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Avatar f tn My question is does anyone experience fluid on the knee, I am limping and hurting badly, now I am seeing/feeling water on my left knee. I know when I first was diagnosed two years ago, my knees swelled up big time. Could it be lyme symptoms?
Avatar f tn i first of you need to increase on your muscle strength,dothe following use a warm water towel and follow it with massage of your knees statics for your quadriceps(pushing your knees down), full range of movement for the knees in supine lying(lying on your back),sitting on the edge of the bed,later use 1kg weight and perform the bending and straightening of the legs, reduce on walking because you have to stay from aggravating factors.
Avatar f tn The weakness first started in 1998 when someone kicked my leg in from behind me and my knee has given way in 2005, resulting in a bone bruise on my shin from hitting a step on the bus. The bone bruise has healed although I have a dent in my shin from where I hit it. Popping sound when straightening my leg from a bent position. Locking and pain when I walk, mostly when I try to straighten it during mobilisation.
Avatar f tn for about 2wks now my right knee has been giving me problems in 33 years old and im on high blood pressure meds and the reason unknown why i have it and my ?
Avatar f tn leg weakness (causes my walking to be more of a waddle) - numbness - calluses - knee problems (due to the weakness which would cause more pressure to the knees.) That's my theory but from the neuro's mind I don't have no problem even though he was the one that noticed the weakness.:( Sorry for the vent. Just had to get it out!!
198727 tn?1352054382 Hi, How are you? Can you elaborate on the dripping sensation in your left knee? What other symptoms are present? Imaging studies may help rule out anatomical issues. If the symptoms have been present for a month already and muscle spasm and numbness have also been present, further evaluation of your attending physician or neurologist may be very beneficial. Direct clinical examination and additional tests are important. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Wrap the knee with ace bandage or black knee support until u can get to the doc. does your knee crack? Take ibuprofen as directed for swelling. Hope you can get to the ER or doc soon.
Avatar m tn I am 16 yesterday as i was getting up from the floor i put pressure on my knee sideways and i felt a pop and then i felt a lot of pain and i couldn't straighten it but when i had it bent it didn't hurt a lot but today i woke up and i had slight pain in my knee but it feels better this has been happening for a while now but I'm not sure what is wrong.
Avatar f tn Well you have a tear of the meniscus (which is cartilage in your knee that acts as a shock absorber). You have a tear on the inside of your knee and the outside. You have a bone bruise on the front inner portion of the top of your tibia and fluid in your joint (effusion). You really need a knee scope!
Avatar n tn t fall bang it off anything whats wrong with it?
Avatar m tn i got a bad knee if i try to work on it i start limping and it throbbs and ackes even in t he summer time is that arthritis or do u think theres something else wrong in there
Avatar m tn To respond to your comments. The knee that was fixed is strong. I have not had surgery on my other knee yet. I see the doctor tomorrow. As for favoring the right knee, I think I was doing this without really noticing that I was doing so. There really was not reaseon to be favoring it other than when it would hurt when the weather would change.
Avatar f tn When I was a freshman in highschool I had seen a Doctor about my knee problem, and was tolded that my knee caps were making new knee jionts by themselves. They had done surgery on my right knee. I was wondering what the medical name was for this type of knee problem.
Avatar m tn There are no long-term studies to prove it, but many doctors believe that successful meniscus repair helps to evenly spread the stress placed on the knee joint. If the knee is protected from uneven force, there is a lower risk of future joint problems. • Some kinds of tears heal on their own. Instead of surgery, you may try rest, ice, compression, and propping up your knee on a pillow when you sit or lie down.
Avatar n tn I had the3 same problem, and still doe, I have had 2 total knee replacements on the same knee. I am in terrible pain. the Dr's threw up their hands and said I have never seen a knee like your and to be honest I dont know wjhat to do. So he put me on Oxycotin 40's 3 times a tday. The pain is unbearable.
Avatar n tn Hi, About 3 weeks ago I bumped my left knee into the corner of the bed and was in excrutiating pain for about a minute or so. The skin broke on the knee cap. I put ice on it for 20 minutes and kept the leg elevated during this time. The pain was localized to the area of the broken skin. A few days later, a scab formed where the skin was broken, and although the area still hurt when pressed, I had no problems walking, jogging or swimming.
Avatar f tn Hello! You can have knee injuries which might be mild Grade I during the car crash and it might have progressed to Grade II or Grade III with dancing, weight bearing, physical activity this can be a reason for chronic ligament problems in knee joint. Try conservative treatment initially and if it fails you can go for arthroscopic surgery. Take care!
Avatar n tn 7 yrs ago i had an accident which resulted in a muscle crush injury to the back of the knee. I still have many problems with it after all these years. In cold, damp weather it aches and becomes swollen, retains water so becomes puffy and i find myself tripping over more as my leg feels wooden at times. Is there anything that can be done to ease this and why am i still having these problems after 7years.
1551754 tn?1294144767 It went back into place on its own so I put a brace on the stabilize it. After a couple of days it was feeling a lot better so I went with the brace. Last night while doing the dishes I had this sharp pain shoot up my knee and it started feeling unstable. It's very stiff if I try to stretch my leg out but hurts under my knee cap if I try to bend it. I know that I probably need to see a doctor but would like some personal incite if anyone has experienced the same thing.
Avatar m tn The pain occurs directly behind her left knee, and sometimes on the front left side of the knee. I can easily feel a pop in the front left side of the knee when her leg is extended. When she went to physical therapy, the physical therapist pressed on her knee several times in different locations and also extended and contracted her leg to see if there was any pain, but she felt no pain. Her physical therapist said that her mechanics are off.
Avatar n tn You may have arthritic problems now in your knee. The numbness in the foot could be from referred pain from your knee or lower back, inappropriate footwear or nerve damage. Apply hot, or cold packs to the knee. Use the one that helps the best. If the climate is hot and you work out a lot and sweat, you may require more than the 3 litres of water throughout the day.
497951 tn?1209829733 The pain is mostly on the left side of my right knee.But I also have pain in the top of my knee and the back of my knee to.I can not go up and down stairs ,putting on shoes and socks is a real job getting them off to.At the end of the day and I am still only working 4 hour days at a desk to.That sucks as I am a construction superintendent.My leg and foot swell up to 2 times the size of a normal one.I still take pain meds but they really don't do much for me anymore.
Avatar f tn But now, as of a few weeks ago, a different knee pain has occurred. The other pain behind the knee was gone (I had all of the symptoms of an ACL tear, but an MRI said nothing was wrong other than the previous damage from the MVA). Now the knee pain is so bad that I can barely walk, and have to walk keeping my leg straight, because it hurts so bad to lift it. And five days ago, now if I sit for too long, I can't straighten my leg again.
Avatar m tn But, what I am concerned about is if any new outbreaks will occur on genitals or just the initial outbreak area on my knee. This seems so crazy. I here so many contradictions regarding viral shedding. Please help.
Avatar f tn I awoke to a strong burning along the outside of my right leg from my knee to my hip. When I reached down to touch it, it was numb! No surface feelings at all. My lower back hurts so I wonder if they are connected?
Avatar f tn I did air conditioning and had knee issues over the years. One I have surgery on and no more problems the other I fixed through exercise. Riding and walking consistently have kept the other from surgery for 15 yeara and I am allergic to NSAIDs. Sometimes they can give you cortezone. The one knee does worse the less exercise I get. Every knee is different and that is why I would start with a GP an possibly PT first.
Avatar f tn Pain can cause other problems in the body. I had a knee replacement 8 years ago and there is literally no pain now. If you do get the surgery, you may want to order a cooler, which lets you wrap a flap around your knee. The cooler then will recycle iced water through it and help with the swelling and healing. They are available online. If you decide to get one, check first.