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Avatar n tn I can walk and run on it fine, and have not experienced any swelling or other problems. I cannot feel any abnormalities on the outside. The pain is on top of the knee. Even pushing on a certain area it is is sensitive. What do you think?
Avatar f tn around the area of the top of the Fibula (below and to the right of the knee. I seem to now have a lump there that is not painful but is noticeable when I bend my knee.....any ideas whether this hard bump is something I should worry about or is it just a result of the concussion to the area. As I said it does not sem to hurt or inhibit my activity in any way.....
Avatar m tn I am experiencing random jolting electrifying knee pain on the top of my knee cap. There is no swelling, no redness. The pain comes most often when Im sleeping and it's so painful I scream. The blankets can't even touch it without excruciating pain. I will add like 20 years ago I tripped and landed on top of my knee cap and it hurt for a good month. I have not had any issues until now. I am on my feet all day, but no time to exercise.
10562950 tn?1411070041 but this is knee and my whole leg hurts from top to bottom.. Both legs.. i woke up in the middle of the night crying in pain. Anybody else experience this??
Avatar f tn My 95 mum is suffering terribly with knee arthritis and now neck pain which goes up the back of her head and today she says it hurts when she chews .She is on morphine patches and oramorph as a top up .Which doesn't seem to touch the pain.It hurts every time she moves her head and she is in agony when she walks with her arthritic knee that they can't operate on .can arthritis cause that much pain ?
655727 tn?1283296048 Keeping in view the restriction on bending the knees, you may not extremely bend the knee but may learn to discover a new position on the top but with less bending of affected knee. That will help.
Avatar n tn I have a pain in the back of my right knee. I can sit for about 5 or 10 min and when I get up I feel like I am going to fall. When I lay in bed it aches. Its just the back of my right knee and I can feel that it is swollen. Can anyone help me with this pain. I have tried icy hot cream and bengay hot towels.
Avatar f tn s a sharp shooting electric like pain on the outside of the left knee almost dead even with the top outside corner of my knee cap. If I touch the area and rub it no pain it's actually numb but if I run my finger lightly across the bottom of my knee cap the pain is hooting from there to the out side mention spot. And by lightly I mean just light enough to feel my skin with my finger. Please any info would help it affects my work and daily life. Thank you for your time and any ideas and info.
Avatar f tn a bakers cyst is a fluid filled sac in the back of the knee. inside your knee, providing padding on top of your tibia, there are two "pads" called menisci (medial and lateral) and by the report, it sounds like you have a tear to the lateral meniscus. a grade 3 tear is usually the worst. (grade 1, 2 and 3) truncated means 'short' so a short/small meniscus? (that would be my best guess:) i really dont know about the staying off the legs. and surgery...
Avatar m tn ve felt a constant burning (sometimes stabbing) pain which is mainly behind my knee cap, and at the top of the knee cap (where the thigh meets the knee), it also clicks and somedays feels very stiff. this pain fluctuates every day, and some days it will feel almost fine, some days i will be in agony, both of which sometimes stick around for months. excercise is STILL extremely difficult due to pain levels and my knee sometimes locking up.
Avatar n tn The pain is on the top left (inside) where the quad connects to the knee (when bent it feels like the top of the bone to the inside of the knee). It hurts to bend my knee after sitting for a long period of time and sometimes need to help it bend. To straighten out the knee doesn't hurt but when I tighten my quad, it is a little sore. There is some bruising on the inner part of the quad. I am hoping it is just a bad bruise and nothing serious. I will try to run later this week so...
Avatar m tn ve felt a constant burning (sometimes stabbing) pain which is mainly behind my knee cap, and at the top of the knee cap (where the thigh meets the knee), it also clicks and somedays feels very stiff. this pain fluctuates every day, and some days it will feel almost fine, some days i will be in agony, both of which sometimes stick around for months. excercise is STILL extremely difficult due to pain levels and my knee sometimes locking up.
Avatar m tn I still limp, although after the first 10 steps, once the leg moves a bit, I do better. Most of the pain is in the knee, the leg still swells at the actual fracture site, but the knee is the major pain area. How long should I expect this to continue? I was a very active person before this accident, walked a few miles a day, and now I feel like a slug! The pain has changed me, and I hate taking the narcotics...Please...any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I hurt my foot about 4 months ago. The pain originated on the top of my foot near the 3rd and 4 th metatarsals. I felt a piercing pain with each step, so I wrapped it and stayed off of it. Now it is healed (well at least no more pain) but the back right side of my knee is in a lot of pain...It hurts when a run or walk and RICEing it doesnt seem to help. Please help!!!!
Avatar m tn Hello, the last few months, ive had pain above my knee cap, if i press on the muscle or tendor that seems to attach to the top of the knee cap, it is quite sore right where it connects to the knee cap, and when walking its ok, but stairs it really is sore, sitting down and getting up, kneeling. Ive tried applying heat to it, then stretching, then applying ice going for walks, stretching, seems to give temporary releif.
Avatar n tn I am only 40 but when I get up from a chair, walk or go up the stairs, I get pains in the top of my legs quite abit above the knee but below the thigh in both legs. I do suffer with plantar fasciatas (fallen arches). It feels like my bones are rubbing together and causing me pain. I'm wondering what it could be, and how I can prevent or treat it. I am open to any suggestions. Hope you can help me.
Avatar n tn I do not feel any popping or grinding. Most pain is across the top of the knee cap and along the interior side of my knee. The pain is present while walking, climbing stairs and when I first stand after sitting for a long period of time. Additionally, if I stand for too long, my knee is extremely sore and stiff. The worst pain is that which wakes my in the middle of the night at least 1-2 times per week.
Avatar m tn Pain in the front portion of the knee can be caused by bursitis (inflammation of the lining of the joint, possible due to injury while playing), arthritis, or injury to the patella cartilage (front portion of the knee). Pain on either sides of the knee is usually related to meniscal tears, injuries to the collateral ligaments, and even to arthritis. You will need X-rays and MRIs of the knee to find the exact. Treatment will follow correct diagnosis.
Avatar n tn What can I do while I am waiting for Dr. Appts... I went to my medical dr who sent me for an x-ray. Nothing is fractured in my knee, and she wants me to see an orthopedic doctor, for further evaluation and possible MRI. I am going to call tomorrow for an appointment. The only problem, tomorrow is Friday and I am in PAIN!! The only releif I get in applying ice. There was no recent trama to my knee.
Avatar f tn Pains on inside of knee and under knee cap front, a slightly diff pain behind the knee and random sharp shooting pains on top of knee. Any suggestions as to what could be wrong? I can wiggle toes but not lift heel at all. Sorry for essay and thank you.
Avatar f tn So im debating on what i should do, i know i need the surgery but if im gonna have it and then have to have it again im gonna be really upset, and on top of all of this i have hip problems that i have to keep waiting on because of my knee, and i start college in August and i really dont want to have to go there with all these problems, it's just way to much for me to handle. I already suffer from depression and at this point its getting alot worst.
Avatar n tn ask your Dr. to do a bone scan. this will show them what is wrong with your knee. I learned the hard way.
Avatar m tn Hi, I was hoping you could assist with the following problem, Following a fall in football, landing on the right side of my left knee, I experienced immense pain and heat across the knee. Immediately after bruising spread up and down my leg and a fluid filled sac developed on the top right side of my knee cap. I visited the doctor and initial was assessed by the two nurses who said they didn't know what it was and asked me to come back to see the doctor.
Avatar m tn He has had many blood test ans scans done with nothing showing up that can explain the amount of pain. He says that his pain is centered at the middle of is knee ( the point that you would come to if you drilled from the top of the knee and the side of the knee). He is unable to walk with out a knee brace and crutches. None of the heavy narcotics he is on even dull the pain. He is at a loss and no one is able to do anything for him. Any help is appreciated.
Avatar f tn Hi Again Katie, I am sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. I also see that your mood says, "I'm pregnant." You will need to discuss your pain and pain management with your PCP. I assume at this point you will have to include your OB Physician also. At 17 your plate is full. You'll need some support from your family, friends and physicians. I wish you the best and hope that you can find some homeopathic solutions to your pain.
Avatar m tn The pain itself always presents the same way…there is a spike of level 3 pain for about a second or two, followed by a reduction down to about level 1-2 pain, followed 1-2 seconds later by 5-30 seconds of level 10 pain, followed by no pain. The best way I can describe the pain is that it feels like the top of my tibia is being crushed. Nothing I rub, below, on or above the pain area has any effect on the pain.
Avatar m tn i started to get a jolting sharp pain on my left knee i think coming from the knee cap or around the sides of the knee cap. it went away the next day but came back again few days later...... it seems to come when i just walk on the knee not every step but a certain pressure of my steps. Someone please help dancing is my Job and before i dish out money to a doctor i would like to try to understand what im dealing with. PLEASE HELP!