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Avatar m tn However, I have terrible joints but especially knee pain. My right knee gives me more trouble than the left. IThe pain that I am experiencing is strange to me in that it is not always there. Currently, it is full force, but not all the time, only in certain situations. For example, if I am just standing straight up, there is no pain. My right knee feels a bit funny, but nothing in the form of pain.
Avatar f tn I need advice on what to do about the pain in my knee. I got into a small accident while biking last weekend. While biking along the main stretch of town, I collided with the side of a pick-up truck backing out between two buildings. He couldn't see me and I didn't see him until it was too late. Neither one of us was going very fast and there wasn't even any damage to my clothes from where I hit the pavement, so I figured the bumps and bruises were going to be the end of it.
Avatar n tn While playing racket ball the sole of my shoe stuck to the floor causing my ankle and knee to slide outward. I felt my knee buckle. I am not experiencing any pain unless I twist my knee. There is a small bulge on the outside of my knee cap. No popping noising when I bend my knee, it is hard to totally bend due to tightness from the swelling. I can put weight on it, but having to be really careful walking due to any twisting motion causing pain.
Avatar f tn Pains on inside of knee and under knee cap front, a slightly diff pain behind the knee and random sharp shooting pains on top of knee. Any suggestions as to what could be wrong? I can wiggle toes but not lift heel at all. Sorry for essay and thank you.
Avatar m tn Felt pain in right knee when pulling sofa forward about 4months ago. At the time I had no swelling , no continuous pain or knee wasn't buckling. However, when I've tried running I can't totally put weight on right knee. When I'm lying on my back, and bend my leg there's no pain. When I starighten my leg I can feel pain.ive tried holding my leg halfway and the pain is there around my right knee.ive not been to doctors because I have no "major symptoms".
Avatar n tn Thanks for input. I guess it could have been that. I've had instances where I didn't know where my left arm was. This body twist senstation felt so weird that I stopped in my tracks. All I thought was "I don't need another thing making walking difficult" Hope it doesn't happen again. Jensequitur, thanks for the explanation on the muscles around the ankle and foot drop. I guess I have more of a foot drag like you explained for yourself.
Avatar f tn I kept having pain towards the inner part of my knee (where both knees rub onto each other). My case was reopened again, my employee requested that I get an MRI better & until further notice not work so that I wouldnt get more injured. I stopped working on June 17, 08. Waited a while for Worker's comp to contact me & get an MRI approved. After MRI was done, turns out all along I had a meniscus tear on my R knee, inner part (where I was complaining all along that it hurt).
Avatar f tn t think much of it, but now Saturday, I cannot straighten or completely bend my knee and I have nonstop pain all around my knee. I really need to know what is wrong as I am a Lifeguard and this is severely affecting work Also, my parents will not take me to the doctor as of yet. Thanks.
Avatar f tn HOWEVER over the past few weeks I am having so much pain. My knee will twist and the pain is mainly directly right below my knee cap then will radiate throughout my knee and ache for a while. The pain I get when it twists is almost a stretched stabbing type pain if that makes sense. It feels almost unstable. I have swelling that comes and goes. I still have discoloring almost like a bruising that comes and goes. Most nights the pain will keep me awake.
Avatar m tn Almost a year and a half ago my boyfriend started to experience chronic knee pain. In February of last year he had a knee surgery to remove a hematoma and clotted blood and dead tissue. Since that surgery his knee has only gotten worse. He has been to every specialist you can think of and has been on extremely high amounts of pain medication with no relief.
Avatar n tn If I will do yoga in the morning then whole day I will get shin pain and knee pain also,mostly below the knee and side of the knee cap.I have a swelling from last 1 year below my knee cap and above the tibia.It is not growing but as usual the with the same size.And the shin area ,mostly side of the tibia area is sore to touch,if by mistake i will bang that area the I will get severe pain .
Avatar f tn I have pain on the inner side of my left knee (as well as pain in my right knee that is supposedly because of a cyst but it's a different pain than in my left knee). The pain I get feels like it's in the bone.. I'll get sudden - completely random - pangs of sharp pain in my knee and then my knee gives out and I can't walk on it. Any pressure at all kills it.
Avatar f tn Hello, Every so often, if I slightly turn my body in one direction but my leg doesnt follow quick enough and even just slightly puts a twist on my knee, I get this stabbing right in the center of my knee cap if I try to put my weight on the leg. I have to keep it slightly bent and no pressure on it at all. If I have no pressure on it, the stabbing isnt there, just with pressure. And sore if I try to straighten the knee.
Avatar f tn t walk up or down stairs or hills without more pain. There is also pain when I inadvertently twist my knee (if I turn while walking) or if I try to get up from a sitting position by placing most of my weight on that leg. My confusion lies in the usual symptoms of meniscal injuries - I've had no swelling, my knee doesn't lock completely. Is this a meniscal tear? Could it be that an old injury is starting to cause this years later?
Avatar n tn i was caught up in the air and gt collided with an offender which i believe happened to twist my knee. i heard a crackling sound and i fell. i reached the hospital with an xray but it dint show any injuries. i was prescribed some drugs and i took them, but i still had troubles in bending the knee at the end,like we say attending the call of nature using the indian latrines. and this problem longed and i usually hear i crackling sound when the knee undergoes any stresses, it gives its way out.
Avatar f tn t understand what the person is saying, trembling, headaches, easy to get depressed, chest pain, neck pain, knee pain, foot and hand rashes) Thank you.
Avatar n tn Is there anything or any procedures I should be looking into? My pain is minimal but my left knee region swells sometimes just because it isn't lined up right. I can run and play but I have this terrible limp and my left leg bows, I am sick of the embarrassment. Am I just going to have to live like this forever? And also should I be concerned with the tumor ever becoming cancerous?
Avatar n tn There is no hip pain, only weakness in the leg (mostly knee) that will not allow her to support herself without crutches. There has been only slight lessening of the numbness since the surgery. Will this go away? We've not gotten very detailed answers from her doc.
Avatar n tn You may experience a loud, painful pop when the ligament is first injured, followed by swelling of the knee. The pain and swelling of an ACL injury can last for several weeks. Short-term treatment can relieve the pain and inflammation, but it takes months for an ACL injury to heal completely. Initial treatment for an ACL injury aims to reduce pain and swelling in the knee, regain normal joint movement and strengthen the muscles around the knee.
Avatar m tn my knee is not locked. I am able to walk but feel small popping in twist movement and pain start again for around 1 hour. what happen if I will not go to arthroscopic surgery. I am asking because after arthroscopy, early arthritis will come. my age is 34. I am scared.
Avatar f tn as well as being able to feel my femoral vein running down my inner thigh to my knee cap, which I’m not sure if it’s normal to be able to feel that vein on the skin or not. But I’ve been having inner thigh pain and calf pain when I walk. Is this a serious issue or just common with varicose veins? I’m thinking about seeing my PC doc.
Avatar m tn A week ago was running to retrieve something tripped and to prevent my fall stopped short and tore my right hamstring and dropped down with a tearing pain . I got up walking with a limp and developed a bruise behind my knee, had spasims throughout my hamstring, and pain in the upper area of my hamstring just below my butt when walking and sitting was extremely painful. There was no bruising in upper area of hamstring.
Avatar f tn I used to play a lot of soccer and have not in years, but I remember having knee and ankle pain quite often, enough so that I frequently wore knee braces and wrapped both ankles. I now play golf, and after playing one day I noticed some knee pain. There was no specific incident or sudden onset of pain - it just gradually appeared. I also started hearing more popping noises than usual, but now it hurt and I felt movement.
Avatar n tn Hey, this is kind of a small question, but I am really curious about it. Every now and then (maybe every other week), I will stand up and my right knee will feel like it is about to pop. It hurts pretty bad. It is the same tension/pressure feeling when you crack your knuckles, but without the resolve at the end. I'd say the pain is near the lower right part of my knee.
Avatar f tn It's very hard for me to describe, as I don't understand it. But here's the issue: I have at times, more than five in four years, have the inability to walk for 3-5 days. My legs will sort of tighten up suddenly (and lately a day before) and feel as those they are trying to involuntarily 'twist' inward. I am unable to crawl, stand straight, or take a single step.