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Avatar f tn for about 2wks now my right knee has been giving me problems in 33 years old and im on high blood pressure meds and the reason unknown why i have it and my ?
Avatar f tn I am sorry about your knee problems. I too have knee problems which were made worse by physical therapy. The one thing I have found that helps me is a good chiropractor treating my knee. Since you are on maternity leave I suggest that you also may want to find a good chiropractor to also treat your back.
1551754 tn?1294144767 It went back into place on its own so I put a brace on the stabilize it. After a couple of days it was feeling a lot better so I went with the brace. Last night while doing the dishes I had this sharp pain shoot up my knee and it started feeling unstable. It's very stiff if I try to stretch my leg out but hurts under my knee cap if I try to bend it. I know that I probably need to see a doctor but would like some personal incite if anyone has experienced the same thing.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to update everyone on my knees, and what to come with my hip and back. My knee were **** pretty good for a long time. But a week or two ago I started having severe pain, and I can't kneel or walk upstairs or anything, Than my left knee started to do it. So im kinda freaked out. But I really need my doctor to give me my surgery date, and I'm afraid if I tell him that my knee are hurting and causing me problems again that he's going to want to wait another year or so.
Avatar f tn leg weakness (causes my walking to be more of a waddle) - numbness - calluses - knee problems (due to the weakness which would cause more pressure to the knees.) That's my theory but from the neuro's mind I don't have no problem even though he was the one that noticed the weakness.:( Sorry for the vent. Just had to get it out!!
Avatar f tn My question is does anyone experience fluid on the knee, I am limping and hurting badly, now I am seeing/feeling water on my left knee. I know when I first was diagnosed two years ago, my knees swelled up big time. Could it be lyme symptoms?
Avatar f tn I ended up falling directly down on my knee s and I did hear a crunch, it now hurts when I put direct pressure, or if I climb into bed on my knees it kills. Also when I touch it it fe3ls like its all into different parts not like my other knee. Do you think I probably cracked it or something???
Avatar m tn I am 16 yesterday as i was getting up from the floor i put pressure on my knee sideways and i felt a pop and then i felt a lot of pain and i couldn't straighten it but when i had it bent it didn't hurt a lot but today i woke up and i had slight pain in my knee but it feels better this has been happening for a while now but I'm not sure what is wrong.
Avatar m tn i got a bad knee if i try to work on it i start limping and it throbbs and ackes even in t he summer time is that arthritis or do u think theres something else wrong in there
Avatar m tn To respond to your comments. The knee that was fixed is strong. I have not had surgery on my other knee yet. I see the doctor tomorrow. As for favoring the right knee, I think I was doing this without really noticing that I was doing so. There really was not reaseon to be favoring it other than when it would hurt when the weather would change.
Avatar n tn I had the3 same problem, and still doe, I have had 2 total knee replacements on the same knee. I am in terrible pain. the Dr's threw up their hands and said I have never seen a knee like your and to be honest I dont know wjhat to do. So he put me on Oxycotin 40's 3 times a tday. The pain is unbearable.
Avatar m tn The pain occurs directly behind her left knee, and sometimes on the front left side of the knee. I can easily feel a pop in the front left side of the knee when her leg is extended. When she went to physical therapy, the physical therapist pressed on her knee several times in different locations and also extended and contracted her leg to see if there was any pain, but she felt no pain. Her physical therapist said that her mechanics are off.
Avatar f tn When I was a freshman in highschool I had seen a Doctor about my knee problem, and was tolded that my knee caps were making new knee jionts by themselves. They had done surgery on my right knee. I was wondering what the medical name was for this type of knee problem.
3201003 tn?1345349318 my 6 yr old cries every night with knee pain but the knee dr and regular dr says she is ok she has been hurting since she was able to walk about 10 months old i dont know wat to do can you help me please
Avatar n tn s thyroid is down, his cortisone levels low, his testosterone levels low and his growth hormone levels high. Taps of his knee removed up to 500 cc of fluid, but no evidence of anything specifically wrong inside the knee, just that it was being damaged. He looked gaunt and unhealthy. 1. what hormonal problem could be causing these symptoms? 2. Why would joint damage be associated with rapid growth and low testosterone levels?
497951 tn?1209829733 I have knee problems and will most likely need a knee replacement on my right knee eventually. Also, I have heard the excuse about *scar tissue.* I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right wrist in Oct. 2007, and it still bothers me and the doctor blamed it on scar tissue. I don't know. I'll be honest, I don't really know what to tell you. I have a lot of joint and muscle pain and other problems with blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.
Avatar f tn Ok, I just answered a young girl on the Depression forum. If kids are going to post on this web site, then they need a forum for ages under 13, with a moderator.
Avatar n tn Had no problems with my knee until this fall in early January. I fell directly on my knee, tore pants and the skin off my knee. About 8 hours after the fall I went to do a complete squat (to the floor) and it took my breath away. I have difficulty kneeling on it and squatting and getting back up. Bending knee to put pants on is not comfortable. MRI says "minor superficial fissuring of the articular cartilage over both patella facet and depths of the trochlear groove is appreciated".
5466288 tn?1410485185 Hey there, I noticed you've mentioned being dx with fibro and i found this for someone else and thought you might find it an interesting read...
Avatar n tn Hi, Knee pain may be due to trauma; problems with the knee joint, ligaments, cartilage or bursae, inflammation or even degenerative conditions. If the pain does not respond to the prescribed medication, inform your doctor for proper management. Other tests such as xray or blood tests, to rule out arthritis or gout, may also be done. It is also recommended that you rest your knee. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn The pain is below the knee cap on the left and right side and ontop of the knee cap on the right side and on the inside of the knee from above the knee to below the knee. For the last week and a half I've been getting sharp pains on the right inside of the knee and above the knee while walking or turning from right to left. When this happens the pain is so bad that I can hardly walk. I've also been getting needle type pain below the knee cap in the center.
Avatar f tn I have a friend who would like to loose weight but has multiple medical problems. She has bursitis of the hip and knee, fibromyalgia (mostly affecting hands) and an umbilical hernia. She cannot walk far at all due to muscle weakness and gets fatigued very quickly. I would like to help her build up a bit of strength and loose weight to make her everyday activities easier. Any suggestions please?
Avatar m tn Only in the last 2-3 weeks I started developing pain in the knee on the weaker leg, which I suspected was because of uneven pressure on that knee due to the muscle weakness, which my doctor agreed with. Now my neurosurgeon suspected and confirmed another problem through a CT scan. I have spina befida, which apparently is a birth defect. This he suspects is causing a downward pull on my spinal cord, i.e., a tethered cord.
Avatar f tn 3 weeks ago my surgical knee began to ache all over for no obvious reason. I mean it really hurt. I worried about infection because I haven't fallen, or done any other damage to it. It was better in a few day. Then a few days later the pain returned & disappeared again. Last week the pain came back with a vengance & it hurt in a very specific spot in the inside of the kneecap.
Avatar n tn The first MRI showed bone islands and a bone spiring of the tibia. I normally heal quickly.The doctor now wants me to get an epidural on my back, but I don't have back problems. I am wondering if he may have missed a bone island or a bone spiring and if this could be causing the pain. I have been exercising and did 5 weeks' PT 3 X a week. I was only prescribes 4 weeks PT. Doctor says the epidural can rule out the back issue.