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Avatar n tn Also, when i am walking my knee gives out. It has been almost a week since the incodent. should i see a doctor. I have a feeling that this may mean something bad! please help me out. My mom needs to know if i am in need of medical help! Thank you.
435985 tn?1249067908 The next step is to see the doctor but I am frustrated because they can not see me until Jan 13, and by then I will be 12 weeks. I am going to call and plead that they make room for me earlier because I am paranoid after just having the miscarriage and being pregnant again so soon. My question is, if they say "sorry, we cant do anything" do you think I should complain and tell them I will find a new doctor? Do you think I should request an u/s with a technician?
Avatar f tn When I knelt down the other day on both knees to look through my laundry basket, I immediately had to come back up, the pain was so bad in the patella. I still have a noticeable knot a little to the left (my left) of the bottom part of my patella, the majority of it is a bruised yellow with some reddish-purple bruising ringing it. Palpating that knot hurts, along with palpating along the rest of my patella.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I was riding a horse and my foot got caught on a panel and the horse kept going. This happened 3 days ago. It's hard to walk. I have swelling and pain on the inner side of my knee. I can bend my knee approx 45°. When I'm sitting or laying down I can straighten my leg but when I'm standing I can't seem to straighten it. My knee cap feels awkward when I try to. When I stand up from sitting i get an excruciating pain and blood rush feeling through my knee.
20816659 tn?1521035997 I have a dull charlie horse feeling in my right calf, the pain comes and goes as if it were a charlie horse, but is always in the same spot and there is a constant dull cramp feeling, I also have a slight color difference (below and to the left of my knee cap) and it is super tender to touch. I havent had any recent injuries to that leg but did fall down a flight of stairs over a month ago.. Blood clots (DVT), strokes and cancers runs very strong in my bloodline.
1483631 tn?1319228646 we've been ttc for 5 months now, 4 actively trying, timing intercourse near ovulation and the whole nine yards. I'm considering going to the doctor to get my hormones checked and to do other tests. I have thyroid issues, so I was wondering if that may hinder our efforts. First off all, do I go to my ob/gyn or family doctor? Is 5 months of trying long enough to get concerned (we conceived our daughter 5 years ago within the first cycle), so this seems like a really long time for us.
Avatar n tn You do need to start taking prenatal vitamins, so get some at the drug store. The obgyn usually wants to see you when your closer to 8 weeks. Call an obgyn now to make your appointment (because they make new patients wait) and tell them you are pregnant. There isn't any rush to go right away so don't stress about it. Congratulations!!!
Avatar n tn I suffered for a month and the pain got worse, so I went to an orthopedic doctor and tests showed the bone in that knee had died, and I needed knee surgery to replace the bone with a space age material. So make sure the diagnosis is correct or you may waste time and suffer a lot more pain needlessly like I did.
311765 tn?1206762636 ( those really hurt) When those happen It is very hard to breath. when the pain started I was playing Clarinet. and I could not get enough air to play and it was very pain full. it seem like my lung were hitting a wall!
Avatar f tn s important to note over the next few weeks is if it does get smaller or if it gets bigger, if the antibiotics make the pain go away or not. My doc asked if mine has gotten smaller, and to be honest I am not 100% sure as when the thing hurt like an SOB it was hard to press on it to get an accurate feel, but I *think* it's gotten smaller. He said it's important to know as tumors don't get smaller.
Avatar m tn I feel like I sprain my ankle(s) sometimes trying to walk properly. My knee points inward and from the knee up the top half of the leg looks offset and further in from the rest of the leg below the knee. What bothers me most is my gait in general. Not only is it painful and feels uncomfortable, but people stare at me like they're wondering why my left foot points outward more when I walk and I "walk funny" in general.
Avatar f tn I would say honesty is always the best policy, so if it were me, I think I would mention it to the doctor when you see him.
1456157 tn?1285374334 A few minutes into a soccer game, she apparently dropped that knee onto the field in the same spot and at the end of the game, had a pretty swollen knee (same knee - apparent re-injury). We went back to the Sports Therapist who worked with her and again after a few days, felt her knee was okay and the ligaments felt good. Today while playing some game in PE, she went down on that knee again and it's pretty swollen tonight.
Avatar f tn If they want to see it they will have you come in or go to urgent care. Be careful not to give her too much Benadryl.
2020005 tn?1628125976 You have an awful lot going on right now. Any kind of change whether it be good or bad can be so stressful. A new baby, moving, not being able to get out as much. Very stressful things. Hopefully once you get settled into your new home things will calm down. Have you thought about pumping for your baby and asking your mom to watch the children a couple of hours a week so you can have some alone time?
Avatar n tn I went to my doctor the week after I found out because I had to wait a week before I could get an appointment.
Avatar f tn I am having pain and numbness radiating from the hip to the knee. I can't stand for too long. Walking with support is better than standing still and sitting with the leg up is most confortable. Should I go for an MRI or to a chiropracter?
Avatar f tn Hi everything is perfect. The baby has decided to nest on the right side which is why I have pain. The doctor said even if pain feels like a period pain don't panic. Rest is best and the uterus will cause tummy pain because of bedding in.
Avatar f tn you feel pain at the side and in center of knee, the swelling increases day by day, limit your tendency to bend the knee, you may feel sharp pain while bending your knee and walking. The pain come and go anytime and anywhere. 3. Extreme tears: the pain moves in joint space, you must feel you are unable to straighten your knee and pain get worst. your knee become frail, swell and stiff. The pain lasts for a long time. If you have any of these symptoms, contact to a Orthopedist.
233622 tn?1279334905 This is a good topic. I myself have trouble when to call the doctor. This morning I was quite confused, walking aimlessly and out of balance. I couldn't get myself together enough to figure out what I wanted to do and made myself do more than I had to (go up and down the stairs multiple times) instead of grouping my things while I was upstairs. It's hard to explain or that Im still a bit confused to explain it.
Avatar f tn ve always been pretty healthy and have been scared to go to the doctor for a while. I had to push myself to get checked because I found a lump, but it turned out to be benign. Now, I have to go back soon for a 6 month check up to make sure that the lump didn't grow. (I'm pretty sure it didn't) that with myself. The thing is, when I saw the doctor before, I didn't tell her just how anxious I get.
Avatar f tn I also get pain over my eye and aches around the outside. I am not due to see my neurologist until February. When you get these changes is it wise to see your GP or do you wait and tell your neuro on your next appointment? they always say to keep a log of symotoms and present them on your next visit. I don't like to waste their time.
Avatar m tn it's to the right of this page, go straight down until you see experts forum then u choose from herpes or std..
Avatar f tn My question is has anyone dealt with this specific type of locking before specifically from preforming a baseball like slide like this. The pain is located on the outside of the knee almost feels like where the it band is located on the hinge of the joint. I need to be able to preform this slide and I cannot and have not been able to for the past 2 tears. Anyone ever dealt with something like this before thank you for any help it is greatly appreciated.