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Avatar n tn Have the possibility of the original knee swelling being gout and the pain being a kidney stone been addressed? Uric Acid can form kidney stones. Gout can occur in joints other than the big toe. I take Alopurinol to prevent Uric Acid buildup. My knee gets affected more often than my toe. When I have a kidney stone, I get referred pain in my shoulder and radiating up my neck to behind my ear.
Avatar m tn I am 40 years old and moderate activity , The pain in the left knee is not severe but the pain in the right knee is . Actully pain in the left knee is almost gone .I can take 40 mg of indocin and the pain subsides but when it comes back its just as bad , I am trying to get into a orto again but its a waiting list over 2 months and this is really starting to affect me , Is it ok to keep taking the indocin like this till I can get someone to look at this ?
Avatar n tn Had a total knee replacement six months ago because of a torn ACL, torn meniscus and arthritic knee. The pain is now worse than before I had the replacement surgery. My knee is always swollen, stiff and hot to touch since surgery. I have taken Celebrex that helped the pain but had to stop because my kidney function BU/CU ratio is now elevated. I cannot take other NSAID's because they elevate my blood pressure. I have a history of chronic Lyme disease.
Avatar f tn Is the knee swelling? Is the pain on the inside to back side of the knee? I have had years of kidney stones which can make your knees to legs swell. There are more questions to determine if a kidney stone. It is just one option that could give the two symptoms you mentioned.
Avatar f tn I just got out of hospital I'm 36 weeks. I was having bad cramps and bad back pain. I had uti that turned into kidney infection .
Avatar n tn i am having neck and back pain from more than a year. Any pain which starts does'nt cure. It started with back and neck pain in right half of the body. Then my right wrist got affected and it also pains while bending. After this my left knee got affected and it is from last 4 months. And now my left shoulder started paining from last 1 week.
518798 tn?1295212279 It first started with the whole gallbladder situation, then the blood pressure and kidney problem, and now I have such a hard time getting up because my knee hurts so bad. I feel like a friggin hypocondriac. My knee hurt so bad last night that I was in tears, but I didn't want to tell my family because I didn't want them to feel like, My God, What's next?
Avatar f tn I had an x-ray on my knee because of pain, and now they have found another cyst in my right knee. My dr. said it is not what was cuasing the pain, we were just lucky we caught it or something. I can't even get that one looked at by a specialist until late August. Now i've been diagnosed with a kidney infection... but i'm very worried because no urine smaple or anything was taken, and i was only looked at by a doctor in a clinic for one minute...
Avatar f tn I've went to the ER about 2weeks for bleeding alittle but turned out to be a uti. I'm taking my meds but I'm having sharp pain in my lower right side of my back and it goes to my knee which it gives out. I have no abdomen pain the baby is growing. Could I have kindney stones?
Avatar f tn My dog has a bad knee in the back left.Our vet says he needs surgery.But We can't afford it.I am on disablity and my son is my cargiver.And the state doesn't pay much.But he is sick with liver and kidney trouble.And he can't do regular work right now. Our vet gave us rimdyl but it puts him to sleep all the time and he wouldn't eat or drink.She said we could get more if we wanted at 5 pills for $8.00. Is there anything we can give him that isn't by prescripcion?
Avatar m tn I just was released from the hospital after a 3 day stay for kidney stones. Starting in the middle of last night I began to experience occasional random burning sensations on the outside of the thigh just above the knee (in the same area). Any thoughts on what it might be?
Avatar f tn Ive been experiencing some chills (not fever), itching mouth corner, lower back pain, pelvic pain, groin, hamstring, and knee pain. I went to the lab and tested my blood and urine. It turns out that i have a decreased liver function and decreased kidney function.i have no rashes in the body, or genitals. No pain is being felt while peeing. Some docs tells me that all i have to do is diet and drink plenty of water. But one thing I'm worrying about is that all these happens after the sex.
Avatar f tn hi vicki, i suffer with chronic kidney disease and i think you still have a kidney infection by the sounds of your symptons and the swelling of your ankles may well have something to do with your kidneys as i myself get swollen ankles when i have a kidney infection the specialist can tell you more as everyone differs hope i was of some use gud luck linzi!!!
Avatar n tn Since then there has been very little back pain, just a bit of tightness but none of the constant dull pain. Perhaps my knee had thrown my back out. The knee joint was uncomfortable but nothing like the pack pain and I didn't relate the two. thanks again for your input, Dr Kaul.
Avatar f tn I went to the hospital about a 2weeks ago from bleeding not alot no clots turned out I have a uti they given me medication but my right kidney is killing me it's a sharp pain the hits it and sends the pain all the way to my knee than my knee gives out..but my abdomen never hurts it's just my lower right side..
Avatar n tn m 45 and female) well 6 months later got SEVERE pain in lower left abdomen, unable to urinate, fever, chills pain of 10/10 on pain scale and thought it was a kidney stone or severe UTI so ended up in ER at 1AM; ER doc first thought it was kidney stone as well until CT scan came back indicating "large abcess in colon left lower sigmond" had to have urinary catheter, was allergic to all IV pain medications and IV antibiotics so after trying several different ones with everything from mig
Avatar f tn With Dietl crisis, the pain can be relieved by upward movement of the kidney back to the renal fossa in the supine position and with the head down and feet elevated or in the knee-chest position. If you are allergic to iodine, it is best that you discuss this with your doctor or be referred to a nephrologist for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn The range is zero pain to having to be admitted to the hospital because the pain is constant and unbearable and everywhere in between. My own response to the stent was more towards the high end of the pain scale but I only experienced the intense pain when I urinated. However, the pain was excruciating and after a day (I had the stent removed after three and half days) the pain started lingering longer and longer after I urinated.
Avatar f tn Hi, i only placed this question in this category because my family historically suffers autoimmune disease. I don't really know what the problem is. I have serious pain not in my joints and i am not sure it is in my muslces either. it seems to be tendons. from the elbow to the wrist and from the thigh to the knee and knee to ankles. it have had two 'attacks' like this in the last month.
Avatar n tn I've taken a lot of Statins over the last 12 years among them Pravachol and I also had my share of problems with them: Rhabdomyolysis, kidney problems so that I ultimately had to stop them, but knee burning/pain while walking wasn't one of them.
Avatar n tn is puzzled because the pain is in my left hip area, hurts like no other and goes down my leg, the kidney stone is in my right kidney. Usually do not have transfer of pain he says but not all people are wired the same. MRI showed no stones in my left kidney. Diaticalosis (sp) noted, no infection. Analgesics/Anti-infamatorys DO NOT WORK for this pain. Dr. and I talk more, possibly had multiple stones that I have passed possibly? The pain feeling almost always the same.
Business woman2 16 months ago, and after the operation had residual pain. Not wanting to accept the fact that the knee would NOT be 100% even AFTER the meniscus-repair operation, I started taking 4 standard OTC ibuprofen tablets in the morning, and they worked just fine until 1pm or so. Then in THIS forum, I learned about the "life time dose" of NSAIDS (search "jabotlol" in this forum's search box), and I got worried.
Avatar n tn s been working 10 hour shifts doing strenuous work and is standing up the whole time. This past September, he noticed he had extreme pain on his right knee, and it was swollen/inflamed. After going to his general physician, he was diagnosed with gout. His doctor prescribed him with Allopurinol 100mg, and he had to take one tablet a day, twice a day. Thankfully, the medicine worked, and my dad was out of pain within the next few days.
Avatar f tn does anyone know of home remedies to ease the pain down there I've never had a uti till this pregnancy I'm 29 weeks and it's so uncomfortable
620923 tn?1452915648 I have all the above EXCEPT kidney stones (at least I have never been told I have stones). I also have high cholesterol.
Avatar f tn I was taking antibiotics but I havent been taking them consistantly and I only have one kidney, there is no pain when i touch it and i only just noticed it today. Im wondering if this is related to my UTI or if something else is wrong? https://gyazo.