Knee pain when walking stairs

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Avatar n tn Its does not seems to happen when she is baring weight such as carrying our child. It does not happen walking up stairs or when she tenses or leg when she is walking. It is guaranteed to happen the first step she takes after she exercises (stationary bike).
Avatar f tn Hello first of thanks for the help this site rocks :) So i have been having some really bad knee pain for about 3 years i just had a baby and it hurts so bad when I'm carrying him up and down our stairs. he is only 4 months old, but it fills like my legs are going to buckle from underneath me. they usually always hurt but more when I'm walking up and down the stairs. at night i drench my knees in icy hot.
Avatar f tn t done anything (knowingly) to injure it. The pain is below my knee cap where it meets the shin bone. It only hurts when in motion...walking or using stairs, or anytime I have my weight on it. I have to limp because the pain hurts so much. Some days are worse than others; some times there is very little pain. When sitting down there is no pain, and I can move my leg around with no pain while sitting. My knee pops occasionally but nothing new.
Avatar f tn At first, it was just a little sore when I bent it--like to bike or go up and down stairs. By this morning, even just walking around caused pain. I feel it along either side of my knee and around the back, not really in/around my kneecap. It's a dull ache that turns sharp when the knee is bent a certain way. I've found that bending it at a 90 degree angle (like to sit down) doesn't hurt as much as bending it to say, a 45 degree angle (like to go up and down the stairs).
Avatar f tn When I walk/get up out of bed/climb stairs I get pain in my hips, groin area, pelvis, lower back and sometimes it shoots down into my legs. What is this :(?
Avatar m tn Most of the time when I am walking around it feels like normal, however there are times that I feel excruiating pain in and around the knee. I have noticed most times it occurs is when i am bending deep with my knee I.e. getting into my car, going down stairs fast, bending down to pick something off the ground. However it does not always happen when I am doing these activities. When the pain starts the only way I have seen to relief the pain is to straighten out my leg.
Avatar f tn Lateral knee pain and after walking awhile the back of knee hurts. Pain worst when bend knee or go up and down stairs. Pain always there just worst when bend it. Pain has woke me up at night if sleep with knee bent. Xray snd MRI normal so orthopedic said PT and if pain continues come back in a month. PT has me in tears. Should I get second opinion could MRI been read wrong. Help me i feel crazy and feel that the pain is in my head.
Avatar m tn Anyways, it hurts to bend the knee and walking up and down stairs causes slight pain as well. Any insight on the problem is appreciated. Thanks for your time!
Avatar f tn Had RK microfracture & LK OATS. Somewhat able to do things with tolerable pain level. Started back with the floor pilaties & yoga. Too much stretching I guess. I started where you are with similiar discomforts. Then started to hurt behind the knee and on the lateral side. Now...I can't stand without both knee fatique and pain, i can't walk without pain. It has ruined me! I'm walking with braces and oh boy if i have to go up or down stairs, HELP~!
Avatar f tn I feel walking up the stairs and hit my knee real hard ever since then my knee has this burning sensation especially when my knee touches anything. It hurt real bad! But it isn't a constant pain. What is wrong?
Avatar m tn Problem and pain in sitting - standing, up stairs - down stairs and walking .
Avatar f tn The location of the knee pain can be a useful guide to the cause of pain. Pain in the front portion of the knee can be caused by bursitis (inflammation of the lining of the joint, possible due to injury while playing), arthritis, or injury to the patella cartilage (front portion of the knee). Pain on either sides of the knee is usually related to meniscal tears, injuries to the collateral ligaments, and even to arthritis.
Avatar f tn It is usually associated with significant pain when kneeling and can cause stiffness and pain with walking. Also, in contrast to problems within the knee joint, the range of motion of the knee is frequently preserved. Consult a orthopedician for further assistance. Best.
Avatar m tn I was putting in padded flooring in my home gym for about 4 hours. Since then I've had pain in my right knee only when kneeling on my right knee (like when tying shoes). It's to the side of the knee and feels like something is being stretched laterally at first, before I get a sharp pain that feels like it's stinging/tingly. It is not completely on the side of my knee, but in the softer area to the side of my knee cap.
Avatar f tn I have been told by my GP just to rest for a wk or two until the swelling goes down but it is still there as is the pain on the stairs. I have pain in the shoulder and lower back. I am trying to exercise as much as the pain allows but my walking is greatly affected at the moment. I hate being like this, both my mam and grandmother had osteo and rhumatoidarthritis. Any advice would be received with thanks, I hope you are well and have found a way to manage the condition.
Avatar f tn Towards the end of my vacation, I was walking on a road that went up and down in elevation and started to feel pain in my knee. 2 days later my knee was sore and it hurt to bend it. It hurt a lot more when I was walking up stairs or up a hill. I bought a knee brace and took it easy on my knee, but every once in awhile when I go for a walk of a couple of miles, I get the same pain. There isn't any bruising or swelling. The pain concentrates in the front underneath the knee cap.
1187071 tn?1279369698 Hello everyone I hope your doing well and had a good weekend. We moved into our first house at the end of December so we haven't been here that long, I LOVE everything about this house and I love having a home of our own that we don't have to ask if we can do this and that. But I HATE the stairs, I don't mind walking up and down them but it does cause more pain to my face but I am use to that.
Avatar f tn I'm very scared! I was walking up the stairs and when I got to the top fell onto a bag of trash I had at the top of the steps. Onto my right side. Scuffed up my right knee and elbow. No blood but I haven't felt him move yet. I'm 38 weeks.
Avatar n tn About a year ago, everytime I walked for a straight 10 - 15 minutes I would be unable to bend my knee because of the pain. However, I would slowly keep trying and after 1/2 hour to an hour it would be ok. Over the course of the year the time got longer for it taking me to be able to bend my knee again. Soon, it wouldn't take much and I couldn't bend my knee at all. I have had an x-ray where the NURSE told me I had arthritis and inflamation.
Avatar f tn ve been experiencing occasional bursts of severe, debilitating pain about where my tibia and fibula come close under my knee for a few weeks. It hurts every morning for about an hour when i wake up, and then if i stand too long or lean forward, or when i stand up from a seated position. It's also tender to touch, though not very swollen. Weirdly does not hurt while walking or climbing stairs...although descending stairs causes so pain.
Avatar m tn At around the 3 month mark I found that when doing range of motion exercise with the left knee it seemed to catch when bending or straightening. When it caught there was a fair bit of accompanying pain. Now 3 months later that catching is still there, but does not seem to happen as frequently. I guess the full recovery time for each TKR patient will vary. My own surgeon states it can take up to a year.
Avatar f tn t hurt too bad but flex the knee and it has sharp pain like i have walking up and down stairs because of the knee caps. I sit in a normal position but lifting foot causing lots of pain around knee cap. I'm guessing I probably pulled something. Have put ice on it and taken ibu. I don't know that there is much a dr. would do but just wonder what I could have pulled.