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Avatar f tn I had an x-ray on my knee because of pain, and now they have found another cyst in my right knee. My dr. said it is not what was cuasing the pain, we were just lucky we caught it or something. I can't even get that one looked at by a specialist until late August. Now i've been diagnosed with a kidney infection... but i'm very worried because no urine smaple or anything was taken, and i was only looked at by a doctor in a clinic for one minute...
Avatar f tn How did they find that your femur was dying?? I have pain in my left knee femur area but when I had cancer they found a bone growth of somekind that they said was not cancer. Bone scans show stablity in that area but more uptake in the T6-7 and rib area on the right side. I have been taking 2000 IU of vit D my drs request. I was taking oxycodone for the pain but that was not effective any longer. Now I am using Lidoderm patches.... (3) a day for pain control.
Avatar f tn I had a large lump on my knee last year. I swore it was a tumor. It looked like a second knee cap. Turns out it was lipoma...a mass of debri under my skin. It went away with steroid injections. Check out lipoma on google. They're not painful and can happen anywhere on the body. Try not to think worst case scenario with cancer just yet.
Avatar m tn It also hurts when I cough or clear my throat. I have had 4 knee surgeries (2 on each knee--left side acl replacement and the right acl needs replacing or knee replacement) and one rotator cuff surgery and need the other one done. My point is I know my body mechanics are far from correct. I know this is long but I tried to give a background.
Avatar f tn In my view, anything the size of a tennis ball needs to be seen by a doctor. Knee cancer is very rare. I was tested for knee cancer too once believe it or not! My symptoms were swelling and a hole/shadow in the bone (showed up on X-ray). There are also lots of benign lumps and bumps but you need to see someone to find out for sure. Take care.
1734139 tn?1310591239 Hi I'm so concern about my right hip bone pain that goes down to my right knee. Could this pain be coming from my thyriod cancer that has spread?
Avatar n tn One thing I have noticed is when people have pain in is not normally cancer. Pain is a good sign. If you had the swelling with out pain then I would be worried. For both bone cancer I had they found it with an x-ray. So make sure you get it checked out. Good luck.
Avatar m tn It is a disorder classified by the presence of chronic widespread pain and tactile allodynia(pain even on touching). If there is any deep seated pain in knee then causes of knee pain need to be ruled out. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar f tn I am deaking with severe pain at the outside of my right knee. It is not muscular it feels in the bone . It is tremendous in pain. The pain travels down the side of my leg it doesn't matter what i am doing, at night I can not lay on that side because of the pain, what is your opinion?
Avatar f tn My cousin turned out to have horrible pain in only one of her knees during pregnancy they kept fobbing her off saying it wAs cos carrying a baby anyway the pain stayed after birth n it turned out to be knee cancer, I don't wanna scare u or anything but if u go to the doctors dont let them fob u off
Avatar f tn I have on going pain in my right upper leg , above my knee. it shoots up into my hip. Its not my knee itself, there is a lump in my leg that is very painful. I had ocular melenoma 3 yrs ago, cancer runs in my family. should i be concerned?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast ca 2007, treated with chemo, radiation and then had a bilat mastectomy hoping to prevent it from recurring. May 2009 I complained about knee pain, had mult MRI"s and they told me I had a bone bruse with edema of my bone marrow. I requested PET scan, but was told because I have fibromyagia, I would light it up and they wouldn't be able to tell what was what. Well, guess what?
Avatar f tn First of all, I'm just 15 years old. Female. I've been experiencing pain and discomfort only in my RIGHT knee and leg for nearly a year now. I can't sleep well recently. The pain is gradual. First it wasn't that bad, but now its really affecting me. Doctors aren't taking me seriously! I've already seen a couple of doctors and all they do is just pass me around. They can't even name my sickness. And i'm so sick and frustrated about it already!
Avatar m tn // Has he had a nerve block for example? That may be beneficial if his pain is in his lower back as you describe. There are also creams like Arnica that are natural that may help. Here is an overview of prostate cancer for those reading that may help explain some of this disease: https://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn Not sure why you picked cancer as the only other alternative, as there are myriad mostly minor issues that could cause a swollen lymph node and knee pain. The fact that antibiotics have reduced your lymph node swelling points to a bacterial infection for that problem. Knee pain? See an orthopedic doctor.
Avatar m tn Thank you doctor, but I just don't understand why I would also be getting this severe knee pain. I thought the sciatic nerve runs in back of the leg, yet I've had nights when sudden severe knee pain hits the right knee. I don't feel this level of pain in the daytime, x-ray done 4 mo. ago was normal.
233772 tn?1297353383 It turned out that she has a lesion on her femur and think that the pain in her knee is refered pain. Not sure why she has swelling there as well but I guess we will see. She had a biopsy on wednesday and we are waiting impatiently for the results. We should know by monday as she has an appointment with her primary care taker and we will see where we stand. She is in alot of pain. It seems that its her knee that hurts the most and not where the lesion is. Very confusing.
1315726 tn?1274041217 when my pain started i felt like an old man i'm 25 male and my hip joints and knee joints ached really bad for like almost two weeks and i thought from doin ceiling sanding on dry wall gave me a sliped disc and i thought it was sciatica and it sorta went away after two weeks then about a week later it came back again and now it's been like a month maybe more and now not only is it hips and knees i have sensation of aches all through my legs especially down by my shin area and anckle and
Avatar m tn Welcome to the medhelp neurology forum. Thanks for writing in. Sciatica is pain resulting from irritation of sciatic nerve. it is typically felt from the low back to behind the thigh and radiating down below the knee. It is most commonly caused due to a herniated disc or adjacent bone, tumor, muscle irritating the nerve. treatment options include addressing the underlying cause for the symptoms, medications to relieve pain and inflammation and relax muscles, physical therapy.
18043065 tn?1462649991 I have the oddest pain that is only reproducible by one action - crossing my right leg up onto my left leg/slightly above the knee, while seated, as I do to change shoes. I have poked, prodded, pushed and examined and nothing abnormal is there. I can't reproduce the pain any other way. There is no bruising, swelling, orthopedic problems or history of any injury. It only happens when I change shoes.
1205901 tn?1348733429 my mum is on butran patchs 20 mg for her knee pain, she didnt like taking them so she just Stopped on the monday by the wedsday she was being sick crying feeling down and not wanting to be on her own, Is there side effets to butran like this ?
Avatar m tn I am so sorry that you are having such horrid pain. I had a knee surgery (minor compared to yours) some years ago and the pain was excruciating. You must be very uncomfortable. Nerve pain is one of the most severe and difficult to treat of all pains. It sounds like you are on appropriate medications but are they at high enough doses to control your pain adequately? You may never be pain free but your pain should be more controlled.
Avatar m tn It started swelling and by the time it was done swelling my knee was 1 1/2 - 2 times larger than my other knee. I thought the knee pain was related to the tarsal coalition in my feet, as i tend to walk abnormally due to the pain i often feel from my feet. As a note I should add that my knee tends to experience pain and swelling every now and then, usually when my tarsal coalition symptoms flare up, but it usually clears up in a few days with anti inflammatories and rest.
Avatar n tn Hi I am experience a similiar type pain in my knee. It started rather suddenly and within a few days grew to the point of pain that involuntarily causes me to scream out loud. Each episode lasted no longer than 30 seconds or so, and were usually spaced out by hours of no pain.
Avatar n tn I am a 32 year old healthy male, 5 9, 160 pounds. I play tennis several times a week. A few years ago, I noticed that if I am seated and I sneeze my tailbone would hurt, then the pain would subside after a few minutes. I don't recall injuring my tailbone. The past few months I have noticed it more often, sometimes just sitting down and then getting up. The soreness doesn't last. Standing, running, etc, there is no pain.
Avatar n tn s been working 10 hour shifts doing strenuous work and is standing up the whole time. This past September, he noticed he had extreme pain on his right knee, and it was swollen/inflamed. After going to his general physician, he was diagnosed with gout. His doctor prescribed him with Allopurinol 100mg, and he had to take one tablet a day, twice a day. Thankfully, the medicine worked, and my dad was out of pain within the next few days.