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Avatar m tn Hence first physical therapy is started. Other treatments include knee caps and braces, taping the patella to reduce friction, anti inflammatory drugs, custom designed foot wear to correct arch problems if any and rest to the knee joint. Please discuss these treatment options with your specialist. You probably need an initial period of rest for the knee (maybe strapping it in braces) followed by physical therapy. Take care!
Avatar m tn I am a 6'3" 245lb 23 year old male, and have been experiencing knee pain for the past month or so. This happened when I was performing Verticle Jumps at a track practice. When I landed, i felt a sharp pain in the middle of my left knee. I did not feel any popping, just a very sharp pain right behidn the patella. I didn't think anything of it that day, and it never bruised or swelled.
Avatar m tn I recently had an MRI of my knee and lower back.. However I don't know what the diagnosis means. If any one can answer it would be greatly appreciated.. My knee diagnosis is"there is a deep fissuring in the central patellar cartilage that is full thickness.. There is underlying reactive change in the patella..." My back diagnosis is "at L5 S1 there is a mild diffuse disc buldge without central or forminal stenosis..
Avatar m tn I recently had an MRI of my knee and lower back.. However I don't know what the diagnosis means. If any one can answer it would be greatly appreciated.. My knee diagnosis is"there is a deep fissuring in the central patellar cartilage that is full thickness.. There is underlying reactive change in the patella..." My back diagnosis is "at L5 S1 there is a mild diffuse disc buldge without central or forminal stenosis..
Avatar f tn Within, the last three years I have had 6 knee replacements and 2 staph infection removals in the same knee. I started with dilauid  10mgand then my surgeon put me on OxyContin 10mg. However, my pain became worst so I was sent to a pain management doctor who know has me on 15mg OxyContin and 15mg morphine er.
Avatar n tn What type of pain is this that hits the right knee abruptly even like lightning so swift, and travels from the knee straight through the thigh nerve and/or tissues, shooting straight to the joint of the thigh and groins that lasts at least one to two minutes. Sometime the pain is so severe even after it has left I can still feel the pressure it leaves behind.
Avatar f tn There are non- or less-invasive treatments (physical therapy, pain management specialists, synvisc injections, custom knee braces) that could alleviate some of the pain and stave off the inevitable. You may be able to get relief with a partial knee replacement, if one side of your knee is significantly worse than the other. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Actually the hip pain could be stabbing at times (bad enough to actually wake me at night), and the rest of the time it’s a constant dull ache. The pain is now also radiating down my thigh to my knee and groin, as well as having a constant back ache. My left leg can also sometimes ache. The groin area also feels a bit numb. Sometimes I think even both sides of the hip aches, but right side is worst. Even as I sit here at rest writing this my leg, hip and upper right abdomen is throbbing.
Avatar f tn Thanks for replying. My doctor has made no official diagnosis but asked me to bend and flex my knee and leg this way and that. She said that my knee joint is a bit loose. I'm getting an x ray to find out and physio but I'm still waiting on both of these letters to get to me. I'll use the codeine and I have laxatives at home. I've been drinking more water lately so a bit more might help.
Avatar n tn Is it possible that it is bone spurs? I had the same thing and it was due to the way I was compensating with the pain and walking. There were treatments, but honestly I was tired or "treatments" and rode it out (about 4 months). Don't know if that was the right thing to do or not, but it did get better.
Avatar f tn Diagnosis of my injury after twisting it when turning a sharp corner when running in house. Felt pull/tug 4 inches or so below middle of knee. Discomfort bending,walking,sitting, squatting, etc. What did I fo. No swelling. What treatments to help it heal. What's my prognosis?
Avatar f tn I was fitted for orthotic shoes from there, and that has GREATLY decreased my foot/arch and knee/hip pain, and also helps with posture, and I'm sure many other things I just have not noticed or cannot put my finger on. What symptoms do you have that the ENT thinks you have TMJ problems??? You may need to see a neurologist.
Avatar f tn About a month later my wrists started to feel better, but I started getting the same pain in my ankles, and my left knee. It really hurts alot when I walk or have to lift my knee. My knee almost feels swollen. I have never heard of a joint pain that moves around I am so lost. I am tired of taking Ibprofin and sleeping on a heating pad! I went to my primary DR. He took blood, x-rays and urine, but they all came back normal.
Avatar f tn So as you can see, arthritis can cause an overall knee pain. Ligament injury causes pain to worsen on walking, bending and stretching the knee. Meniscii too if torn or injured, result in joint instability—that is you are not confident the knee joint will take your weight. Often the person feels a popping sensation on moving the joint. It can also be tendinitis due to inflammation of tendon at the knee joint.
Avatar n tn I fell and 2 weeks ago with severe bruising and continued pain in my right knee cap and the front of right leg, almost a burning sensation
Avatar m tn I have been having knee pain for quite some time now. Initially was taking it light, but recently got the same checked and MRI was performed. Dr.'s conclusion are as follow: 1. Grade 2C tear of medial meniscus. 2. Moderate to severe joint effusion distending the suprapatellar bursa with underlying osteoarthritic changes at knee. 3. Bone marrow edema is noted at the medial tibial condyle. Yet to meet my docter in two days.
Avatar m tn hi ya i have been suffering form severe back pain and cronic knee pain, i have also lost 1/2" in the lenght of my left. i have a total of 3.5" in diamenter off my calf and thigh, with mussel wastage. I have just returned form having my 2nd mri scan and am really worried bout the putcome as my speciplaist and doc are stumpted. does anyone have any idea's to help me with pain relief or ideas regarding a diasconics? ps im on 16 tablets per day for pain relief, inflamination.
665125 tn?1273023924 I apologize that I do not know the reason for your chronic pain. Sometimes we obtain a diagnosis and the physician(s) (and we also) just assume that either it stays the same or nothing new develops. Is it possible that you have something else going on besides the original diagnosis? Or could it be that your initial condition has just progressively gotten worse. Sometimes thing change and there is something that can be done to correct the situation or the new problem.
Avatar m tn My muscles are really twitching today and the pain is back in full force today. I have a call into my pain doctor for help and I am waiting for his reply. Does anyone have any insight that can help me with what is going on with me? I am tired of going to doctors and paying co-pays to hear no real solution to my problem. Is there a better doctor to go to for this?? I am currently seeing a knee surgeon and pain doctor as well as my general doctor with no real solution or help.
Avatar f tn i'm a dancer and I can't extend my knee anymore. I don't know what I did to mess it up. but even laying down i have to force myself to extend it. every time i get it extended it sends sharp pain from the lower part of my knee up to my hip bone. I'm only 20 so the thought of knee replacement scares me half to death. I can't start my career in dance until my knee is back to normal.. i've tried icing it, stretching it, biofreeze you name it i've probably tried it.
Avatar f tn I had bilateral knee replacement done in 2008. I went through the operation with no pain. Now, it's a different story. I have jolts of muscle and tendon pain. By that, I mean, if I take a step I get a jolt, which sometimes throws me forward. Sometimes, when I am walking I get a spasm of pain, then it will go away. I do not have constant pain. My walking is not very straight. Anyone with this kind of problem?
Avatar f tn Severe joint pain in the knee and later also in the fingers. The knee thing turned out to be ostenecrosis where the femur of my right leg was dying. now I think this was all caused by the Tamoxifen, but what matters is that my vit D was very, very low, and it is in many people with cancer and bc. After I found supplements that were effective, and the D normalized, my leg and knee went back to normal. it just started one day without any injury or provocation and it stopped the same way.