Knee pain when bowling

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Avatar m tn 1 Inches when Arch, and 4 Inches When ankles relax and fall in. I am currently doing physiotherapy. Building inner muscles of leg, and surrounding. Squats. Will this effect hard hitting sports such as fast bowling in cricket. Which your back foot endures 4 Times body weight and Front (Weaker) Left foot 9 times? Will Athirits Arrive fast or is the degree of Knock knee small.
Avatar f tn It's probably not from the bowling. You're 37 weeks along. Your body might be gearing up for labor.
Avatar n tn If the cause of the pain in the arm is believed to be a pinched nerve in the neck, bowling or arm movement would not make a difference to the primary pain; while if the pain is due to causes localized in the arm, movement could aggravate the pain. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar n tn Certain sports will make the pain worse because of neck positioning. Bowling require neck extension and will typically aggravate this pain. Other sports such as swimming, cycling, and volleyball have components of extension inherent, which will also cause momentary shoulder and arm pain. The follow through in the golf swing and the serve in tennis require momentary neck extension that can cause a “jolt” of pain during the maneuver. I hope this information will help you.
1123420 tn?1350561158 i have a history of pre-term labor and except when I was on bedrest my doctor said bowling was fine that it would not effect my premature labor (and i had a high risk doctor) also babies are successfully delivered and have survived as young as 22 weeks (not that i am saying anyone would want to have a baby that early, or to make things worse on their baby).
Avatar f tn One thing I forgot to mention is that my husband also has decided to give up the bowling due to his hip replacement and it is causing him major pain when he throws the ball. So I said to him, "Why do you have to copy me?"..We had a laugh inspite of the realization. I told him misery loves company, so I was secretly glad that he couldn't bowl...does that make me a bad person??? lol I hope things are going ok for everyone today.
Avatar f tn I noticed at the store i got a lot of pelvic and lower abdominal pressure and felt like i had a bowling ball between my legs. Now im having pain behind my pubic bone everytime she moves.
Avatar f tn 36weeks pregnant and I went bowling last night. Now it hurts down there. Basically any kind of movement I do, hurts it. Anything that would help calm it down?
Avatar f tn I rarely go bowling, but I went one time when I was about 15 weeks and started having really bad back pain from my sciatic nerve after one round. It took a couple days for me to feel better. Hopefully it's not a problem for you!
676912 tn?1332812551 I was thinking of something for DH, Elijah, and I to do this weekend besides the normal go to the park. I wanted to find something we could ALL do and have fun, instead of me sitting to the side watching since I can't really run around with Elijah. I thought about going bowling this weekend. I'm 32 weeks pregnant today. Would it hurt anything if I did? I mean, obviously I'd use a MUCH lighter ball, and I wouldn't just do my normal "throw".
Avatar n tn I'm 20 weeks and I go bowling almost every week with the bf and son .. we have a blast!
Avatar f tn I went bowling all through my first pregnancy. In fact my water broke at the bowling alley lol when i was 37 and 6 with my son lol. Just dont slip and use a light ball.
Avatar f tn Well not a 10-lb bowling ball... more like a 4-lb bowling ball. ;-) It's just baby putting pressure there.
8975030 tn?1402144712 I was was 26weeks with this baby when i went bowling for my hubbys bday. I used the least ball (6 lbs). I bowled till i felt tired or pain which was about hr into game.
Avatar f tn Ok I'm VERY familiar with ligament pain and this is not lower abdomin is sore..mainly when I stand feels like someone used it as a punching bag! Is it normal?
Avatar f tn When I got up this morning I almost fell when I put weight on my left leg. The pain in my left knee was horrible. I tried working through it thinking it was just stiff from sleeping, but it has not improved. It doesn't hurt unless I put weight on it, and then it's an excruciating sharp pain on the right side of the knee only. I have never had anything like this before, even before it was replaced. Any suggestions as to what it may be?
Avatar f tn The pain is 10/10 and I can only unlocking it by hanging my knee over my other leg while lying on my stomach relieving pressure on the outside of the knee. This all started beginning when I injured my knee sliding on wet grass my cleat got stuck and twisted my ankle. At first the locking would occur multiple times a week and was extreme. Mri’s including a contrast were clean. I no longer deal with the problem except for the fact I cannot preform the exact slide that injured it.
Avatar m tn Last night, I came home after a night of bowling and masturbated before going to sleep. I realized immediately there there was some pain in the tip of my penis, near where the shaft meets the head. I woke up this morning and the spot was still rather tender. I looked carefully and the skin is slightly raised but there are no other problems besides that. The tenderness has persisted throughout today so I am growing slightly concerned. Is this anything to be alarmed about?
7494125 tn?1392745276 Lol sorry the title is long but, I'm planning on a bowling date when my bf comes. Right now he lives in cali and I live in GA but when he comes I am going to be 37+2 and I want to know if it's safe to go bowling By then?