Knee pain when you bend down

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Avatar n tn there is no definitive test for fibro - they do tests to rule out other diseases - is the pain in your knee or on the outside of the leg at your knee or the inside of the leg near your knee and have they checked for osteoarthritis - you said behind the knee - do you mean behind the patella (knee cap) or at the back of your leg behind the knee - try to be very precise when telling the doctor where exactly the pain is coming from - i dont know much about ms but i know pain comes with it - i belie
Avatar n tn Would any one please guide me what kind of pain i have, when ever i bend down my knee there is short poping sound from knee, butt there is no pain, and whenever i run or slide stairs then i feel pain in exect behind the knee and also some low back pain at at same side where the problem of leg.
Avatar f tn Lateral knee pain and after walking awhile the back of knee hurts. Pain worst when bend knee or go up and down stairs. Pain always there just worst when bend it. Pain has woke me up at night if sleep with knee bent. Xray snd MRI normal so orthopedic said PT and if pain continues come back in a month. PT has me in tears. Should I get second opinion could MRI been read wrong. Help me i feel crazy and feel that the pain is in my head.
Avatar n tn s no color on it. No pain. Nothing! just hurts when try to bend my knee. I feel a bad pull in my quadriceps.
Avatar m tn At this point I was no sleeping 3-4 hours a night at best, some nights not at all due to the pain in my knee and shoulders. And when I did sleep it was a restless sleep. The pain in my knee was constant, I was waking up with two 'frozen' shoulders unable to even put a shirt on. My physical therapist suggested going to my regular doc and getting tested for lymes disease, so I did that and he did a bunch of blood work.
Avatar m tn I went to bed, hoping the pain would go away but it still hurts when I bend my knee. What could this be? I will probably be visiting the doctor soon but for now what do you suggest?
Avatar n tn What would cause a pain that runs down outside of leg from a little below the hip to below the knee? It happens more often when sitting or laying down, if I do not keep the leg straight. It even wakes me up from sleep if I bend the leg. I would describe it has very uncomfortable, frustrating and it just plain hurts. My doctor took x=rays of knee which were normal and gave me shot in knee which didn't help.
Avatar f tn I really dont know what you meant by knee surgery? If his knee was just realigned, or his knee joint complex had been replaced, there is that tendency secondary to rest and inactivity during post-op that his quad muscles have shortened/tightened. Its still best to see a physical therapist, just bring in his past or recent xray or mri. As for the arteries, i dont think so unless his doctor have said so. Problem with arteries are rather best to be asked from a doctor.
Avatar f tn I would recommend that you see your doctor. Are you physically active? Do you exercise? It is possible that you injured your knee, and then were compensating for the injury and strained another place in your leg. However, without physical examination it is impossible for me to accurately diagnose the problem. Your doctor will be able to examine the areas and order any necessary tests to give you an accurate diagnosis and help you decide on a treatment to relieve your discomfort.
Avatar f tn once over it, and he said that he thought it was 1 of 2 things, either my knee cap was messed up or down in my knee was, My question is this, what will happen if I don't go to a doctor ( he told me some kind to go to but i forgot, and I currently have no insurance), and does anyone know what it could possibly be and what kind of doctor I need to see?
1961313 tn?1326290364 Thank you for the info-this helps me very much-the pain is not in the knee ,it's only when I have to bend down on my knee,(putting all the pressure on my knee is when the pains starts) I've looked to see if there is anything pushing out from the knee but I can't see anything.the pain is to the rt side of the knee extending down the leg on the rt side of the shin bone- it feel just like the skin is splitting open,of course I do have fibromyalgia,could be a symptom of that as well?
Avatar m tn Yes it always burning and it also feels like something is grinding, when i kneel or just bend the knee it pops and cracks. When i say "inside" its my right knee but the pain is on the left side. and yes it aches it doesnt help to keep straight or bent. i take tylenol and advil but nothing really seems to help, Its been hurting little over a month now....
Avatar n tn I can hardly stand to bend my when I sit down..they do hurt some even when I am standing or sitting, but not as bad as when i start to sit down. I have had 2 back surgeries..the last in 2004. I have gained about 30 pounds in the last year. I have never had knee problems, and am wondering if it could be coming from my back .
Avatar f tn If your doctor doesn't know what the problem is, he can't "fix it." There are many conditions that can't be fixed. It sounds to me that you had severe knee trauma 3 years ago, and have had total reconstructive surgery. When the doc said you'll always have a bad knee, he wasn't kidding. Now you're beginning to understand what that means. It is important now to treat the pain.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have pain in the tibia of my left leg, which I think is below the knee cap. The pain started when I was 18, after I got an injury during a basketball game. Now I'm 20 and I still feel the pain only when I engage in physical activity. What's wrong with me. Could these by osgood schlatters disease?
Avatar m tn but that seems to intensify the pain. I feel pain on the lateral side of my knee. It hurts a lot to bend and then once bent, it also hurts to unbend it. Also, i can hardly walk normally. I have a limp...this is because it hurts too bad to bend my knee, therefore, i literally have to walk by dragging my left leg. It's that bad. Bending is not the only problem, when i add pressure to the left side, i can also feel a sharp pain to my patella.
Avatar f tn about a week the pain went away but a week or so later somehow it started up again and then the other day i had to walk up a big hill, got home and since then my knee has been severely swollen and when i go to bend it, it feels like something is grinding and a lot of this serious or did i just pull something?
Avatar m tn Hello. I fell on my left knee about a month ago. The first week, it was painful to walk, but now I have no pain. Only I have a huge swelling above my knee. I can't bent my knee more than 90 degrees because the swelling puts great pressure on my knee and I cannot bend it any more. There is no pain, but the muscles are stiff. The swelling is not sitting directly on the knee, but rather higher up the leg than the knee.
Avatar f tn But then up and pain subsided. Possibly knee cap moved back in place. Now then in morning knee lil swollen, pain when walking, no bending or squatting which would lead my proffessional opinion to be you over streched tendons, possibly a slight tear. Use an ice pack for 2 days twice a day 30 mins each. No more weights till Friday. If everything returns to normal leave the squats out for an additional week. However by this Friday if knee is still the same, go see family doctor.
Avatar f tn Recently I’ve been running a lot, yesterday I did an 8 mile run today I only did 5 miles I’ve been having Sever pain on both knees I can’t seem to lay down sideways on either side because I get this horrible pain when I try to, sleeping with both knees facing up I don’t have any pain, walking is hard because I can’t seem to bend them without it hurting I don’t know if it’s just soreness or if I should seek medical help
Avatar m tn I fell a week ago and hurt my leg.There was no swelling or bruising.But every time I bend down on it,it feels like I'm pulling tons of tendons or something.It's below my knee.
Avatar f tn Im 31 years old lost 50 lb back down to 130lb well i have been having this pain in my right knee on the outside of it. the pain feels like a sharp burning pain only when i put pressure on it.. I have lost weight and its still happening. its been like this for about two+ years. My knee clicks at time.. when i wake up in the morning its feels like there is water trapped around my knee cap and swollen alittle. then about 45 mins after i get up the water and swellening goes down.
2063301 tn?1343833074 s this pain in my lower back of the right side of my spine which is only there where I bend forwards, when I stand up from a sitting position, when I change my posture while sleeping and when I sneeze while standing up. Along with that if I bend to pick up something heavy like two or three books from the bed even, it hurts then too. And the pain sometimes feels like shooting down my right hip and leg but that's very rarely and the pain is barely noticeable but it is there at time.
2063301 tn?1343833074 s this pain in my lower back of the right side of my spine which is only there where I bend forwards, when I stand up from a sitting position, when I change my posture while sleeping and when I sneeze while standing up. Along with that if I bend to pick up something heavy like two or three books from the bed even, it hurts then too. And the pain sometimes feels like shooting down my right hip and leg but that's very rarely and the pain is barely noticeable but it is there at time.
Avatar m tn Hello, the last few months, ive had pain above my knee cap, if i press on the muscle or tendor that seems to attach to the top of the knee cap, it is quite sore right where it connects to the knee cap, and when walking its ok, but stairs it really is sore, sitting down and getting up, kneeling. Ive tried applying heat to it, then stretching, then applying ice going for walks, stretching, seems to give temporary releif.