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Avatar f tn Does anyone know of any good home remedies for toothache. Could my toothache possible have anything to do with going into labor?
Avatar f tn Hi my right knee is causing me a lot of problems as well as other unrelated things and I'm currently off work because it affects my job. I've had this since April this year but I did notice my right knee go red, hot and swollen in March. This resolved itself within a few days but I continue to have pain, locking, popping and weakness.
Avatar f tn Sinus congestion and pressure. Is there any home remedies I can do to get rid of it? Or medicine suggestions?
Avatar f tn Does anyone know any home remedies for round ligament pain. The dr I saw today says Tylenol doesn't help. I hear warm baths, stretching, heating pads, and girlie so far. Any others?
Avatar f tn Is there any home remedies for heart burn i have it constantly and dont think i can cope another 16 weeks with it
Avatar f tn s still enough to make me feel self concious. I was wondering if anyone knew any home remedies to help clear it up?
4852917 tn?1386378680 Anyone have any home remedies to start labor? I am half a centimeter dilated. Any ideas that will help?
Avatar n tn I get acid reflux several times a month....its usually will last about a week and then its ok for a week or so...sometimes I don't have it for months and then its back. Anyway, I don't take meds except an occasional pepcid, which usually doesn't work. I have heard about home remedies such as apple cider vinegar (which sometimes works, but not always) Does anyone know anything else. I hate to take prescription drugs if I don't have to.
Avatar f tn / any natural home remedies that worked for u ladies? I want to avoid it turning into a cough as I will be having a csection and I had an awful cough with my 1st. it was sooo painful to cough with the incision and resulted in me getting an infection that took longer for me to heal...
Avatar f tn I am getting a sore throat what are home remedies that you all use? I am pretty good with not getting sick but i dont like taking meds while im pregnant n im tryin to catch it bfore it gets bad.. i drink alot of gatorade n take my vitamins..
Avatar f tn Does anyone have any home remedies for pregnancy constipation? I've tried taking a warm bath and drinking a ton of water and eating fiber rich foods, but nothing seems to be working. I don't want to take anything over the counter unless its a last resort.
Avatar n tn home remedies for acid reflux. If so please post,.
Avatar n tn I saw a nurse practitioner (my doctor was out), who manipulated and examined my leg, and sent me home with really basic home care instructions, and no new information. This knee had given me some trouble 3 months earlier, possibly a strained ACL from running too hard. This new injury is much worse. Today I attempted the ACL diagnostic tests myself, but I can't tell... The knee feels unstable, and it feels like it can't support my weight (I'm slim-average).
Avatar n tn My husband had a knee replacement on 4/2/09. His hiccups started on 4/3/09, this is the 5th day. The Dr. prescribed Thorozine but it did not help. We have tried all the home remedies but nothing works. The Doctors don't know what else to try.