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Avatar n tn I have been having knee and ankle pains for a while now. My parents believe that it is growth pains but im not so sure. For example in P.E. i was walking across the gym when my knee started hurting then it locked up and i fell. Lots of times the pain is so intense it hurts to walk. my ankles also feel as if they are carrying 1000 pounds, but thats funny because im underweight because of my very high metabolism. PLEASE HELP!
Avatar n tn My six year old daughter has had knee pain in the same leg for two years I took her to the doctor and he said its just growing pains but it concerns me because it's always the same knee. Recommendations?
Avatar n tn Im a 19 year old female and I've been having these pains in my knee since i was about 2 or 3 years old. They dont occurr on a daily basis and they used to happen with more frequency when I was younger but I still have them today. The pain is usually in my right leg around the knee area. It sometimes, but not often, happens to my left leg and sometimes it happens to both. When I get them the pain is really strong.
Avatar f tn Hello ladies, I am almost 13 weeks and I've been having some weird pains. Sometimes they feel like something's being pulled and other times it's kinda sharp. I have no spotting or bleeding at all. Are they what they say "growing pains"? I'm worried because I had 2 miscarriages with my ex. But with my husband we haven't had any problems and I've made it farther than ever before. Am I just being paranoid?
Avatar n tn Usually i will quickly spring all the weight to my other leg, and it usually happens a few steps after i have gotten out of a chair. I had bad knee problems last year (tendonitus* i believe) where my knees would be in TERRIBLE pain if i bent down. I do not get much exercise since I am on the computer a whole lot so maybe a lack of exercise has something to do with it. If someone can get to this, that would be awesome. If not, thanks anyways.
Avatar m tn My wife has been having pains behind her knees for about 4-5 months now. I can feel a pop in her knee when she extends her leg out. She has these pains when she walks, and she can have them when she is not even doing anything physical such as sitting or lying down. Sometimes her pains are so intense that she can't walk. She has seen a doctor about this problem and the doctor referred her to a physical therapist without even attempting to diagnose her problem or even take an x-ray.
Avatar n tn Those symptoms sound a lot more like growing pains than anything. My daughter went through the same things, where she had pains in her knees and shins so bad that she had problems sleeping. My best guess is that is what she is experiencing as well. They should subside, though, as her growth slows down.
Avatar n tn GH is made by the pituitary gland and is needed for growth, so if he is 15 years old, is he growing to fast?? (explains knee problem) is there any signs of puberty? I would post in the pediatic endocrinology expert forum, Dr D. Guy is very good answering this kind of problems.
Avatar m tn His twin brother and his colleagues in the club have the same exercise frequency. Maybe he is weaker than them?
Avatar f tn No Trampoline , certainly not in a child of this age .However I am sure you have told your self the same many times , I agree it could be growing pains as the bones and tissues grow ,and that leg having been injured would be be more sensitive ., and growing pains do hurt more when the child is resting or after exercise .All you can do is wait to have further tests done to get some answers, did they tell you to give her any med to help the pain?
Avatar m tn I used to have pretty severe growing pains in my knees as a child and never have any issues with it now. You may want to look up juvenile rheumatoid arthritis though and ask a doctor just to be safe.
Avatar m tn Children do get growing pains the knee is particularly vunerable , as tendons grow .Some tylenol may help him also some light massage ..if it continues speak to the doctor .
3201003 tn?1345349318 Well, without a clinical evaluation it would be difficult to determine the cause of the symptoms. Possibilities that may need to be considered include growing pains, injuries, patellar dislocation, osteochondritis, Osgood schlatter disease etc. I would suggest getting this evaluated by an orthopedician for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar f tn Sounds like Osgood-Schlatter disease. Used to be called "growing pains", it's inflammation behind the knee cap of very active adolescents. The good news is, kids outgrow it. Here's a link with more information:
Avatar n tn could she have arthritis? if not what else can that be. her doctor said it was just growing pains but I have doubts.
Avatar f tn My 12 year old son has been complaining of a painful right knee for 2 months. I originally put it down to growing pains as at the time both knees hurt, now it's just his right knee, it hurts when he weight bears, walks, climbs stairs and moves it around. It is also quite swollen and very tender/painful to touch a particular area on the kneecap. He says it subsides a little with ibuprofen but not completely.
Avatar n tn There are varying reasons , could be growing pains as the tendons become stronger, could be bursitis ..has he inured , fallen on his knees.
Avatar n tn I need some help to figure out what is going on... I am a 22 yr old female who has been experiencing pain in my patellar tendon region for as long as I can remember. It began as early as maybe age 7 or 8 and my pediatrician attributed it to "growing pains" saying I would outgrow them. The pain is not constant; it comes and goes, regardless of activity level. Sometimes it hurts after a hard workout, sometimes it hurts when I'm just sitting around.
1308443 tn?1302693321 Hi am almost 16 (4 days away) and I've had knee problems for 2.5 years the doc told there is nothing I can do just wait it out. A year and a half ago he said it would be over by the time I was 16. I went back again in september and he told me maybe another year or so. This has become really frustrating because they seem to be getting worse. Has anyone else had this problem? How should I go about treating it?
Avatar n tn I am a 15 year old girl who for 1 year has dealt with extreme knee pain on both knees. At first it was thought to be growing pains but due to the extensive time and excruciating pain it was ruled out. I have been to several doctors who don't understand what is wrong with my knees. They hurt all over especially to the lower sides of the knee. They are a bit swollen. They have infiltrated my already with cortizone not having much effect and again recently with a lubricant steroid.
Avatar n tn FTM I am only 9 weeks but here lately I have been having growing pains in my stomach and pain in my left hip which makes it hard to get comfortable at night and i dont sleep very well. Any suggestions on how to position myself or how to relieve some of the aches and pains?
Avatar f tn Im 9 plus 5 and having slight pains is this growing pains? What do growing pains feel like?
Avatar m tn Is it possible for a 19 year old to be experiencing growing pains?
Avatar f tn Anybody have any tips for growing pains? Im 8 weeks and in absolute agony from it. Wud a hot water bottle/heat patch work?