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Avatar f tn When sitting down there is no pain, and I can move my leg around with no pain while sitting. My knee pops occasionally but nothing new. I'm in the military, and I don't want to go to the doctor unless I have to so I don't lose a deployment coming up. Any advice is appreciated.
Avatar m tn I have had knee pain in my left knee for about 3 years now. When i am sitting on a chair and i straighten my left leg the pain occurs, and there must be something wrong because my right knee is fine. I also get the pain when i am lying in bed. The pain is most apparent when i lift my left knee cap, you know how you can tense or whatever and your knee cap will move up.
Avatar n tn So this second injury only made matters worse. The burning, when the knee is bent, like when your sitting in a chair burns so bad my eyes starts to tear. I think you got the idea. Please tell me what the injury is and what is injured within the knee up towards thigh but Not that far up. Please advise.
Avatar m tn Soon after the implant I started having issues with buring pain between my testes and rectum, especially when sitting (it gets a little better standing or as I sleep). It was diagnosed as prostatits and antibiotics eventually provides relief for about a month. Then I had to take 2 long trips involving many hours in cars, planes and trains and the pain came back worse.
Avatar m tn I've been getting moderately stiff and achy knees when sitting the last few weeks especially when my knees are in the 90 degree position. Both knees are effected evenly; and this feeling sets in as little as ten minutes after sitting. Its almost the same type of feeling you get when you havn't moved for many many HOURS, and this feeling of needing to stretch to alleviate the rigarmotis. When i get up, walk around and stretch the feeling goes away; but once i sit it returns again.
Avatar f tn I am 35 weeks pregnant and I have had a lot of problems with my right knee. Yesterday when I was sitting and got up to knee suddenly unlocked and went out on me then I fell to my hands. Have anyone else experienced knee problems during pregnancy. I think it is because of my upper weight gain and my lower half can't hold it.
Avatar f tn A good thing to do for your knee is doing some simple exercises. When your sitting down, pull your legs up and flex your thigh muscles, this will help strengthen the muscles around your knee. And also doing some water exercices, with the warm weather, it is a safer alternative than low impact aerobics and you won't even notice your exercising! We here understand the pain of arthritis, I hoped this info helped some.
Avatar f tn the pain is at the right side of my right knee, its situated near the fibula, not indicating that my bone is the one hurting, the pain is distinctive as it only hurts in a manner or form of a thread, the pain doesn't take up all of the right part of my knee, its just a thread shape pain that seems to extend from the femur down to the fibula.
Avatar f tn Past 2 days i am having knee pain while sitting time only. I felt my knees getting very strife also.
Avatar n tn hello i am 16 and male in the past week my knee has been hurting when ever i put weight on it it hurts right under the knee cap and i cant stay sitting for too long or both knees start to hurt i have also realised that i can no longer touch my heels to my butt my quads feel very tight when i try please help this has been bothering me for a while now thanks
Avatar f tn s orders since my back surgery. I have no pain walking, no pain while sitting, no pain in the car, no pain laying down, The ONLY time this hits me is when I'm sitting down! It's weird. I have had to out weight on my arms by placing them on a table or arm chair before I can start sitting, The pain is still there, it's just tolerable enough to get my fanny on th seat!
1850203 tn?1325253608 the pain of the knee is at the side of the knee cap. sometimes it (the bump) will pop out -- whenever I get up from a chair. I pop it back in by sitting down again and raising the lower leg. this might be from an injury when I was 4 when thrown down from a stool and landing on knees several times. thank you.
Avatar n tn Hello Tttyner, welcome to the pain management Forum of Medhelp. I am sorry to hear about your knee pain. "Bad" knees runs heavy in my family. I know how painful they can be. I have been lucky enough to avoid them. There are so many different reasons that could be the cause of your knee pain. Arthritis, Ligament issues, Cartilage or Meniscus tears, Chondromalacia Patella (knee cap) Bursitis and the list goes on.
Avatar f tn appeared without being aware, pain outside of right knee ONLY when when forget and kneel down quickly. It feels like what I imaging gout to feel like - kneeling on glass - but without the swelling. Ice and heat don't help. Kneeling on a soft, spongy surface is fine if positioned carefully. Very sharp pain but leaves quickl, especially if rubbed. Been sitting with my knee bent at computer so slightly aware of it but normally not. Nothing in the threads to date sounds like the problem.
Avatar f tn i'm a dancer and I can't extend my knee anymore. I don't know what I did to mess it up. but even laying down i have to force myself to extend it. every time i get it extended it sends sharp pain from the lower part of my knee up to my hip bone. I'm only 20 so the thought of knee replacement scares me half to death. I can't start my career in dance until my knee is back to normal.. i've tried icing it, stretching it, biofreeze you name it i've probably tried it.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I was riding a horse and my foot got caught on a panel and the horse kept going. This happened 3 days ago. It's hard to walk. I have swelling and pain on the inner side of my knee. I can bend my knee approx 45°. When I'm sitting or laying down I can straighten my leg but when I'm standing I can't seem to straighten it. My knee cap feels awkward when I try to. When I stand up from sitting i get an excruciating pain and blood rush feeling through my knee.
Avatar m tn m sitting down, my knee will quickly start to feed stiff, and my first instinct is to move it. But when I do, it starts hurting. I don't have health insurance so I don't know if I'll be going to the doctor for a while, so I'm trying to find answers online. Any help, like what could possibly be causing it or how to ease the pain, would be much appreciated. Thanks!
18497060 tn?1465345701 When I get up from sitting down, I will get a sharp pain from the back of my knee and my leg starts to buckle. I feel a loud pop. Sometimes at night I will go to straighten my leg out and I have to straighten it out very slowly until my knee pops. I also have a crunching sound underneath my knee cap. Any insight or help would be great.
Avatar f tn Now, it still hurts to walk for a long time on it and sometimes while sitting I have an aching pain. The main area of the pain is on the inner part of my left knee. If anyone knows of what could be wrong or what could help, I would grately appreciate it.
Avatar n tn Seering pain shoots through my knee joint and down the sides of my knee. Have I dislocated my knee? Or is it something like a severe strain?
Avatar n tn I am in constant pain when I am sitting and go to stand I want to cry . Have had ex-rays but drs. say knee is fine. The lower part of my leg is a little red while the section right below the knee is white. Drs. say nothing is wrong , everything looks good, feel like I am crazy -they give me pain pills which don't really help. If anyone can help I would really be grateful. I am 71 and go to a fitness center a a hospital 3 days a week.
Avatar n tn What would cause a pain that runs down outside of leg from a little below the hip to below the knee? It happens more often when sitting or laying down, if I do not keep the leg straight. It even wakes me up from sleep if I bend the leg. I would describe it has very uncomfortable, frustrating and it just plain hurts. My doctor took x=rays of knee which were normal and gave me shot in knee which didn't help.
Avatar m tn I have been experiencing joint pain, muscle pain, cramping, swelling and stiffness in my left leg for over a month - in my knee, behind my knee and in my calf. It is worse at end of day. It often feels as if my leg won't support me when I stand from a sitting position. I do not recall injuring my leg. I have tried heat & ice packs and massage - all of which offer some temporary relief.