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Avatar n tn This absess has been draining for 7 weeks and still not closed and still has fluid. Also, previous pain in the hip has diminished almost totally since the absess was addressed. Is there any method of scan to see what is occurring? Thank you.
Avatar f tn Sound like osteoarthritis (OA) which most often occurs in people over 45, but some younger people get it from a joint injury. Do you have any previous injury involving your knee? A torn cartilage, for example, can precipitate the process of OA. Weight also plays an important role. Do you experience a creaking or cracking feeling within the joint? In the meantime, bracing, splinting, and other orthotic treatments may be useful in “unloading” an arthritic joint surface. Take care!
757973 tn?1234458769 The most common cause in older people is arthritis. Your cyst has probably been there for a while but was worsened by further injury. Treatment is usually aimed at repairing the underlying cause. In your case, that would be the arthritis. I hope you misunderstood your orthopedist when he recommended a knee replacement. It is not appropriate therapy to treat a Baker's cyst; knee replacement would certainly help your arthritic knee, however.
Avatar f tn Osgood-Schlatter. This pain occurs in both knees, is localized to the front part of the knee below the kneecap, and gets worse with activity like running and jumping. It occurs because of rapid bone growth, stretching of the muscles, and the resulting tension on the joints. It’s not dangerous and he’ll grow out of it. Make sure he’s stretching daily and rests from sports if he’s having a lot of pain. Icing and ibuprofen may help. Headaches are also very common during puberty.
Avatar f tn Torn meniscus cartilage, 2 knee scopes (arthroscopic surgeries), and finally a total knee replacement. If your knee is swelling, especially in the morning after sleeping, it may be a torn meniscus cartilage. The older we get, the more brittle our cartilage becomes and the more prone it is to damage from impact, etc... I have had lots of injuries over the years but the knee had the worst pain of all.
649848 tn?1534633700 The next day, I woke up with the right knee entirely normal and the left knee back in pain again. It still hurts today, but is not as severe. I looked up blood clots, arthritis, nerve pain, and other possibilities, but nothing explained a "one knee, then the other" pattern. I even looked up "side effects from Covid vaccine.
Avatar f tn I have moderate knee pain most of the time, especially when I sit. The knee is swollen and looks as if it has a lot of fluid in it. My orthopedic surgeon has said that I will definetly have to have a total knee replacement but the time to do it is up to me. I am 67 years old and don't know if it would be better to do it before I get older. Any input will be greatly appreciated.
1378884 tn?1315505845 When first diagnosed I could not walk up a flight of stairs due to the intense general knee pain. Now it comes back intermittently for a day or two then it subsides but does not fully go away. I have also felt like I cannot stretch my tendons in my legs enough even after warming them up and stretching for 30 min. I am 55 and have done many bad things to my knees over the years but nothing like this has happened before.
159619 tn?1538180937 I could walk fine before the surgery. Now I have a limp and am in constant pain, not only the knee, but my other knee, back and hip from compensation. DO NOT GET THIS SURGERY!!
Avatar m tn I feel like I sprain my ankle(s) sometimes trying to walk properly. My knee points inward and from the knee up the top half of the leg looks offset and further in from the rest of the leg below the knee. What bothers me most is my gait in general. Not only is it painful and feels uncomfortable, but people stare at me like they're wondering why my left foot points outward more when I walk and I "walk funny" in general.
Avatar f tn I had some mild pain in the calf of my left leg. My doctor said it is not a clot. The pain has gotten extensively worse now affecting the knee. I went back to doctor and the doctor said it is arthritis of the knee and that, at this point, no tests were necessary. Well, in spite of anti-inflammatory meds, I cannot put my full weight down on my leg without pain that seems more concentrated directly under the knee. I am walking around limping.
Avatar f tn It does not cause a lot of pain, just a mild ache here and there. It is not a result of bumping the knee. It seems to happen if I have been kneeling, even in church. I never know when it will occur. Sometimes I get a strange mild cold sensation in the knee or occasionally, a quick sharp pain. I am not having any trouble walking, and I do not have constant pain when it happens.
Avatar n tn A study shows that you can regrow knee cartilage. The technique used in this study spurs knee cartilage to grow back, which could cut pain and improve knee function, wrote Kevin Stone, MD, and colleagues. Stone's study appears in The Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery.
Avatar n tn MRI of knee shows "irregularity and hyperense signal in root of lateral meniscus , popliteal fossa cysts, small bakers cyst, myxoid degeneration in lateral meniscus and posterior horn of medial meniscus." ( also mild chondromalacia patella??) Physician is reccommending arthroscopic surgery.... does this sound reasonable??
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm 66 years old and had miniscus tare repair on both knees in 2009. The surgeon, very well known and a sweetheart to boot told me that he only bought me some time but that I will be needing TKR in not too far in the future. About 5 months ago, I took a step and when I turned to one side, my knee felt like it went out of its socket. The pain was excruciating. I got it back into a "livable" position and hoped it would fix itself. It didn't.
715883 tn?1260911191 My older brother broke his hip 40 years ago and his pain was in his knee and recently (10 years ago) had a hip replacement. My older sister also had her hip replaced. My younger sister has had hip problems too. My question, who should I see about this first? My primary doctor, seek out an ortho?
Avatar f tn I had been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in the left knee and beginning in the right knee four years ago. I was told that I was bone on bone in the left knee. Since I was only 50 years old the doctor said that I was too young for surgery. Four years later, 1 less thyroid, additional weight, I have been told I am too fat and I need to get my BMI down before they would consider.
Avatar f tn the pain moves in joint space, you must feel you are unable to straighten your knee and pain get worst. your knee become frail, swell and stiff. The pain lasts for a long time. If you have any of these symptoms, contact to a Orthopedist.
Avatar f tn s so i have no idea how it happened. Then i started having pain in my right knee which felt the same way as my left knee when the pain started, it turned out to be that i also developed a plica in that knee to and tore something i forgot what it was called, and my recent surgery was in november and i tore the same thing from before, i dont remember the name of it, i know it started with an L though.
Avatar f tn Hi again everyone, my leg is killing me, its really swollen today, and i have radiating pain from my ankles to my hip. My pain has definitely got worse since i had surgery, not in my knee but everywhere else. I just hate playing the waiting game, because thats what my doctor makes me do, and im not able to take pain meds, so i have to deal with it everyday. It's very irratating, and it's hard to stay positive and happy when all im able to do everyday is sit in my bed and watch tv.
488823 tn?1218370567 You must be in the Eltrombopag trial? I haven't seen many in it here at the forum, but I am following it with interest since I have a friend who will not be able to treat unless Eltrombopag is approved. I wish you luck and hope you can find a way to endure the side effects so you can continue treating.
Avatar n tn I had arthoscopic surgery in Oct 2008 in the hopes that this would help my 80 year old knee in my 45 year old body to no avail. Resulting in tkr. I had tkr five weeks ago and scar tissue has left me with only 82 degree bend. Can't make a round on a bike still. Therapy started the day after my surgery and left recovery with cpm on my leg to move it. Also used cpm at home for two weeks after returning home from 4 day hospital stay.
Avatar m tn Rarely ill get one in my knee an my knee will visually be swollen and very painful to the touch and to walk on. I'll usually have only one at a time although occasionally two. They will come on slow over the course of a day in which time I'll usually just take some motrin which helps alot. Then this will only last about 2-3 days This indicates to me that it is a type of inflammation. If I don't take any motrin It will last roughly 4-5 days and will be significantly more painful.
4671444 tn?1357794171 Hi! In all probability you have injured the menisci in the knee—either the medial or the lateral depending on the site of pain. Meniscii if torn or injured, result in joint instability—that is you are not confident the knee joint will take your weight. Often the person feels a popping sensation on moving the joint. It can also be tendinitis due to inflammation of tendon at the knee joint. Since you had tendon injury 4 years back, this time too it could be a tendon troubling you.
3201003 tn?1345349318 my 6 yr old cries every night with knee pain but the knee dr and regular dr says she is ok she has been hurting since she was able to walk about 10 months old i dont know wat to do can you help me please