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18043065 tn?1462649991 I have the oddest pain that is only reproducible by one action - crossing my right leg up onto my left leg/slightly above the knee, while seated, as I do to change shoes. I have poked, prodded, pushed and examined and nothing abnormal is there. I can't reproduce the pain any other way. There is no bruising, swelling, orthopedic problems or history of any injury. It only happens when I change shoes.
Avatar f tn A part of the lung may be surgically removed if the cancer is confined to one area. However, in most cases, the cancer has spread itself throughout the lung and is more effectively treated by chemotherapy or other anticancer drugs. A decreased immunity can make a person susceptible to infections. It is essential to differentiate whether it is pneumonia or pulmonary edema or pulmonary embolism or secondaries in the lung.
1205901 tn?1348733429 my mum is on butran patchs 20 mg for her knee pain, she didnt like taking them so she just Stopped on the monday by the wedsday she was being sick crying feeling down and not wanting to be on her own, Is there side effets to butran like this ?
Avatar f tn Today I started having pain from my lymph nodes in my neck , throat and behind my knee. Could all of this be related to my cyst on my thyroid?
Avatar m tn bro this happened to me in the year 2011 i worked out in my gym lifting extreme heavy weights one day i experienced shortness of breath few days after i saw a news where an indian crickter was suffering from lung cancer with the same symptom i was confirmed that i had lung cancer but feared myself getting diagnosed went to sevral doctors they all said that am perfectly fine seeing all the parameters in my body but wenever i thouhght abt cancer i use to experience shortness of breath but deep dow
Avatar f tn Condition of your daughter I know ,I first expressed my sympathy for her unfortunate, your daughter's condition is advanced lung cancer, currently no good way is to treat her cancer , I agree with your adviced the doctor, cortisol treatment advanced cancer is very limited.
Avatar n tn He said that and I about fell off the chair. Could the pain be related to lung cancer? Breathing never laboured, no coughing up blood. Though I am tired all the time and have gained a little weight over the past year...
Avatar m tn Hello I have smoked black and milds on and off occasionally since last october and i now have been having some pain in my upper body could in be lung cancer ? I dont feel pain when I breather not easily winded no lumps not coughing. cough up phelgm at times but small amount and no blood or anything could it be that or something eles and im not wheezing either .
Avatar n tn I am a woman, 58 years old, from Germany. In addition to lung cancer, I have big problems and pain, because my pancreas pushes out my gall and I therefore already had about 20 ERCP procedures (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography pancreaticography). I will dying from liver failure before I die of lung cancer. Due diagnosed with lung cancer, nobody will operates me in Germany! I seeking a Whipple Procedure in NY / Boston urgent!
Avatar f tn s lung, and yes you can have pain in your shoulder, spine, etc. from lung cancer. Did your mother have a PET scan, which shows uptake, which can implicate cancer? I hope that your mother is being evaluated by a thoracic oncologist. Better to be safe than sorry.
Avatar n tn she went for yearly check ups, mamograms, colonoscopy , scoping of the throat xrays for her pain in her knee and rib now they say the rib is cancer and to top it all off was sent to a rheumatologist who told her it was fibromyalgia.....what the heck happened?....i am so angry i am a religious person but my god!
Avatar f tn Can anyone suggest what this could be....I am just really worried that its lung cancer. Can this occur to someone my age who does not smoke?
Avatar n tn I will dying from liver failure before I die of lung cancer. Due diagnosed with lung cancer, nobody will operates me in Germany! I seeking a Whipple Procedure in NY / Boston urgent! I will pay the operation and the hospital stay by myself and i need informations which clinics doing this Whipple operation in NY or Boston - despite my lung Diagnos. Thanks for your support!
Avatar f tn I had an x-ray on my knee because of pain, and now they have found another cyst in my right knee. My dr. said it is not what was cuasing the pain, we were just lucky we caught it or something. I can't even get that one looked at by a specialist until late August. Now i've been diagnosed with a kidney infection... but i'm very worried because no urine smaple or anything was taken, and i was only looked at by a doctor in a clinic for one minute...
Avatar n tn I was a smoker for years and started to cut down several years ago and now of course have quit. I had a ct scan in 2004 and 2005 for cancer research and nothing was discovered. Are there other causes for nodules to appear? This last month of waiting is starting to worry me. The pulmonary Dr. wanted to wait the three months since the last scan in Dec.07.I know I have several questions here but I would appreciate your reply.
5536886 tn?1455827346 t have any of the tell tale signs of lung cancer besides pain in upper back and right side rib pain. It is worse at night and the anxiety isnt helping sleep.
1511858 tn?1290477459 A rare side effect of Cellcept is Lymphoma. Not to induce your panic but I would recommend having Lymphoma ruled out. A lesion in the lung can be benign or malignant. The PET scan will reveal more.
Avatar f tn The doctor would try to rule out things like pleurisy, costochondritis, lung cancer, etc.. I know even breathing too much smog can cause lung pain. The doctor might send you to get a chest x-ray to see your lungs and he/she might send you for pulmonary tests, depending on their exam and judgement as to what to do.
Avatar f tn Might his pain be from the lymph node cancer? Lung cancer has only enlarged slightly. They have him on Vicaden (sp?) and have prescribed Morphine patches.
Avatar n tn My friend has been experiencing LUNG pain, coughing up blood and excessive sweating for three years now. The pain is felt every time he breathes and has increased in severity over this time frame, especially when he is resting or trying to sleep at night. He says he feels the pain in his back, on the left side. His skin still has its natural hue. He says he has NO chest pain and no pain in his arm or other extremities. He says it began after a head injury during a tennis match.
Avatar f tn Subsequently come to find out she has lung cancer , but wait 3 weeks later it is Lung Carcinoid or Neuroendocrine Cancer, this is what was causing the pain after she "cracked her back! she now has mets all over , lung ,lymph nodes , mediastinal cavity, thyroid, pancreas, liver and major bone mets. So stage IV. this was 15 months ago. The good news, shes doing fabulous, We go to Germany every couple of months for treatment as its not available here yet (thanks FDA !!!
Avatar m tn Lung nodules can occur due to local causes like recurrent lung infections and sometimes due to cancer of the lungs or as secondaries. They can also be seen in systemic diseases like systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoidosis and scleroderma. Further evaluation will be based on whether the nodule is changing in size and systemic symptoms. A PET scan and biopsy may help in evaluation. A biopsy facilitates a histologic study of cells, which gives you a definite diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Before, there was probably a goal of cure, this time, the treatment may be able to extend life, but would not be likely to free him of lung cancer. This means that controlling the disease is temporary - though there is a wide variability as to how long this actual time period is. A second opinion is a good idea, but make sure that all the details are made available to the next doctor. Stay positive.