Knee problems in poodles

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82861 tn?1333457511 Most of the time, I only allow my dogs to sleep in the kitchen. After a couple of months allowing them to sleep anywhere in the house, I dealt with vomit on the carpet, trash cans overturned, pee on the carpet (even though house-broken), and near sleepless nights due to constant scratching/chewing/collar-jingling from mange. It's not their fault, really (except for the trash can raids)...after all, both the pups were sick with kennel cough and demodex after I brought Bryce home.
Avatar n tn You are both so fortunate to have each other for support. ...I gather your optimism is flickering about mikesimon? ;-]. I was following your lead in that other thread...don't make mine flicker I AM SO WORRIED, maybe we can contact Cindy here in MH, they have all of our emails, what do you think?
4966610 tn?1362057908 The active ingredient Ketoconazole in shampoo is the standard recommendation from the world of Westies, and these dogs are notorious for yeast problems. Ifr you have time you might want to browse on how to treat skin problems in Westies. Yes I recall your dog is a poodle. Still, yeast is yeast, I think regardless of what breed it exists on.
Avatar f tn Probably because of pressure in studying medicine abroad, girlfriend problems and away from home I got onset of many allergies, which Alternaria was between them at extremely hight level of 6, <100, ( grass mixture, level 2 and wheat flour as well level 2). I ate wheat flour all my life without any problems. But when I got the hay fever symptoms in the spring, and then the enormous fatigue, which didn't pass a dr' who test my blood for this allergies suggested immunotherapy.