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Avatar f tn I was life flighted and had an emergency spenectomy. Ever since the crash I have complained of knee pain! I saw a knee specialist and was told my knee cap was bruised, but the pain was constant and the swelling kept happening. I went to a pain management clinic and finally got an MRI on both knees. The findings: There is a horizontal free-edge tear of the posterior horn and posterior body of the lateral meniscus. The tear likely extends to involve portions of the anterior horn as well.
Avatar n tn It doesn't hurt unless I run on it or after I run on it and when I went through some flexibility motions with my leg at the doctors I felt no pain. Could this be a meniscus tear? I ran all my miles on the road or a canalside as well, so there was definitely some impact.
Avatar f tn As you are already aware there are two types of treatment for meniscal tear, one in repair of the torn meniscus and the other is removal of the damaged meniscus. Meniscal repair is a procedure, that can restore the normal anatomy of the knee, and has a better long-term prognosis when successful. However, the meniscus repair is a more significant surgery, the recovery is longer, and, because of limited blood supply to the meniscus, it is not always possible.
Avatar f tn What made you title this thread: "meniscus tear?" Do you have specific indications of a tear? The knees are very complicated joints, and need a series of specific tests to see specific structure involvement. What you describe sounds more of a "tightening" of an injured muscle or tendon.
Avatar f tn Hi! If you are scheduled for surgery and have developed calf pain then first thing to be ruled out is deep vein thrombosis. Please inform your doctor immediately. You are most likely to be taken up for dopplar ultrasound. Pain can also be felt post unaccustomed exercise due to muscle strain. A ripping pain in calf muscles can also be due to intermittent claudication.
Avatar n tn I am absolutely positive that this idiotic duck walk exercise caused the meniscus tear, but since the pain didn't occur at work, I was denied workmans compensation. I've never had a problem with my knees (ever!), and the jog was my usual 2 miles - no problem - no unusual missteps, etc. In your professional opinion, what is the likelihood of the duck walk exercise causing the meniscus tear?
Avatar n tn I am 23 and tore my medial meniscus last year. it was a medial intrameniscal tear (paper cut vs. hang nail). the surgery to repair it was a success. Younger patients have a higher chance of the repair working vs the elderly or even middle age people. I would definitly say that it is worth the try to repair it rather than just snip it out. His knee will last a whole lot longer and he'll probably escape early arthritis and knee replacment and all the injections that I am going through right now.
Avatar f tn I saw the orthopod who specializes in sports medicine and he didn't read the radiologists report but did read the mri. He thinks the medial meniscus tear is small and he is more concerned about the extensive arthritis on the lateral side. I have a new dilemma... the radiology report says the lateral meniscus looks intact... the ortho thinks the lateral meniscus is torn.
733213 tn?1232064488 I compare a torn meniscus to a pebble in your shoe. Until the pebble is removed, you are still going to have pain. Once the torn meniscus (the pebble) is removed, you can feel better. The incidence risk of arthritis after arthroscopic partial menisectomy is quite low. Combine this with the probability that leaving the torn tissue in place has a greater chance of causing arthritic changes in the knee. As far as blood clots and other complications.
Avatar f tn Hi, How are you? There could be two reasons for burning sensation, the first one is ilio tibial friction syndrome and the second one is inflammation due to injury to the meniscus. Iliotibial, or "IT," Band Friction Syndrome is a common cause of knee pain that is felt on the outside (lateral) knee or the lower thigh. Iliotibial band syndrome is generally due to inflammation of this band. Pain is more intense when descending stairs, or getting up from a seated position.
Avatar f tn I've suffered for almost 2 yrs with pain in right knee. Had surgery for a medial meniscus tear. Physical therapy before and after surgery. had synvisc injection, cortizone, and a partridge in a pear tree. When will my knee stop hurting every time I have a slight twist or turn of the knee? Is it normal to still have pain after 5 mos.? I'ts not as bad as it was, but I do have some pain.
Avatar n tn I am assuming it is your right knee since the pain is on the right side and you are wondering if it is a lateral meniscus. It could be a meniscus tear but since your pain is over the joint and hurts when you have rotation to your lower leg, it could possibly be your ACL. Is there swelling to your knee?
Avatar n tn actually there is knee injury in my knee before 5 months mri grade one ligament tear and grade two medial meniscus tear is there ....i m not not able to walk properly due to knee pain said do quad exercise it will heal .wt can i do ?
Avatar m tn I had surgery for a meniscus tear 6 years ago.Now the same pain and symptoms are back again.What are the chances of it being another tear?
Avatar m tn sudsha One of the most common knee problems an Orthopedist sees in the office is a degenerative meniscus tear. A meniscus is a cushion inside your knee. It aids in stability of the knee and minimizing the stress across the knee, thus minimizing the risk of developing osteoarthritis. Meniscus tears are incredibly common. Although meniscus tears occur in all age groups, they are most common in adults over 50. There are many different types of meniscus tears.
Avatar m tn What causes the occasional crackling sensation of a Meniscus tear? It had gone away completely several months ago, but has just returned.
Avatar n tn A meniscus tear is a common knee injury that can cause pain in the joint. When the meniscus tear becomes symptomatic, arthroscopic surgery may be necessary. Small number of peripheral tears will heal by themselves with immobilization in a cast. But for a professional gymnast the sports surgeon/ orthopedician might go for a repair, if done arthroscopically it will be a day care procedure.
Avatar f tn I was told by my orthopedic Surgeon that I may have a medial meniscus tear but need an MRI to confirm. I was told that the MRI would cost me around $3500. Is there another way of doing this? Why couldn't he just scope me, find the problem and repair it? Other than that, I have to have a costly MRI and surgery which he would scope me anyways. Also, is there something other than cortizone that can be injected into the knee for some quick relief? I had a injection twice, and it did nothing.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 25 yrs old female.I had pain in left knee for 2-3 months ,but it use to go after rest.But after MRI doctor found ,that I 'm having Grade 2 lateral and medial meniscus tear.I'm able to walk without any pain,but when strain is put on the knee like -while sitting,getting up,climbing stairs . Orthopedic says I require an operation.
Avatar n tn showed nothing abnormal but the pain was all but constant. Recently, I had surgery for a lateral meniscus tear and IMMEDIATELY my back pain was gone. My doctor said he felt it was because I was "compensating" all the time that my knee was off kilter but the disappearance of the pain was such that it seemed to me that there may have been some nerve compression or something else going on in there. Do you have any idea what may have transpired within? Thanks for any information.
Avatar n tn ) Now this summer I think I have retorn the meniscus. I have been having some knee pain and it seems to be catching slightly again. What are the chances of retear and how long should I wait to see the doctor again? Any ideas? Should I keep going until I can't stand it again?
Avatar n tn Then in may of the same year i stepped on my knee wrong (playing basketball AGAIN) and tore my medial meniscus. I had my surgery on june 6th. When do you think I will be released to play again?
Avatar m tn I seemed to have recovered almost completely from a Meniscus tear (it took several months) and was able to spend hours walking without any problem at all. Walking down stairs had been a special problem, but I thought I was finally over that, too.
Avatar f tn 63 year old female, had surgery for meniscus tear end of Aug. Still painfule when I walk for a long time. I feel like I am dragging my leg. It feels like it did before the surgery. When I rest it and put ice on it, then overnight the pain subsides. Is this normal. Still cannot ben my knee back all the way without sever pain. Is this normal?
Avatar m tn - I have undergone ACL reconstruction surgery of right knee on 21st May,2010. Even after my surgery I feel pain when I bend my knee or when I walk. The pain is distributed over the entire crossection of the knee. But recently on 12th feb,2012 my right knee has started paining again. I am not able to walk. Even if I try to walk, I feel instability. My leg becomes stiff when I keep it straight for around 30 min.
Avatar m tn - I have undergone ACL reconstruction surgery of right knee on 21st May,2010. Even after my surgery I feel pain when I bend my knee or when I walk. The pain is distributed over the entire crossection of the knee. But recently on 12th feb,2012 my right knee has started paining again. I am not able to walk. Even if I try to walk, I feel instability. My leg becomes stiff when I keep it straight for around 30 min.