Knee pain in teenage girls

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Avatar n tn I have been having pain/weakness in my legs for almost a year now. It is worse when I walk up and down stairs as well as squat or sit on the floor. I also have numbness and tingling that comes and goes. I went to a neuroligist that couldnt find anything. I have had an xray of my back stated slight cuvature of spine. and mri stated few tiny areas of increased signal in white matter. Just wondering if anyone knows what this is or has similar symptoms. I dont think it is anything serious.
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Avatar f tn I would not say that thyroid nodules/goiters, etc are "common" in teenage girls. I would say that these issues are more common that realized, but still somewhat rare. I would definately get a more conclusive testing. I do not feel that you are over-reacting. Better to err on the side of caution. Back to your daughter: Depending on your family history, there could be a genetic influance pre-disposing your daughter to thyroid issues. More often than not, nodules are benign.
Avatar f tn I'm just after some advice regarding teenage bedwetting. My partner has two teenage daughters, they will be 13 and 14 this year and have wet the bed almost everyday since they were born. I am currently seeking medical help for them where they undergo acupuncture every two weeks at the doctors. We have been trialing this now for the last 2 months with no improvement.
1308443 tn?1302693321 I just question whether there is really NOTHING to be done. It is very painful and common in teen girls so you would think there would be a fix.
Avatar f tn That's brill found out I'm expecting our 2nd baby on Monday and my little boy is 8 months!
Avatar f tn I am a single mother and have lead a celibate life since she was born. I monitor her TV closely, but ads in prime child viewing do show lots of kissing. Is it normal for girls to talk about boys and kissing at this young age?
Avatar m tn I began to get pain in my toe joints, when this occurred, I must have started to compensate for this by putting more stress on my knees. Currently, I have a lot of knee pain, with my left knee hurting much more than my right. However, my right knee also hurts depending on how it is used; additionally, it also cracks (without pain), when I use it.
Avatar f tn I had some mild pain in the calf of my left leg. My doctor said it is not a clot. The pain has gotten extensively worse now affecting the knee. I went back to doctor and the doctor said it is arthritis of the knee and that, at this point, no tests were necessary. Well, in spite of anti-inflammatory meds, I cannot put my full weight down on my leg without pain that seems more concentrated directly under the knee. I am walking around limping.
Avatar n tn My nine year old daughter, Irene, has presented with knee pain for the last three weeks. She has to use crutches to walk. She can bend her leg at the knee with no problem but she cannot straighten it without crying out in pain, she cannot put any weight on it because it hurts worse. She has had x-rays, an MRI and has appointments with physical therapy, orthopedics, and rheumatology. The xrays came back negative, the MRI showed no problems with her bones just slight inflamation.
Avatar f tn the pain moves in joint space, you must feel you are unable to straighten your knee and pain get worst. your knee become frail, swell and stiff. The pain lasts for a long time. If you have any of these symptoms, contact to a Orthopedist.
Avatar f tn im 14 and ever since i fell about a year ago i began having real bad knee pain it started in my right knee, it was relly bad & i couldnt walk w/o crutches and a knee brace for about a week. then the pain went away for a while about 4 1/2 months and now its come back but this time on my left knee. i dont know if this has anything to do with my injury, it also could be my weight even though it shouldnt because im not too overweight just average.
Avatar f tn Hi again everyone, my leg is killing me, its really swollen today, and i have radiating pain from my ankles to my hip. My pain has definitely got worse since i had surgery, not in my knee but everywhere else. I just hate playing the waiting game, because thats what my doctor makes me do, and im not able to take pain meds, so i have to deal with it everyday. It's very irratating, and it's hard to stay positive and happy when all im able to do everyday is sit in my bed and watch tv.
4671444 tn?1357794171 Hi! In all probability you have injured the menisci in the knee—either the medial or the lateral depending on the site of pain. Meniscii if torn or injured, result in joint instability—that is you are not confident the knee joint will take your weight. Often the person feels a popping sensation on moving the joint. It can also be tendinitis due to inflammation of tendon at the knee joint. Since you had tendon injury 4 years back, this time too it could be a tendon troubling you.
Avatar m tn t suggest arthritis to me, I have arthritis of the knee and I get pain in the knee, also in muscles that work the knee. I don't get numbness anywhere else. I'm not medically qualiified but a doctor should check this out, whatever it is you will be better off with treatment.
Avatar n tn Last night his father and I were searching his room to make sure he had been behaving himself and found my 15 year old daughters dirty panties in a pair of his jeans in his dirty laundry and also a used contem in a shoe box it was full of sperm. He does not have girls over and has never had a girlfriend so I assume he just did it himself. The box was on his floor with the dirty contem. What if my 5 year old came across that ? Please is this all normal because I don't feel it is ?
202436 tn?1326474333 THe first time I ever used a tampon I know I used it correctly, but I was so tiny that I laid in bed and cried in pain for an hour before I finally gave up and took it out. Awful, awful. But I highly, highly, can't highly enough recommend wearing a pad to bed instead of using a tampon, no matter how gross or inconvenient it is. Like it or not, menstrual blood is now waste material and carries bacteria....
Avatar n tn She has struggled with being cold all the time for 8 months and now this. She usually wears three layers of clothing and we live in South Texas where it is in the high 90's . Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn ( but i have a lot of pain in my knee, and my hip today. I sometimes get this pain that radiates from my ankles, up to my knee and right now i just feel it in my knee, its a very uncomfortable feeling.
Avatar m tn The location of the knee pain can be a useful guide. Pain in the front portion of the knee can be caused by bursitis (inflammation of the lining of the joint, possible due to injury while playing), arthritis, or injury to the patella cartilage (front portion of the knee). Pain on either sides of the knee is usually related to meniscal tears, injuries to the collateral ligaments, and even to arthritis. You will need X-rays and MRIs of the knee to find the exact.
2121656 tn?1395674749 Thank you for your input, but she had to have surgery after being in pain for 4 days. The cyst in her ovary was 8cm. and twisted in her fallopian tube 4 times. She's now pain free and is doing well.
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm an 19 year old male and since the last week of August, I've had a sharp pain in my knee. It's occurs in my left knee, on the inside. It's very near to the platella, but I don't know if it's the tibia or the fibula. It's the bone that kind of slightly juts out. Anyways, it hurts to bend the knee and walking up and down stairs causes slight pain as well. Any insight on the problem is appreciated. Thanks for your time!