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Avatar m tn Leg presses and lifts still aggravate my knee so I have been doing exercises to build up the side of my legs and my gluts in hopes of off-loading weight from my knee. These exercises have caused mild irritation but are now aggravating my knee, presumably because the cortisone is wearing off. Neither the doctor not the physical therapist can pin point a diagnosis. Its really frustrating and I am reluctant to do surgery when the MRI showed nothing. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you.
Avatar f tn Hi. I have had persistent and worsening knee pain for about a year. I have been to my GP about it explaining that I physically can't walk without wearing knee supports (often a tube support and patellar strap together!) because my knees feel like they are going to give way. My job as a waitress before being furloughed for the time being was hell and I would often be limping by the end of the shift.
Avatar n tn Over the past year I have gotten recurring pain in my left shoulder, a swollen left wrist ( a couple times), groin pain, and most recently a swollen left ankle, and a swollen left knee. With all of these the pain subsides over a couple days and I feel normal for a couple weeks. Right now the left knee is still a bit swollen but does not hurt anymore, my left shoulder pain has come back, and my middle and ring fingers in my left hand have pain where they meet the hand.
Avatar m tn - April 29 or so developed knee pain on my right knee. It was painful enough that I had a hard time going up and down the stairs. I went hiking on April 24th. I wasn't sure if this related since the time span between the hike and the pain is a bit too long which is 5 days. The pain kept switching between my right and left knee for about 2 weeks but NEVER experienced the pain on both knees at once.
Avatar n tn Since the injury, which occurred while hiking and hopping off a rock, my heel has been numb and tingling and I have a very sore spot on the ball of my foot. The foot is very still in the morning and the numbness and tender spot is constant. I shared this with my orthopoedic surgeon several times and he kept saying it would go away. It is not improving and my foot is more stiff and sore in the morning than it has been. What do I do next?
Avatar f tn I didnt start hiking ...
Avatar n tn i had the same surgery as melhal and im a 42 yr old female, however, i cannot bend my knee when i walk or go down the stairs because something on the side of my knee pops and it hurts so much and i limp and still have swelling in front and back of my knee.
Avatar m tn oops I have been struggling with what has been diagnosed as IT band syndrome. I've had pain on the outside of my left knee for over a year. I am an amateur cyclist. I have been doing physio (glute strengthening and stretches), ART, gunn IMS, acupuncture, 3 rounds of oral and topic anti-inflammatory (2 months of diclofenac 10%), i've had a cortisone shot over 3 weeks ago, and there has never been anything that has ever helped.
Avatar f tn Now I am 60 and during spin class my monitor will fluctuate between 34 and 120 once in awhile it will go up to maybe 134 but that is rare. I have had some chest pain but that was thought to be related to ulcers and or asthma. I get lots of muscle cramps in my legs especially when swimming. I get SOB when first startng an activity or maybe just going up stairs. I get extremely tired and have a hard time staying awake during the day.
296076 tn?1371334474 totally bit it.. didn´t even know it was there.. but I don´t feel any pain in my belly so I should be ok right?
Avatar m tn My husband started getting them 4 days ago (our last day up north) on both ankles and one knee. His have now spread up both calves and are now progressing up his thigh. What is causing this? I'm worried because we have 2 kids under 10 who don't show any signs. Could they get it too?
Avatar f tn If you're hiking on mountain trails, and you don't say if you are, hiking boots are made for that. Today's light-weight hiking boots are really running shoes inside a firm support shoe for the bends and creases of mountain hiking. Aside from that, if you don't have shin splits -- if you do, you have to deal with that before doing anything else -- are you stretching at all? You might be very tight, which makes it harder to do new things.
Avatar n tn I am 10 days out from a hip pinning surgery. I am 50 years old and have been an avid runner my entire life. Three months ago toward the end of a run I felt like my right knee was going to totally give out from under me. After I got home I sat down and cooled down and when I stood up I was limping. The next morning I wasn't liming when I walked, so I tried to run and within one block I couldn' I walked home and haven't run since. Two weeks after the initial incident...
Avatar m tn Sometimes when I walk down steps or when hiking and change from downhill to flat or flat to uphill, during the first few steps I sometimes feel in my left knee something like it is being hyper extended. It doesn't hurt and there is no swelling or inflammation. It's just real annoying - and something I very much want to avoid. Sort of like how you hate to hit the funny bone in your elbow or accidentally crack your knuckles.
Avatar n tn ve been left to cure my own ills. I took some time of from running (5 months) and recently started training again. The hip pain had greatly diminished and now it is back with a vengenance. It hurts when bending knee to chest, or after running, walking, cycling, basically overuse. I use a heating pad which helps at night. Is this a hip flexor injury and how do I treat it?
Avatar m tn The RFM is a weaker hip flexor when the knee is extended because it is already shortened and thus suffers from active insufficiency. The RFM assists in the extension of the knee and flexion of the hip. The should tell you what type of exercises should be helpful. Bicycling is a good exercise for this muscle according to a friend of mine, Physical Therapist. I hope this is helpful. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions. Best wishes!