Knee pain when squatting down

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Avatar m tn I get a sharp pain in my left knee when jumping hard. I can run and sprint without pain. I can even jump 10 to 12 inches without noticing any pain. But when I do a two legged jump to go up for a dunk, I immediately get pain around the middle of my left knee. It then hurts to jump and there is pain when doing even a minor squat. Eventually within about an hour.
Avatar f tn But then up and pain subsided. Possibly knee cap moved back in place. Now then in morning knee lil swollen, pain when walking, no bending or squatting which would lead my proffessional opinion to be you over streched tendons, possibly a slight tear. Use an ice pack for 2 days twice a day 30 mins each. No more weights till Friday. If everything returns to normal leave the squats out for an additional week. However by this Friday if knee is still the same, go see family doctor.
Avatar m tn A piece of torn cartilage may get caught between moving parts of the knee joint and causes the sound. A clicking sound may be heard when moving the knee. The pain may be worse when squatting. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Slowly, this has got worse and for about a year now, some pain is also there when lying down or in the morning. But as soon as I get up and walk, there is no pain at all and I can run and walk without any difficulties. Stretching exercise appear to ease it. Once I forgot myself and knelt quickly, resulting in collapsing with a severe cramp-like pain throughout my whole body. Recently, I noticed a similar slight pain in my upper left arm.
Avatar f tn Squatting is the best way (and right way) to give birth when the baby turns its suppose to come right out, i have no idea why everyone lays flat on their back its harder,more painful,increases the risk of having to get a c section! Ive read all about it.
Avatar f tn Is it on one side or both sides and does the pain continue even at rest or while you sleep? Over the counter pain killers can bring down pain and any inflammation. Do update on the doctor visit and advice. Hope you get better soon. Take care.
510679 tn?1265668267 I am 5 months out of having arthroscopic knee surgery for fixing a torn meniscus, while OS was in there he did a lateral release, said my kneecap was offtrack, and removed some bone fragments, cleaned arthritis from around the knee area. I am still having chronic pain and swelling, and cant do alot af activities like bending, squatting, climbing stairs or going down them. Walking is ook for a little while then pain.
Avatar f tn For the past 6 weeks I have been experiencing pain in the back of my knee and down my calf muscle in my right leg. If i rest either with my feet up or down, when I go to stand my leg from my knee to my foot is very stiff and sore. I am unable to kneel as it feels like a massive burst of pain behind the knee into my calf muscle as if i have severly sprained it. When standing, if i transfer any weight onto my right leg, i get pain from the back of the knee right down my calf.
Avatar f tn Yesterday, we noticed the back of the leg at the knee... about 2 in. above the bend, and in the bend, and about 1/3 way down the calf is bruised & is slightly swelled. How should this be treated? Will appreciate any advice on this.
Avatar m tn Now its the constant nagging pain, and stiffness that bother me. Especially when kneeling,squatting, and going up and down inclines and declines. I used to jog regularly. Now its just walking on a treadmill. Am I destined to remain this way until the day comes that my knee needs to be replaced? I`ve had cortisone shots with little relief. And I take glucosomine pills now too. Is there anything else surgically or otherwise that might help?
Avatar m tn I was doing quite well until I had a heavy practice and the following day I woke up with a little stiffness and aching in the posterolateral section of my knee with full extension and full squat. The pain was mostly during deep squatting at the very bottom (please don't argue with me about deep squatting because I will prove you wrong with numerous research/peer-reviewed articles).
Avatar f tn I noticed it happens when I shift more weight to the right leg- mostly when walking up and down stairs or when squatting and then standing up. It does not hurt when: I stand (even for a long time) or walk. It only hurts when bent and the pain gets worse if I am sitting with my legs bent for a long time. I can also hear/feel a quiet click sound when bending the knee. There has been no swelling, redness, heat and other signs of inflammation.
655727 tn?1283296048 It does not restore the same level of function that the person had before the damage to the knee joint began. The knee will not bend as far as it did before you developed knee problems, but the surgery will allow you to stand and walk for longer periods without pain. After surgery, you may be allowed to resume activities such as golfing, riding a bike, swimming, walking for exercise, dancing etc.
Avatar m tn I play ice hockey, and over the last 5 years I have had recurring knee issues with my right knee. My right knee clicks and pops a lot when I walk. Now, tha doesn't generally cause pain, but any time this problem does occur, it is accompanied by related issues with it. For example, if I try to get on my knees (happens a lot in hockey) I have a lot of trouble and pain getting up off my right knee. I feel like the shin moves inward.
Avatar m tn About 5 weeks ago I was trying to do rapid-squats without any warm up (yes, stupid, I know), and got this really sharp pain in my right knee, kind of under the kneecap - in the muscle area of my right leg I've been trying to not run at all to aggravate it, and trying to keep it straight, but I'm still taking walks on it. The pain has gotten a lot better, and it's only painful when I squat, kneel or bend my legs (the least painful).
Avatar m tn And for the record it seems my knee-area problem has 95% gone away. I am no longer aware of any stiffness and only notice a very slight twinge when squatting down. Yay, the body is a wonderful thing, but it didn't half take its time to heal.
Avatar n tn I have been having pain/weakness in my legs for almost a year now. It is worse when I walk up and down stairs as well as squat or sit on the floor. I also have numbness and tingling that comes and goes. I went to a neuroligist that couldnt find anything. I have had an xray of my back stated slight cuvature of spine. and mri stated few tiny areas of increased signal in white matter. Just wondering if anyone knows what this is or has similar symptoms. I dont think it is anything serious.
245285 tn?1220498346 I would suggest you to apply ice packs on your knee joint 4-5 times a day till the pain and inflammation decreases. Take NSAIDs, rest and avoid weight bearing for couple of days. If your symptoms continue then I would suggest you to go for scans (X-rays and if required MRIs) to diagnose any bone or soft tissue damage. Always wear proper shoes and walk and exercise on suitable surfaces and avoid concrete and hard surfaces. Take care!
Avatar m tn Running forward aggravates it, but running side-step does not (except when I plant hard on my right foot to begin side-stepping left). Squatting/standing from seated position can cause pain. Pain flairs sometimes just when I get out of bed. 43 yr - Male - played competitive level soccer for over 30 years. Recently tennis. No previous - serious knee injuries. Hoping to get insights from this community before paying to see an Ortho. Any sugestions?
Avatar f tn I've been having a pain just below my knee, the top of my tibia it's right before tendon starts. Anyway, this pain has been going on for about 2 weeks, I've noticed no skin discoloration. There's mild swelling and it hurts to bend my leg as well and squatting, jumping, stairs, etc.. I also have palpable pain, when tapping on the bone lightly, hurts and even hitting it against edge of my car accidently tonight with little force almost had me in tears..
Avatar f tn I was squatting when I delivered my son...kind of. I was on one knee and leaning over the foot of the bed. I started out pushing in the tub but had to get out. Then I was pushing standing up...ended up that the squat was better and he came right out. Delivering on your back is convenient for whoever is catching but it closes your pelvis some. It is better if you can get upright and gravity helps. It may seem strange because you so many labors with women on their back.
Avatar f tn Pain in the back of knee when walking up and down steps. Also buckling and giving in while walking at times. I am a competitive gymnasts. The pain is right where you bend your knee in the back What could this be?
Avatar f tn Diagnosis of my injury after twisting it when turning a sharp corner when running in house. Felt pull/tug 4 inches or so below middle of knee. Discomfort bending,walking,sitting, squatting, etc. What did I fo. No swelling. What treatments to help it heal. What's my prognosis?