Knee pain when hiking downhill

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Avatar m tn Sometimes when I walk down steps or when hiking and change from downhill to flat or flat to uphill, during the first few steps I sometimes feel in my left knee something like it is being hyper extended. It doesn't hurt and there is no swelling or inflammation. It's just real annoying - and something I very much want to avoid. Sort of like how you hate to hit the funny bone in your elbow or accidentally crack your knuckles.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have left outer knee pain when I try to pistol at about 45 degree squat and push weight and stretch knee outer side by crossing right knee. Pain is worsening when walking downhill. Its about three years. What the injury should be?
Avatar n tn m on no precription drugs and spent most of my day hiking in the hills with my dog. However when I lay down on my side to go to sleep at night and lay my right leg on my left leg the pain starts. I simply can not let anything tough my left knee area. This only occurrs when I lay on my side (left or right) . My only option is to lay on my back and as I'm a "side sleeper" I toss all night and get up in the morning exhaused.
Avatar m tn If the pain comes on bending the knee as in walking step or running downhill or down a flight of stairs, then it could be due to Patellofemoral syndrome or runners knee. This happens due to mal-alignment of the knee cap on bending the knee (and hence any imaging study has to be taken with the knee bent), injury to the knee (you may have sustained it in past), flat feet, over tight or over lax muscles around the knee joint. All these aspects will have to be investigated by your doctor.
Avatar m tn Most of the time when I am walking around it feels like normal, however there are times that I feel excruiating pain in and around the knee. I have noticed most times it occurs is when i am bending deep with my knee I.e. getting into my car, going down stairs fast, bending down to pick something off the ground. However it does not always happen when I am doing these activities. When the pain starts the only way I have seen to relief the pain is to straighten out my leg.
Avatar f tn I went hiking over the weekend, after about 2km I started feeling out of breath and was perspiring a lot, I sat down for a while and my hands started shaking. I ate a energy snack and drank some water I felt much better and the shaking also subsided. After another 2km my legs started shaking and I felt strange and very funny. I sad again taking deep breaths, some of the group members convinced me to rather go back to camp. They went back with me because they didn't want to leave me alone.
Avatar f tn When sitting, sometimes my knee area aches and I have to extend it and put it up on a chair. But it is much better when sitting down. I have no pain from the hip down to the knee. It is the knee and the anterior part of my lower leg. Also I feel tingling in the heel of my foot. I do not have cold or blue toes...either... When I had my herniated disc L5/S1, the pain was sciatic and went down the whole BACK side of my leg.
Avatar f tn My job as a waitress before being furloughed for the time being was hell and I would often be limping by the end of the shift. The GP fiddled around with my knee caps asking when I felt pain, and ending up just telling me to get physiotherapy. Which had not helped at all, and only puts pressure on my knees that causes them to hurt more. I have to use deep heat daily to numb the pain, especially in the morning.
Avatar f tn All I want to know is if my knees are healthy then why do my knees constantly hurt (I mean 24/7). I had an MRI done a few weeks ago when my knee pain got out of control but that also came out "normal." The only thing doctors (3) were able to identify was that I screamed with pain when they pressed the interior side of my knees (the part where they touch when I stand with my legs together, sorry I don't know the medical term for that particular part).
Avatar m tn - April 29 or so developed knee pain on my right knee. It was painful enough that I had a hard time going up and down the stairs. I went hiking on April 24th. I wasn't sure if this related since the time span between the hike and the pain is a bit too long which is 5 days. The pain kept switching between my right and left knee for about 2 weeks but NEVER experienced the pain on both knees at once.
Avatar n tn Numbness of my left arm, twitching in neck, muscular twitches in lower legs, throbbing knee pain with a pulling in my left hip., changes in vision, numbness in head and face and one occasion of numbness in my tongue, persistant diarrhea for more than three days at a time at least twice a month. My stomach also feels very hard and I am very tender in my uterine and ovarian areas. And, oddly, sex is still painful even after 4 months.
999692 tn?1250637950 I injured my knee when I was eighteen in a bicycle crash. I am now 28 and know I'd need surgery to fix it. I need a knee brace and to do strengthening exercises so I can still hike, bike, and run. Any suggestions on braces that can withstand such abuse?
Avatar n tn i had the same surgery as melhal and im a 42 yr old female, however, i cannot bend my knee when i walk or go down the stairs because something on the side of my knee pops and it hurts so much and i limp and still have swelling in front and back of my knee.
Avatar n tn Since the injury, which occurred while hiking and hopping off a rock, my heel has been numb and tingling and I have a very sore spot on the ball of my foot. The foot is very still in the morning and the numbness and tender spot is constant. I shared this with my orthopoedic surgeon several times and he kept saying it would go away. It is not improving and my foot is more stiff and sore in the morning than it has been. What do I do next?
Avatar n tn Over the past year I have gotten recurring pain in my left shoulder, a swollen left wrist ( a couple times), groin pain, and most recently a swollen left ankle, and a swollen left knee. With all of these the pain subsides over a couple days and I feel normal for a couple weeks. Right now the left knee is still a bit swollen but does not hurt anymore, my left shoulder pain has come back, and my middle and ring fingers in my left hand have pain where they meet the hand.
Avatar f tn I didnt start hiking ...
Avatar f tn She has never exercises but I am always exerciaing when I am not so fatigued.. Note I do feel better after going hiking yesterday but it sure was a struggle getting started. Thanks for your reply!
Avatar f tn she has been in head down position for 3 months now . I have been having contractions for a month and my mucus plug came out a week ago . You think she's ready ?
Avatar m tn oops I have been struggling with what has been diagnosed as IT band syndrome. I've had pain on the outside of my left knee for over a year. I am an amateur cyclist. I have been doing physio (glute strengthening and stretches), ART, gunn IMS, acupuncture, 3 rounds of oral and topic anti-inflammatory (2 months of diclofenac 10%), i've had a cortisone shot over 3 weeks ago, and there has never been anything that has ever helped.
1664773 tn?1321483545 I think it is stress related what you are going through, but how I explained it to my doctor was that I could handle pain in the leg, arm etc. having pain in the head day in and day out consumes us. She totally agreed. saying she had a headache for a couple of day's so don't know how I deal with it every day. It is flustraing, but I still have Selma's reasurring word's in my heart that 2 yr post op thing's do get better. So just listen to your body.
Avatar n tn Believe it or not, my van ran over my leg 3.5 weeks ago. Long story short: I thought I had it in park, but it was in reverse. I got out and it started rolling away backward downhill & I tried to chase it down the driveway. I never made it inside & fell, getting my left left run over by the front tire. Ouch, to say the least! Miraculously there were no broken bones, but of course LOTS of contusions, swelling and pain.
296076 tn?1371334474 totally bit it.. didn´t even know it was there.. but I don´t feel any pain in my belly so I should be ok right?