger than ibupuprofen.
Avatar m tn So instead he wants to preform a microfracture and if it fails move onto knee replacement. He also feels I am not a canidate for any cartilage repair surgery because of the kissing lesions. I feel I have more damage on the tibia too because I have lots of pain below my knee cap and in my lower joint line behind my knee.