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Avatar f tn I need advice on what to do about the pain in my knee. I got into a small accident while biking last weekend. While biking along the main stretch of town, I collided with the side of a pick-up truck backing out between two buildings. He couldn't see me and I didn't see him until it was too late. Neither one of us was going very fast and there wasn't even any damage to my clothes from where I hit the pavement, so I figured the bumps and bruises were going to be the end of it.
Avatar f tn It only hurts when in motion...walking or using stairs, or anytime I have my weight on it. I have to limp because the pain hurts so much. Some days are worse than others; some times there is very little pain. When sitting down there is no pain, and I can move my leg around with no pain while sitting. My knee pops occasionally but nothing new. I'm in the military, and I don't want to go to the doctor unless I have to so I don't lose a deployment coming up. Any advice is appreciated.
Avatar f tn Hello first of thanks for the help this site rocks :) So i have been having some really bad knee pain for about 3 years i just had a baby and it hurts so bad when I'm carrying him up and down our stairs. he is only 4 months old, but it fills like my legs are going to buckle from underneath me. they usually always hurt but more when I'm walking up and down the stairs. at night i drench my knees in icy hot.
Avatar f tn I had gastric bypass surgery & now that ive lost 82 lbs, im having more knee pain than before the surgery. I would occasionally have knee pain when I was extremely overweight whenever going up & down stairs. Now that I ve lost the weight, my knees hurt more often & I have to be careful when stepping up or down stairs, or bending over to pick something up off the floor. Is this because im not working out at all?
Avatar n tn Most pain is across the top of the knee cap and along the interior side of my knee. The pain is present while walking, climbing stairs and when I first stand after sitting for a long period of time. Additionally, if I stand for too long, my knee is extremely sore and stiff. The worst pain is that which wakes my in the middle of the night at least 1-2 times per week.
Avatar m tn Is the pain under your knee cap or tendon? From what you are saying it sounds like your saying under your knee cap. You could have patellofemoral syndrome; very common for cyclists (read your bio). Try this website.
Avatar n tn I started on a calcium supplement and a multivitamin+minerals supplement and the pain has eased off. I also started using the stairs to climb up to my office and residence, 3rd and 4th floors resp. instead of the elevator and half an hour of walking everyday. I also continued with my gym exercise routine with no changes. It seems to have helped.
Avatar f tn About 3 weeks or so ago I got up outta my chair to go upstairs and thought i was just sitting wrong because it hurt a little going up the stairs, but coming down the stairs it felt like the inside of my knee was just on fire and immediately swollen. i ended up dropping everything and almost falling down the stairs, being a mother with very limited transportation i just loaded up on tylenol and rode it out hoping i just pulled something...
Avatar f tn He is concerned when he takes his braces off of a swelling/bump on the lower outside part of his knee cap. Coming down the stairs Saturday his knee gave way and he fell the last couple of steps down the stairs, this is worrying him. If I understand you correctly my husband knee could have arthritis in it and his x-ray and MRI would not show anything. Then how can they diagnose this condition? What questions should we ask the doctor? I look forward to your answers.
Avatar f tn i can not walk arond a store without the foot and ankle and knee swelling so bad. cant do stairs, bend knee, get on the knee, or evan keep it srait for long periods of time. i want to know if this is normal? i seen my ortho surgeon who did the surgery on april 30 2009 and he now says he does not know whats wrong. i asked for a second opion and he said i could not have one. what should i do? and how do i get this fix so im not disabled all my life for im only 29 right now.......
Avatar n tn Really can't stick this pain much longer !! Having really bad pain in both knees can't walk up stairs or down hurts to bed or even sit someone help !!
722310 tn?1234762137 My husband has been suffering from severe knee pain after playing gym volleyball. This pain has peristed for more than 3 months now. Our biggest problem is, we do not have health insurance and we are living on his unemployment and my job, which isn't nearly enough for our large family of 7. We know he needs to be checked out, however we are concerned that it will become a pre-existing condiditon, when he is able to get insurance.
Avatar n tn It seems to run along the edge of the knee cap. At first the pain was only when I walked up and down stairs and had to put all my weight on one knee but now I can hardly extend my knee without getting sharp pains on the inside of the knee. Also, not sure if this is relevant, but there is a painless bruise on the middle of my knee right below my knee cap and I have no idea where it came from. Any ideas?
5595038 tn?1623823848 I'm 22 and I've been experiencing a lot of pain consistently in my left knee for nearly a year now. I've been to my doctor and she told me that it was only a misalignment and after the appointment told me "I hope the knee thing sorts itself out." I've tried everything from icing it to heating it, elevating it, using a knee brace, even tried those patches that say they are supposed to take the pain away.
Avatar m tn Most of the time when I am walking around it feels like normal, however there are times that I feel excruiating pain in and around the knee. I have noticed most times it occurs is when i am bending deep with my knee I.e. getting into my car, going down stairs fast, bending down to pick something off the ground. However it does not always happen when I am doing these activities. When the pain starts the only way I have seen to relief the pain is to straighten out my leg.
Avatar n tn t really go up stairs that easily, as my knee starts to stiffen. I also am feeling a deep itching just above my knee on the front left exterior. The back of my knee feels really tender and is constantly at around a 5 on the pain scale. I'm trying to avoid bugging my doctor over nothing, since I'm a worrier, but my knee's hurting more and more sharply. Has anyone experienced this, or do they know if these symptoms are in line with the MRI diagnosis?
Avatar f tn Hi there, I had a TKR in September and although its still relatively early days, I am still in pain, and cannot get up the stairs using the operated knee, its worrying as my other knee is going to have a TKR in January and Im worried I am never going to get any strength back in my muscles, I had been in such pain before the op and not able to walk properly and its just amazing how quickly you lose your muscle strength.
Avatar m tn The other leg is perfectly fine in those positions, suffering from neither the stiffness nor the pain in those positions. There is never any swelling in the problem knee. I have some crepitis in both knees but have had this for 10 years with no pain (basically some crackling noise when going up stairs).
Avatar m tn Problem and pain in sitting - standing, up stairs - down stairs and walking .
Avatar f tn I have been told by my GP just to rest for a wk or two until the swelling goes down but it is still there as is the pain on the stairs. I have pain in the shoulder and lower back. I am trying to exercise as much as the pain allows but my walking is greatly affected at the moment. I hate being like this, both my mam and grandmother had osteo and rhumatoidarthritis. Any advice would be received with thanks, I hope you are well and have found a way to manage the condition.
Avatar m tn I'm 32 and I've never had any sort of leg, knee, or joint problem. Lately I've noticed that when I plant my left foot and pivot on it to turn my body to the right, my left knee makes a popping sound. In the last few days I've noticed that I can feel something move in the same knee when I walk down stairs. It feels like it's located to the left (outside) of the center of the knee. The right knee doesn't have any issues.
Avatar f tn But there is defintely no pain. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn Lateral knee pain and after walking awhile the back of knee hurts. Pain worst when bend knee or go up and down stairs. Pain always there just worst when bend it. Pain has woke me up at night if sleep with knee bent. Xray snd MRI normal so orthopedic said PT and if pain continues come back in a month. PT has me in tears. Should I get second opinion could MRI been read wrong. Help me i feel crazy and feel that the pain is in my head.
Avatar m tn About two weeks ago I was coming down the stairs and my knee locked up and I got this terrible biurning pain right where my knee joint and knee cap meet on the right side. I was in agony and could hardly put any weight on my right leg because it felt like it would give out. Then after a half hour or so the pain went away and I was back to normal. It happens every once in awhiile mostly while I am coming down stairs. What could this be and what could be causing it?
Avatar n tn my doc wants me to move the knee..i am able to get to 40 degrees but not feels so tight along with it arthrifibrosis or muscle spasm...what is the solution for this...can physical therapy alone solve the using a knee brace... unlocked... I did 60 deg today...I am supposed to be NWb for 3 months...can any one explain why i feel this tightining and pain when i get to 50-60 deg and i cant go anymore???