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Avatar f tn hi my foot has been hurting the last few days it is gone numb and the back of my ankle is hurting dont know what is causing this i have a dr. appt. next wednesday.
Avatar f tn 14 weeks ago I had a Total knee revision. When I woke up from surgery my foot was numb. Doctor said not to worry it would go away. Still having problem and when I put weight on the leg it gets worse. I can't even wear a shoe on the foot, it is so sensitive. Finally had an EMG/Nerve Test. Here are the results. CLINICAL INFORMATION: 52 y/o female ~12 weeks s/p left TKA revision referred for evaluation of left foot numbness.
Avatar f tn 14 weeks ago I had a Total knee revision and right after surgery woke up in the recovery room with a numb foot. The surgeon was not concerned and said it would go away. He has told me to be patient and give the nerve time to heal. It could take up to 16 months. I currently still have to walk with a crutch and the more I am on the leg my foot gets the sensation that feels like something is strangling the foot. The bottom of the foot also feels like I have a huge lump when I walk.
Avatar f tn Since I have experienced my foot becoming a club foot, my toes seem not connected, foot and leg are numb. If I sit too much they swell causing me to not be able to even urinate. I become groggy and cannot think of my words to speak when this happens and it is getting worse all the time. With walking it swells so bad I can't walk more than 1/2 hour and I have become so overweight I don't think I will ever be able to get it off!!! I need some help on where to go with this.
Avatar n tn During my college years I awoke one morning to find that the inside of my left ankle and all the way up my inner leg to my knee was numb. Not really numb as you said, but just with a sort of novacaine wearing off feeling that was really creepy. I went to my doc petrified I had MS because my Dad received that questionable diagnosis years earlier (he died at age 76 of cancer).
Avatar f tn On Sunday I was at Menards and I walked into the door from the yard and one of there workers hit me with a fork lift, well, I have this sharp pain in my knee every once in a while and from my knee down to my foot is numb.. any ideas on what it is?
Avatar n tn I have been having for 4 years or longer pain in both feet. I am in pain all the time never without it. On my right foot between my big toe and the 2 one it is numb with pain that is there most of the time. I am getting the feeling that something is crawling on my ankle. Sometimes my feet feel like they are in a vice with sharp shooting pains and pins and needles. I have a lot of pressure in both legs, laying down makes it worst.
Avatar m tn My mother is 58 years of age. She has pain in her left knee for almost last one year and this leg is swollen for same period. We consulted various doctors (including ortho.) but there is no improvement. X-ray was done and she has been treated by doctors for crack in skin and infection, but there is no improvement. She can not put her full weight on right leg and can not move on stairs. There is small history of one injury in her legs.
Avatar f tn It throbbs when I am sat down, and if i move my knee left or right whilst my foot is on the floor I get a very sharp shooting pain which makes me jump. also if i raise my leg out straight and then bring it towards me the sharp pain happens when my leg is at a 90 degree angle or less. The only history I have with joint problems was when I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis 5 years ago, which I experienced Arthritis pain in all my joints. I have tried using a support band on it but hasn't helped.
Avatar n tn i am 47 i dont have diabetes toe pain is strange numbness, and wierd lump under pinky and next toe on left foot walking mostly, but worse when i stand up chest pain and shortness of breath, sometimes bad lower back pain, butt pain down to knee and deep painful calf knots. I also have lumpy knots under shoulder blade on my right upper back, very painful. any insights or redirection is much appreciated.
Avatar m tn ok i was diagonosed with mild neuropathy about 4 years ago i am taking 40 mg of elavil for it . it seems to have helped i still have problems with my feet after i have been walking on them for about 2 to 3 hours they start to feel like i dont have no bounce in them , there is no pain.. but latley i have been having trouble with my knees hurting when i bend down or walk up stairs or down stairs there is a aching feeling.. could this be some new neuropathy ..
Avatar f tn for about 6 months now, every few days behind my right thigh and knee goes numb. the bottom of my right foot also feels very odd. it lasts anywhere from 1 hr to about 2-3 days. i have just dealt with this up until now thinking it was just going to go away by stretching. not working. today is the worst of all. it started yesterday morning now i am laying down, do to such numbness, and tingling. getting worse not better. i will make an appt.
Avatar n tn Why am I having numbness and pain in my foot after total knee replacement? It really physician is giving me Lyrica. Any info on this will be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I am not a doctor but about 4 years ago, I had foot pain as well, went to doctors, no reason for the pain, lasted about 3 month then went away, then had first really bad bought of numbness and tingling in my one arm,no diagnosis took place then, still off and on issues and finally got diagnosis of MS a few months ago. I wonder if the foot pain was MS since nothing helped it then. I get foot pain now so that is why I think it was MS related.
1508881 tn?1313118501 My toes are numb and it's weird. I've had periods where my foot will go numb while driving or sitting but it doesn't last. Now the bottom of my toes are numb on my right foot. It feels like there is something stuck under them and it's driving me crazy! Also my butt and thighs go numb after sitting for more than 30 minutes. Anyone else with herniated disk and such have numb toes and legs? It's not so much that it hurts, it's just annoying.
Avatar f tn I get pins and needles/weird sensations and the area gets larger, and the sensation goes down from my knee (where the patches is) to my foot, but once I'm out of the shower (say an hour later), it returns to the small patch again. The same thing happens when I scratch it. Just bizarre!
Avatar m tn The reason for me being asking this is it has being +- 9weeks after my operation and I still feel this numb pain in my right leg in the area of my foot and behind my knee upwards. Could you please assist me with a answer in this matter. Thank you.
1159737 tn?1286520857 Well this AM it is my left knee as for almost 2 yrs I have been getting it in my leg from the knee down, but today my knee is numb and is very strange to walk on it...feels like I can not control it to bend, so I walk like Frankenstein.... Earlier this week it was my left hand bothering, I had an increase in HA's this week...not sure if it is related...neone else?
281565 tn?1295986283 It's more irritating more than anything and just feels plain weird. I've had this in my face before and have had a numb foot but never my neck. It's a really weird sensation. As for the "hint" I already talked to the pharmacist in town to let me know when the "good" doc is in, apparently he isn't doing regular Wednesday's anymore. He said he would call and let me know. double, finally someone who knows what I'm talking about.
Avatar n tn Swelling is much better--my foot and knee were huge. My foot is now fine and my knee is still swollen but not nearly as bad as before. I call it "fat knee"! I'm not a particularly big person so it looks more swollen to me because I'm used to a thin leg. The numbness is a concern. I told the doctor and he said it was normal. Left side and under knee is totally numb. It is fairly annoying.
Avatar f tn When I palpate the area, it is numb, and I when I flex my knee strongly I exacerbate the pain. There is very little residuaI pain when I restraighten my leg, just a memory of the pain. I can relieve the burning by applying heat or by applying ice, but those treatments don't stop its recurrence. While I have noted this pain in the past, it is very evident now upon my recent return from several days of hard skiing.
Avatar m tn My concern is that at some points it still hurts like an immense burning pain. I don't get a lot of pain, but his is terrible. The problem is the inside of my knee is still numb and has been for months. Is this nerve damage? and how and when should I do something?
Avatar n tn I recently, August 20th, had a total left knee replacement for osteoarthritis. I am 57 years old. I have done very well except the bottom of my left foot has been "numb" since surgery. I woke up in the recovery room with this. Between my toes and the top of my foot is normal. The tips of my toes and the bottom of my foot is not completely numb but feels as if I have a thick layer of callus.
Avatar m tn He needs a knee replacement in his left knee and had lower disc problems about six years ago but hasn't had a problem with that since. His leg is numb from mid-calf through his foot and his primary doctor believes it is the peroneal nerve compressed. He is having no numbness in his thigh and no back pain at all.
1294547 tn?1275659377 I am in limbo as far as a diagnosis and i was wondering if what I am feeling sounds like foot drop or a stage of foot drop? Sometimes it effects the way I walk but the pain and stiffness subside eventually if i walk around long enough. The pain is worse in the evening and last for longer periods of time. I have read posts by others about foot pain but i have not come across the same "swollen' feeling being posted by anyone else.
Avatar n tn My husband has had drop foot for 5 yrs and recently has had very bad pain from his knee to his foot so bad he's crying pain pills don't work he can't sleep thats when it really hurts him is at night. I've taken him to the ER but nothing takes the pain away.His drop foot was caused by nerves going dead not by any injuries to his back or anything. What takes the pain away enough to function thru out the day and so he can sleep at night please any thing is worth trying.
Avatar f tn 5 weeks ago I developed severe pain on the left side of my back that, over the course of 4 hours went from a nusance to unable to sit down, and within another 4 hours was unable to walk with no feeling from my knee through my big toe. After 4 days, the back pain relieved itself almost instantly in my back. But, the numbness in my knee through my toe remained and severe pain has also remained. I noticed I couldn't lift my foot farther than flat with the floor.