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Avatar f tn I too broke femur back in 2005 in a car accident I have metal rod going down my leg with a screw in my knee I understand the pain your having I have the same problems .
Avatar f tn I had some mild pain in the calf of my left leg. My doctor said it is not a clot. The pain has gotten extensively worse now affecting the knee. I went back to doctor and the doctor said it is arthritis of the knee and that, at this point, no tests were necessary. Well, in spite of anti-inflammatory meds, I cannot put my full weight down on my leg without pain that seems more concentrated directly under the knee. I am walking around limping.
Avatar f tn the pain moves in joint space, you must feel you are unable to straighten your knee and pain get worst. your knee become frail, swell and stiff. The pain lasts for a long time. If you have any of these symptoms, contact to a Orthopedist.
Avatar f tn The report describes possible long standing degeneration/ injury in the substance of the medical meniscus (one of the internal structures of the knee joint). The fabella is a small bone that occurs rarely in humans and should not be anything worrisome. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar n tn My 4 year old lab had anterior cruciate surgery on her right knee in Dec. 2007 and on her left knee in Feb. 2008. Her vet said she is recovering well but she still has a hard time getting into a sit position. Is this normal for this time frame. what are the best exercises for her. I take her walking and swimming but the next day she can hardly walk. I also give her glucosomine.
Avatar f tn Hi again everyone, my leg is killing me, its really swollen today, and i have radiating pain from my ankles to my hip. My pain has definitely got worse since i had surgery, not in my knee but everywhere else. I just hate playing the waiting game, because thats what my doctor makes me do, and im not able to take pain meds, so i have to deal with it everyday. It's very irratating, and it's hard to stay positive and happy when all im able to do everyday is sit in my bed and watch tv.
Avatar m tn I have pain in my right hip and it goes down my leg below my calf into my ankle when stepping or standing. I relieve the pain by setting down with leg elevated, Can a Chiropractor help this pain?
4671444 tn?1357794171 Hi! In all probability you have injured the menisci in the knee—either the medial or the lateral depending on the site of pain. Meniscii if torn or injured, result in joint instability—that is you are not confident the knee joint will take your weight. Often the person feels a popping sensation on moving the joint. It can also be tendinitis due to inflammation of tendon at the knee joint. Since you had tendon injury 4 years back, this time too it could be a tendon troubling you.
Avatar m tn t suggest arthritis to me, I have arthritis of the knee and I get pain in the knee, also in muscles that work the knee. I don't get numbness anywhere else. I'm not medically qualiified but a doctor should check this out, whatever it is you will be better off with treatment.
Avatar f tn ( but i have a lot of pain in my knee, and my hip today. I sometimes get this pain that radiates from my ankles, up to my knee and right now i just feel it in my knee, its a very uncomfortable feeling.
Avatar m tn The location of the knee pain can be a useful guide. Pain in the front portion of the knee can be caused by bursitis (inflammation of the lining of the joint, possible due to injury while playing), arthritis, or injury to the patella cartilage (front portion of the knee). Pain on either sides of the knee is usually related to meniscal tears, injuries to the collateral ligaments, and even to arthritis. You will need X-rays and MRIs of the knee to find the exact.
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm an 19 year old male and since the last week of August, I've had a sharp pain in my knee. It's occurs in my left knee, on the inside. It's very near to the platella, but I don't know if it's the tibia or the fibula. It's the bone that kind of slightly juts out. Anyways, it hurts to bend the knee and walking up and down stairs causes slight pain as well. Any insight on the problem is appreciated. Thanks for your time!
Avatar m tn Since two years i am having pain in my both legs ,specially in left leg. Pain starts from above the knee and goes till calf. pain is more near knee. pain increases when i stand for a long time or do some intense physical work. i have gone through all medical tests like X-ray, MRI of knee and spine, Arthristis profile, diabetes , but nothing is there in these tests. it is more of a muscular pain. and it keeps on increasing. Doctor doesn't said anything. gave some muscles relaxants.
Avatar f tn I have been on fentanyl, embeda and opana, Right now I have a spacer in my right knee because the staph infection was so severe they could not put in a knee yet so I still have one more surgery to go. My problem is the morphine er is not working or lasting so I have started taking 30mg of morphine with still no relief. My pain management doctor scared the crap out of me when he gave me narcon in case I overdose. I want to take 60mg of morphine to see if it will work but I am so scared.
482924 tn?1333203671 I'm having pain in the left knee for the past few months which has now spread to other joints like the ankle, right knee, wrist, fingers, hip etc. I've been to an orthopaedic. Knee x-ray shows arthritis. Blood test results for uric acid was 6.9. Doc gave me meds. After 1 month repeat test showed uric acid as 3.5. But pain in the joints have worsened. Doctor told me to get blood reports for serum calcium, vit d & anti ccp. Tsh too. Reports were - Ca 9.0, TSH - 1.
Avatar n tn Hi i have a terrible pain in my left leg and it feels and looks like the vein at the back of my knee gets swollen and and it goes all the way up and it hurts a lot,it feels like the blood doesnt move, this is been going on for about 4 weeks but is worse and when im in bed its a very bad,can you please tell me what this is. Thank you This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/200999'>Unexplained pain in left leg</a>.
Avatar m tn We love our dog, he is a part of our family and it is so painful to see him limping and in so much pain. Any help would be so much appreciated. Thanks so much!
Avatar f tn i would think the weight gain has a lot to do with it, but having gone through 2 knee surgeries i know what knee pain is and i completely get u!! it is horribleee and unbearable... as i said weight gain usually affects the knees, but i don't think it should cause bruising, if though u have a pinched nerve or maybe even tore ur meniscus (which u can do without knowing, I did.. twice) then that might be causing the bruising..
Avatar m tn After about a week of mild pain the pain went away. In the last few weeks I have been noticing more slight pain in the knee, as well as some perceived weakness in the knee. I've also found a slight bump across the patellar tendon, and overall the knee does not seem to feel right. Should I be seeing a doctor, or could this possibly be something I can treat at home? Any ideas on what it could be? Thank you.
Avatar f tn knee pain. I have profound swelling in my leg below my knee replacement that I had done in 2012. I cannot wear socks because they cause me pain. Can you tell me what is wrong?
Avatar f tn The commonest cause of pain in the calf is DVT or deep vein thrombosis and clots and post exercise. Pain in the calf area can also be due to pinched spinal nerves in the lumbo-sacral area or a pinched nerve at the knee joint. A nerve conduction study should be done. A MRI of the lumbar spine should also be able to throw some light. A deep vein thrombophlebitis or intermittent claudication (spontaneous spasm and relaxation of arteries) can also cause similar symptoms.
Avatar n tn My six year old daughter has had knee pain in the same leg for two years I took her to the doctor and he said its just growing pains but it concerns me because it's always the same knee. Recommendations?
Avatar f tn s been like a month maybe more and now not only is it hips and knees i have sensation of pain all through my legs especially down by my shin area and ancle and my knee pain went from hurting when i bend it to aching when it wants and cracking ones in awhile i don't no for sure but i think my shin area in some spots is sore but yeah my legs ache to i hope it's scatica becuase i just had a full blood and urine test and everything was negetive so i hope arthrtis or nerve but i don't no.