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Avatar n tn My 5 year daughter has high feever, stinging when weeing, abnominal pain, lower back pain and has started weeing the bed and can not always make it to the toilet on time - she has been prescribed Nitrofurantoin - are these all the normal symptoms of a UTI or could there be something else.
875426 tn?1325528416 There was a red thermometer on the page, where I typed in a symptom in search box, took me to Symptom Checker page. I shortened the URL, so type this into the address bar in another tab on your browser when you are logged in and you will get there right away--
10947 tn?1281404252 A Symptom Checker is coming soon to MedHelp. You'll be able to input a bunch of symptoms to help narrow down possible causes. If you're interested in this tool, leave us a comment below and we'll let you know when it's available.
Avatar f tn I used - Symptom Checker to see what conditions would cause your symptoms and these conditions were at the top of the list : Depression (Adult), Premenstrual Syndrome, Insomnia, Depression (Postpartum), and Fibromyalgia. In my opinion I'm thinking maybe your anemic (that's when your body doesn't have enough red blood cells which are important for carrying oxygen & nutrients through the body), but then again I'm not a doctor.
Avatar f tn Also, you can scroll down on this post. Look in the right side of the page and find symptom checker. Type in a symptom and build on it. It will help you narrow down what might be going on.
1831849 tn?1383228392 lol i had a go a while back with one of these symptom checker thingies (not this one) mainly out of curiosity and it told me i needed to be on a DMD i giggled my head off. I remember a friend at work doing this and it said 'he' was pregnant, oh wow they are soooooooo acurate, not lol Cheers.........
Avatar m tn after two weeks i got knee pain left and right 8 weeks over. still i have right knee pain. is this symptom of hiv. i really worried this symptom.
Avatar f tn s Sunday and I still have pain tightness and heaviness. I checked on WebMD symptom checker and results said pulmonary embolism or heart attack. What should I do??
Avatar n tn Examples of existing Symptom Checkers are WebMD, Medical Symptoms Database , Online Medical Symptom Checker , MSO Online Medical Symptom Checker , or Diagnosaurus, etc. 2. More home health tests and tools available openly on pharmacy shelves. Examples – Home General Health Diagnostic Tests (e.g. CBC), Stethoscopes, etc. - plus how to use instructions. 3.
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Avatar f tn I am just about 6 weeks with my second pregnancy. I have chest pain which I hace had for well over a year now and my doctor is concerned so I am having an echo. I have had a zillion ekgs which were normal except for sinus tach during a panic attack. I also have had severe bouts of abdominal pain over the last year. Only on the left side and pretty much directly across from my belly button. I am scared to death.
Avatar m tn 1.are all thses symptom indiction of hiv 2. do lympe nodes occur two month after 3.
Avatar f tn I have just started having a dull aching pain in and around my left knee. It has started waking me up at night. I am already on Celebrex 200 twice a day. Could this still be arthritis?
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Avatar f tn So sorry but Jemma, could you tell us where this symptom checker is, as it says it is coming soon! The worry If one has 5-50 symptoms, it may potentially list a never ending host of "possible" diseases, ilments, etc. And render "some" people, excessively worried could be a positive or a negative! I mean, unless it takes online personal blood tests, etc.......! But despite that, I would love for us both to check it out, please tell! Thanks hun!
1961313 tn?1326290364 I have problems with my knees,just general stiffness-but one day I had to get down on my right knee and the pain was extreme,it wasn't necessarily in the knee but to the right side of the knee,it felt like the skin was splitting into,I look and the skin looked fine,so I don't know if it's the tendon or the muscle what ever it is,is very painful,in fact I can't get down on my knees any longer
Avatar f tn It could be the beginning of anxiety. You could try WEB-MD's symptom checker and see what it indicates, but if you feel uncomfortable, go see your doctor about it. Best wishes!
Avatar m tn can ebv cause: joint pain and burning in the joint particulaly the knee and elbows, red rash on stomarch, lymph node, sinus infection and nasal congestion, and acid reflex, pain in abdoment. by doc totl me mt ebv elvel was very high.
Avatar n tn but doubtfull, id go with other infections that the doc might now have ruled out look on web md on the symptom checker see what it says...but look up H. pylori...good possibilty...
Avatar f tn Using symptom checker on medhelp, nausea, dizziness, neck pain, and general weakness could mean a heart attack- have you had your heart checked? Have you had your blood iron and ferritin checked? Being deficient in iron can cause cold extremities according to medhelp's symptom checker. According to another website, it can also cause lightheadedness or dizziness. If I couple cold extremities and dizziness, medhelp's symptom checker lists as a possibility arteriosclerosis.