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Avatar f tn m just wondering if the tightness of the calf muscle - or the atrophy of the thigh - could have weakened the knee joint???? Haven't I read that MSers are more prone to other autoimmune disorders . . . such as rheumatoid arthritis? I know, I know . . . I'm trying to wrap everything up in a single package again.
Avatar n tn Two years ago I injured my back and have pain in my right leg and have epidural treatment however the last one was incredibly painful and burned so bad but had no pain relief at all and now I have the terrible pain in the left knee, it is my theory that the dr actually injured the nerve whilst performing the failure epidural.
Avatar f tn Since about 3 weeks I have severe pain on the back of my knee ( left leg), it hurts mostly when walking. Especially after sitting a while, If Advil don't help to ease the pain. I'm not a sports person have not done anything out of the ordinary. the muscle on my calves are very tight and sometimes cramp. I have done a ultrasound to rule out a blood clot. Fortunately nothing was found. Thank you for any response. I do stretch sometimes, put heat on.
Avatar f tn There are non- or less-invasive treatments (physical therapy, pain management specialists, synvisc injections, custom knee braces) that could alleviate some of the pain and stave off the inevitable. You may be able to get relief with a partial knee replacement, if one side of your knee is significantly worse than the other. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Would any one please guide me what kind of pain i have, when ever i bend down my knee there is short poping sound from knee, butt there is no pain, and whenever i run or slide stairs then i feel pain in exect behind the knee and also some low back pain at at same side where the problem of leg.
Avatar n tn Hi i have a terrible pain in my left leg and it feels and looks like the vein at the back of my knee gets swollen and and it goes all the way up and it hurts a lot,it feels like the blood doesnt move, this is been going on for about 4 weeks but is worse and when im in bed its a very bad,can you please tell me what this is. Thank you This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/200999'>Unexplained pain in left leg</a>.
20482121 tn?1498962581 Last year I was diagnosed with mild spondylotic and disc degenerative changes present at multiple levels in my back. I was wondering if my knee problem is causing my back pain or vice versa?
Avatar m tn I've had surgery many years back. A few weeks ago i hurt my knee when I walked into a hole I had not seen. There was swelling for a few days... Once the swelling went away I noticed a bump at the back of my knee. The bump itself is not painful, but my knee doesn't seem to really get better as a regular pain persists. I am keeping an eye on it, but I believe it is getting bigger. Will consult shortly, but any idea what this could be?
Avatar f tn I've been motivated to be more active... I have lower back problems...but have been walking and doing aerobics in spite of the back issues....haven't done any exercise since Saturday because the lil bit of pain has turned into a lot and more frequent pain...feel like I'm on the verge of a flare up... What exercises other than swimming would be good for me?...that wouldn't aggravate my back?
Avatar m tn There is no other reason then stiffness as the gluteal muscles or your leg muscles are nothing to do with knee joint. If the pain continues you have to check near your orthopaedician if it is due to nerve/blood vessel problem. Take care!
Avatar f tn I found sleeping with a pillow between my legs made me feel more uncomfortable. It was better for me to sleep the way I like, on the side of the stomach with the top knee in front of my stomach to support the weight (any side works for me). But when I was in a lot of pain I just laid flat on my back with the belt on.
1779555 tn?1314565745 I have just had mri and I have arthritis (advanced for my age ) and hip displacia on the same hip . The nerve pains they say are not from my hip but from my back as they think it’s along the sciatic nerve . I have read that this can affect your pireformis muscle deep in your bum so that may well be why I’m having knee pains too . I have sharp pains in my groin and have had for around 4 years but this stabbing knee and under bum pain are just since Aug 18 .
Avatar f tn Ive never dealt with sciatic nerve pain before, but my Dad does almost daily. He also wears back braces too - not sure if thats an option or not if the pain is after the pregnancy.
Avatar m tn I recently had an MRI of my knee and lower back.. However I don't know what the diagnosis means. If any one can answer it would be greatly appreciated.. My knee diagnosis is"there is a deep fissuring in the central patellar cartilage that is full thickness.. There is underlying reactive change in the patella..." My back diagnosis is "at L5 S1 there is a mild diffuse disc buldge without central or forminal stenosis..
Avatar f tn you feel pain at the side and in center of knee, the swelling increases day by day, limit your tendency to bend the knee, you may feel sharp pain while bending your knee and walking. The pain come and go anytime and anywhere. 3. Extreme tears: the pain moves in joint space, you must feel you are unable to straighten your knee and pain get worst. your knee become frail, swell and stiff. The pain lasts for a long time. If you have any of these symptoms, contact to a Orthopedist.
785373 tn?1236328403 s the other day was given Vicoden, Naproxen, and Predisone. Was given a MRI of hip, and back. Doctor says she also thinks the pain comes from back. Havent got results back yet. Pain starts in hip, usually when lying down or sitting in a certain type of chair. Goes down the back of my leg, down to my ankle, sometimes into my toes, sometimes into my heel.
Avatar n tn The pain was really bad, both the front and back of the knee. I never experienced clicking/popping in that knee prior. But suddenly it was happening all the time. As the pain subsided the clicking/popping got worse. It has been a couple months, the clicking/popping still very much there. I tried working out again for the first time in months last Wednesday, and felt nothing during the workout or afterwards.
Avatar m tn This knee pain can arise from the knee itself or referred from conditions affecting the hip, ankle or the lower back. MRI spine will reveal the cause whether it is a vertebral fracture, slipped intervertebral disc causing nerve impingement etc since these symptoms started with the back injury. You could take oral anti anxiety medicines like benzodiazepines under medical supervision. If it is difficult, an anesthesiologist could be requested for intravenous sedation or even general anesthesia.
Avatar n tn Multilevel chronic degenerative disease ranging from mild to severe with resulting narrowing of several of the neural foramina, particularly the right foramen at L4-5 and left neural foramen at L5-s1
Avatar f tn Well I'm haven back pain is it safe to use icy hot cream or the patch Tylenol dnt work for me
Avatar m tn I was out running and the pain manifested at first at the back of my knee. It has variously been diagnosed as a knee sprain, torn meniscus, patella tendonitis. and we just don't know. Hopefully you'll get a more definitive diagnosis than I have. But you have to see the right professional to find out. You will probably be sent for X-rays and an MRI. Hope it works out.
Avatar f tn It can inflame the muscle and tissue surrounding the nerve. I am 14w and have been going to the chiropractor for two weeks for it. Use ice for 20 min then wait 2 hours and repeat. Try not to sit on soft surfaces. You can try to stretch it out by lying on the floor and brining your knee up to your chest and holding for 10 seconds. Good luck to you, I know it's hard to live with.
Avatar f tn Well because of my feet and the numbness and all I have fallen several times and I have been lucky as not to really hurt myself, but about 3 months ago I feel and hurt my right knee which hurt like the devel but had to work since the other two in the office were off, next day I went into work still hurting and I feel again trying to save my right knee I tried to fall leaning towards the left, well long story short, I ripped a tendon or cartridge in the back of the knee which cannot be fixed no