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Avatar f tn I have pain in the middle of my buttock shooting down to my knee it is throbbing and sometimes I have pain going down my body in the shape of my figure
Avatar m tn When I landed, i felt a sharp pain in the middle of my left knee. I did not feel any popping, just a very sharp pain right behidn the patella. I didn't think anything of it that day, and it never bruised or swelled. I laid off the knee for the remainder of the week, but when i started lifting the next week, anything that put stress on the knee hurt. Squats, Legpress, Deadlifts, they all hurt right at the middle of the knee behind the patella.
Avatar m tn When I landed, i felt a sharp pain in the middle of my left knee. I did not feel any popping, just a very sharp pain right behidn the patella. I didn't think anything of it that day, and it never bruised or swelled. I laid off the knee for the remainder of the week, but when i started lifting the next week, anything that put stress on the knee hurt. Squats, Legpress, Deadlifts, they all hurt right at the middle of the knee behind the patella.
Avatar n tn Additionally, if I stand for too long, my knee is extremely sore and stiff. The worst pain is that which wakes my in the middle of the night at least 1-2 times per week. I will be sleeping on my side and wake with excruciating pain, as if an ice pick is driving through the side of my knee (interior side) and into the joint. I cannot straighten or bend my knee at this point without using my hands to manually move my leg. I am taking Aleve to no avail.
10562950 tn?1411070041 but this is knee and my whole leg hurts from top to bottom.. Both legs.. i woke up in the middle of the night crying in pain. Anybody else experience this??
Avatar f tn 17. 2 Years ago I had left knee surgery. The pain though is in my right foot. It sort of pulls and I can feel the pain when I lay my outside side of the foot on the floor. Last week I took a 4-day break off skating and the pain went away. I have skated for 3 days now and the pain is back. It's in the area of where the middle-foot bone(sp?) goes up to the ancle. I am under the impression that it's a little swollen and the area definitely feels harder than on my left foot.
Avatar n tn Aqua therapy without pain. But sometimes running in pool would cause pain in the patella. Strength exercises would cause some pain in patella. But not as bad as running. Running would always make it hurt. In that inner/middle part of patella. On Dec 1 ( 5 1/2 months post surgery) He Started doing more intense strength training on his legs to improve the quad muscles. His quads are getting much stronger. His right leg is almost the size of his left.
Avatar m tn I get a sharp pain in my left knee when jumping hard. I can run and sprint without pain. I can even jump 10 to 12 inches without noticing any pain. But when I do a two legged jump to go up for a dunk, I immediately get pain around the middle of my left knee. It then hurts to jump and there is pain when doing even a minor squat. Eventually within about an hour.
Avatar f tn Feeling the calf when this pain happens, i cannot feel the muscles tensing or contracting. The best way i can describe the pain is almost like a funny bone pain, but in my calf. The spasms (or whatever they are) are so intense, i cry out in pain. I tried heat and ice and both had no effect. It doesn't matter what position I am in. I did not injure myself recently either. I'm not sure if this is something serious or if it will probably go away.
Avatar f tn I experienced a fall resulting in a direct blow to the patella approximately 4 weeks ago. There was some bruising, but no swelling and very little pain, and I've had full use of the knee and leg the entire time. The problem is that there is a 1-inch long, 1/4-inch wide "dent" in the upper-middle of my patella that won't go away. A doctor examined it a few days ago, and he was sure that it was fractured. But X-rays showed no sign of a fracture.
Avatar f tn this pain was moving from my right thigh to right knee and at one time i felt svere pain in my knee. total period of facing this pain was almost one and a half hour. then i took a pain killer and had some oil massage on my legs and i felt better. but in the morning i again felt thigh pain bt it was not svere as previous, but with this i felt pain in my back bone exact in the middle and lower back, and the backside of my neck. i am 31 year old and very much worried about this situation.
Avatar f tn symptoms: pain from middle back radiating down, pain across hips dominant left side, pain left thigh in again left knee and come in again left ankle, can't move smallest 3 digits in left foot up or down can't move largest 2 up but can bend them, tingling band of pain across middle back like having a TENS machine on me permanently, when I walk left foots throbs and weakens quickly, if I cycle I push with right leg, left leg throbs and fatigues after 4 - 5 revolution if I push with it, als
Avatar f tn I have dislocated my left knee 6 times throughout my life, my right knee never gave me any problems until 2-3 years ago when the only way to stop the pain was to overextend my knee and force it to pop. Until it pops, I have awful pain that is on the inside on my knee and underneath my kneecap and sometimes I have shooting pain go from under my kneecap all the way up the center/middle of my thigh to my hip.
Avatar n tn i have a deep pain in my upper right leg, right in the middle of it. It has been there for months, and is sometimes numb, but mostly throbs deeply while I am in bed. Sometimes it causes insomnia because it's like a burning pain. In the past month, it seems to have travelled down to right above my knee. Help!
Avatar n tn but after the lump i am feeling burning sensation and pain in my knee cap and my leg.Also i have th esypmtom of nurves are snapping diffrent part of my body. i am really sacre what to do ?my legs hurt very bad some you explain about the lumps please?
Avatar n tn During my senior season I hurt my knee during practice twice in a day first by falling and landing directly on it and then by twisting it. What resulted was an intense pain on the inside of my right knee that usually came after climbing stairs or having to keep my knees in the same position for an extended period of time (e.g. at a movie, or during a car ride). Eventually I went to a doctor who referred me to a physical therapist.
Avatar m tn Starting in the middle of last night I began to experience occasional random burning sensations on the outside of the thigh just above the knee (in the same area). Any thoughts on what it might be?
Avatar m tn He has had many blood test ans scans done with nothing showing up that can explain the amount of pain. He says that his pain is centered at the middle of is knee ( the point that you would come to if you drilled from the top of the knee and the side of the knee). He is unable to walk with out a knee brace and crutches. None of the heavy narcotics he is on even dull the pain. He is at a loss and no one is able to do anything for him. Any help is appreciated.
Avatar f tn I had some mild pain in the calf of my left leg. My doctor said it is not a clot. The pain has gotten extensively worse now affecting the knee. I went back to doctor and the doctor said it is arthritis of the knee and that, at this point, no tests were necessary. Well, in spite of anti-inflammatory meds, I cannot put my full weight down on my leg without pain that seems more concentrated directly under the knee. I am walking around limping.
Avatar m tn I really enjoy running but recently (about a week ago) I ran 3 miles, which is really nothing for me, but about the middle of my run, i had this really sharp pain in my left knee. This particular knee has had complications like soreness and tightness before. This time though, the pain was much worse. I ended up running an 8 mile route yesterday and once again, the pain was horrible. I had to try and "walk it off" but that seems to intensify the pain.
Avatar n tn Ok. I am a 40 year old female who had a compound fracture of tibia/fibula with rod in tibia and pins going across knee and ankle. Accident was in December 2012. Ankle&knee hurts with fracture site (almost directly in middle of tibia). Can I get this stuff taken out of my leg? Rod is directly in the middle of my bone. Surgery or pain advise would be awesome!
Avatar f tn the pain moves in joint space, you must feel you are unable to straighten your knee and pain get worst. your knee become frail, swell and stiff. The pain lasts for a long time. If you have any of these symptoms, contact to a Orthopedist.
Avatar f tn s orders since my back surgery. I have no pain walking, no pain while sitting, no pain in the car, no pain laying down, The ONLY time this hits me is when I'm sitting down! It's weird. I have had to out weight on my arms by placing them on a table or arm chair before I can start sitting, The pain is still there, it's just tolerable enough to get my fanny on th seat!
Avatar f tn Hi again everyone, my leg is killing me, its really swollen today, and i have radiating pain from my ankles to my hip. My pain has definitely got worse since i had surgery, not in my knee but everywhere else. I just hate playing the waiting game, because thats what my doctor makes me do, and im not able to take pain meds, so i have to deal with it everyday. It's very irratating, and it's hard to stay positive and happy when all im able to do everyday is sit in my bed and watch tv.
Avatar m tn The initial pain I had in the middle of the thigh is gone and so is the back pain. However this last week as soon as I finished the first game, my upper thigh/hip area starting hurting worse than the week before and I wasn't able to continue playing for the night. Should I take a week off to get rested and focus on stretching more?
Avatar m tn I started experiencing pain in my left knee 3 months into Peg and Riba...never injured it in the past. I am now 5 weeks post treatment and the pain has subsided some but my knee remains swollen and stiff. I will have a steroid injection on the 23rd to try and knock that swelling down. Yes, it is very common for joint pain or old injury aggravation. Many come here with the same issues...some resolve and some do not. Just know that it is very common and hopefully you get better when TX is over.
529142 tn?1214352259 this swelling is not there in the morning, but is there at night it also appears like bony pain in both lower legs also at the calf area of left knee. Any advice or opinion please help. Cora Brooks, Ireland.