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Avatar n tn This summer I got my blood tested and during that time I spent hours in the sun daily. I started getting knee pain that I never had before and was told i have arthritis and cycts in the back of my knee.... now it is december and my doctor looked up my file and told me that my vitamin d is dangerously low and it is serious because I am high risk for multiple sclerosis among other things. I eat a lot of tuna, salmon eggs milk, i don't know how it could be so low?
Avatar f tn 15 bt I m observing in my body that I got back pain, knee pain very frequently after baby I feel panic after a little household work..why is it dis common or I have calcium or any other deficiency..
Avatar n tn After I came off the weekly dose I went onto a maintenance dose of 800iu per day (I had only felt a slighty relief in my knee pain and back pain after coming off the weekly dose) however 2 months later I'm starting to experience my back pain and knee pain again. My doctor won't give me another blood test as he believes the 110nmol results I got back in August will still stand today.
Avatar m tn I woke up last night to unbelivable pain in my knee. My leg was bent in a natural position and I woke up not being able to straighten it. It was actually the pain that woke me but I wasn't able to straighten my leg, it felt as if it was locked in place. It eventually subsided and I was able to straighten my leg, and have had a dull ache in it all day.
Avatar f tn Excerpt from Know the Importance of Taking Enough Magnesium with Your Vitamin D... "Vitamin D, just like all other nutrients, works in harmony with several other nutrients to perform its many functions. Most importantly, vitamin D requires and 'uses up' magnesium to convert from supplements or sun into its active form in the blood. As such, it is a big mistake to simply take large doses of Vitamin D without taking the need for magnesium into consideration.
5795382 tn?1374423506 one knee was constantly swollen with fluid and the other knee in extreme pain. Both of my shoulders could barely move without pain and my ankles began to swell as well. So like I said, I was finally given the vitamin d deficiency diagnosis. This was figured out about 7 weeks ago and my doctor prescribed me 25,000vitamin D2 weekly.
1378884 tn?1315505845 When first diagnosed I could not walk up a flight of stairs due to the intense general knee pain. Now it comes back intermittently for a day or two then it subsides but does not fully go away. I have also felt like I cannot stretch my tendons in my legs enough even after warming them up and stretching for 30 min. I am 55 and have done many bad things to my knees over the years but nothing like this has happened before.
Avatar f tn I do workout but I also would get large painful soars in the corner of my lips when I was about eight. Needless to say they thought I had a vitamin deficiency but never tested me for it. I still get the soars randomly usually when I get my period and my doctor suspects that I have anemia during the time of my period but otherwise my blood tests came back fine when I went to the doctor last winter. I am healthy and do eat fruits, vegetables, and a good source of protein and fats.
1541233 tn?1308207002 Poor bone structure and constant bone pain is one of the important vitamin D3 deficiency symptoms in women. The other deficiency symptoms of vitamin D in women include neurological problems and back pain. Brittle bones is also the result of low levels of vitamin D.
Avatar m tn I had feet pain which moved upwards and more nerve tickling and stress in nerves. Muscle pain, knee pain, nerve pain and tickling. Weakness and fatigue. I got my blood tested, vitamin D was 4.1 ng/ml (correct levels 30 - 60), vitamin B12 was 183 ng/L (197 - 771). Everything else was found in good range. Hemoglobine 15.7, Hematocriet 46.7, Red bloodcell 5.25, MCV 89, MCH 29.9, MCHC 33.6, White bloodcell 7710, Blood platlets 333000, settling speed 8.
Avatar f tn t have sciata because the pain is not down the back of legs, or only lower back. It is knee pain in both knees. The tingling at night thru my whole body is like you have to move your arms or legs. I have to get up and walk & move. I have had X-ray on back, both knees & MRIs on both knees. All came out fine. I did have ACL surgery on right knee a year & half ago and they said there was scaring but no arthritis or other damage.
Avatar f tn Your primary doctor can prescribe treatment for anemia and vitamin D deficiency. This will help reduce pain to some extent. However, you will need further tests to look into cause of anemia, and to diagnose lupus. Also, some physical therapy should be started to reduce pain due to arthritis. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar n tn I have been having knee pain and pelvic and hip pain for about 2 months now, but yesterday I started having this weird heat sensation in my lower left back. I was sitting in a chair and had to turn around and make sure I was not leaning against a heating pad. It only last a few seconds but I have never experienced anything like this before. I just went to the doctor on Tuesday of this week but at the time I wasn't having this heat sensation.
Avatar f tn I am now being sent for bone scans of hip, groin, spine and knee. I still have the left knee pain which the orphapedic said may need an operation see what the bone scans show up. I am so worried about cancer i dont know why but i am so scared that this pain in my knee is something bad like a tumor. I have no swelling and it is tender to touch the bones on my knee. The pain is over the outside of my knee cap not the bottom its more at the top and sides. Please please someone help.
Avatar n tn Hi , I suffering from bone,joint and muscle mail sicnce last 4-5 months. some time pain is very severe its difficult for me to move the shoulder and knee. 3 months back I had swelling in my foot fingers for 1.5 month approximately . since last three months I have swelling in my hand fingers. . My pain is moving some times I have pain in wrist. some times shoulder sometimes knee sometimes in mucsles. Due to swelling in finger i am not able to move my fingers.
Avatar f tn Vitamin B12 deficiency is almost always due to malabsorption issues. A common problem is not enough stomach acid (many conditions lower stomach acid from aging to hypothyroidism to taking acid blockers like nexium). Excerpt from B12 awareness: "What are the Causes of B12 Deficiency?
Avatar n tn I will also suggest Lyme Disease as it can cause knee pain, itchiness, and even B12 deficiency.
1374496 tn?1278648582 I am having back pains,knee pain and what is driving me crazy is since the fall I have been having episodes of my hand feeling like it fell asleep (the tingling sensation)but it happens when in use also it goes numb...this didnt happen until I got injured at work.Does anyone know what it could possibly be?it obviously has something to do with the fall since I have never had any prior problems.Thanks for any suggestiong on what it might be or what could have caused it.
Avatar f tn However, since it is severe or persistent, it may indicate nerve damage or nerve entrapment, peripheral neuropathy, hypothyroidism, carpel tunnel syndrome, side effect of medications, vitamin B12 deficiency, deficiency of essential elements or certain disorders of the central nervous system. Signs and symptoms of peripheral neuropathy may include pain, numbness and tingling in the area affected by the nerve damage. It may also cause muscle weakness or loss of muscle control.
Avatar f tn I have pain on the inner side of my left knee (as well as pain in my right knee that is supposedly because of a cyst but it's a different pain than in my left knee). The pain I get feels like it's in the bone.. I'll get sudden - completely random - pangs of sharp pain in my knee and then my knee gives out and I can't walk on it. Any pressure at all kills it.
Avatar f tn OCD, anxiety, suicidal thoughts are symptoms of serotonin deficiency. Pain can also be a symptom of serotonin deficiency. I personally had severe serotonin deficiency due to severe vitamin B12 deficiency. I posted a lot of info about serotonin on another answer... I had cracking joints as one of my numerous magnesium deficiency symptoms. My knee cracked so loudly every time I walked!
Avatar m tn My doctor is on vacation and the other doctor in her practice does not believe that Vitamin D Deficiencies cause pain (yes, that is exactly what I was told). The hematologist referred me back to my regular doctor for the pain as he was brought in for a different issue. What do I do?
Avatar f tn Hypothyroidism can cause neuropathy, but so can several other conditions that often go along with hypothyroidism. One of the most common is Vitamin B-12 deficiency, if it's left untreated long enough. Are you on thyroid hormone medication? If so, which one(s), what dosage and how long have you been on it?
Avatar n tn It must be continually replenished or symptoms of deficiency can manifest. It is estimated that vitamin B12 deficiency affects 10 percent to 15 percent of individuals over the age of 60. Remember, if you take an acid-blocking medication, you are guaranteed to have low vitamin B12. In fact, it's rare that someone on an antacid medication does not have a severe vitamin B12 deficiency. There are many reasons why you can be low in vitamin B12 and feeling the many effects of the lack of it.
Avatar f tn Magnesium is also the most important co factor for vitamin D absorption. Vitamin D deficiency is one cause of chronic pain. Magnesium deficiency symptoms include chronic pain, anxiety, nausea and blurred vision.
Avatar f tn t get how it could be low because I drink more than enough milk (according to the Canadian food guide) and I also take a multivitamin which has 400 IU of vitamin D in it. I have had muscle pain for 3 years now and my doctor thinks it is just vitamin D deficiency. Please! I need help! I have run out of leads!