Knee pain after soccer

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Avatar f tn well you knee pain can be a factor from playing soccer ....
Avatar n tn The pain is on the outer part of my knee on the side below the joint. When I first got injured, the pain would occur when walking, going up stairs, and bending my leg but it got better each day and now that pretty much doesn't happen anymore when I do those things. Because of that I attempted to play soccer again yesterday but each time I kicked the ball the pain would reappear. I immediately stoped playing because I didn't want to make the problem worse. I can walk normally after it.
Avatar m tn My daughter is a college soccer player and is having knee pain on the inside of her knee/near the medial meniscus. It hurts (dull pain) when she straightens it and puts weight on it. It gets sharp when she goes into tackles and her foot gets turned out. Anyone know what could be causing it?
Avatar m tn did you have prior injury to this knee? how long have you had this pain. does your knee lockup or buckle? when does this, occur?only when playing soccor or w/other times as well?
Avatar m tn I had knee pain in outer side of knee while playing soccer. I took serratiopeptidase + diclofenac potassium capsule by doctors advice. I took rest for 2 weeks but when I started playing it started again. Please advice.
Avatar n tn after i had gotten the mri and was informed i had just bruising and no tears. i went back to playing soccer. as i was kicking a soccer ball ( im right footed) my knee gave that dislocation feeling and i just hit the ground in agony...i point out the fact that im right footed because thats the foot that was in mid air. i had no weight on it... it was back ready to kick the ball just before giving that foward motion. i cant keep having this happen. I need more of an answer that it will heal..
Avatar m tn Hi, I have pain in the tibia of my left leg, which I think is below the knee cap. The pain started when I was 18, after I got an injury during a basketball game. Now I'm 20 and I still feel the pain only when I engage in physical activity. What's wrong with me. Could these by osgood schlatters disease?
Avatar m tn My four years kid lately is suffering from knee pain started on one knee then for both knees and sometimes he cries. He loves soccer. He is having soccer training in the club 3 times weekly for about 1:30 hours each session and he wears soccer shoes from about 4 months.
Avatar f tn Again another soccer injury....for the past two years I have suffered of calf pain in both cross-country and soccer. The pain is on both calves and when I run, they feel very tight making it difficult to run. I asked the trainer what I could do and all she said was to stretch. Even though I stretch the calves for a significant amount of time and massage them with icy hot, the pain continues. What can I do to better this problem?
Avatar f tn the doctor that the legs may not give me trouble in the next 20 yrs(im 14)they however DO allready right knee often ALLREADY hurts.and since im an athlete,i have not been able to play soccer,take part in races.etc...the doctor even says that when im about 40-45,the legs r gonna give me a lot of trouble.but according to my doc,having a surgery means a 3-4 month layoff.
Avatar m tn I am 15 and i am very active in sports i am an all star cheerleader, high school cheerleader, soccer player and softball player. I have been having knee pain for about 4 months now and my doctor told me i have patellofemoral syndrome and a bad case of patellar tendonitis, so he told me to go to physical therapy to build my thigh muscles .
Avatar m tn Thank you for your response. Last year I sustained a knee injury while playing soccer. I went home put some ice on it and in the morning it was very swollen. The next day I went to hospital and after the x rays the doctor told me that I don’t have strong muscles around my knee and that there was nothing wrong with knee itself but it’s the muscles around the knees that are the problem. I am over weight but I have recently lost 5 – 6 kg form and h pylori infection.
Avatar m tn You may like to get this evaluated by your primary care physician or an orthopedician; or alternatively you may try resting the knee for 1-2 weeks and some tylenol if there is pain. If this does not tend to improve you may consider a medical evaluation. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn the pain is at the right side of my right knee, its situated near the fibula, not indicating that my bone is the one hurting, the pain is distinctive as it only hurts in a manner or form of a thread, the pain doesn't take up all of the right part of my knee, its just a thread shape pain that seems to extend from the femur down to the fibula.
Avatar m tn - knee cap feels under pressure or aggravated, always. (like right after you lightly bump it on a table by accident) - extreme tightness. I cannot sit on my right heel. Once my heel is within about 8 to 10 inches of my butt my knee gets too tight to go further and it is extremely painful. - shooting pain up the outside of the hammy near the IT band, and down the outside of the calf, near the head of the fibula. This is on and off either during exercise or a result of.
Avatar f tn 6 weeks ago my daughter's left knee buckled on her while dancing, then later again that night. She was in pain but not too severe but over the course of the week it got much worse to the point of not wanting to even walk on it. She later experienced sharp piercing pain while just sitting down and has buckled a few more times. Trip to the e.r. showed no breaks. Crutches and brace were given. Since then she saw an ortho. and had an MRI. He said she had a bone bruise.
1456157 tn?1285374334 My daughter had a knee injury about a month ago playing soccer (just apparently landed on her knee wrong on the field). We took her to our local clinic where they did an MRI and apparently the results were viewed by a radiologist and orthopedic doctor. The finding was pulled ligaments in her knee but nothing torn. We went to a Sports Therapy Clinic where through the course of exercises and a few visits, she was deemed okay to go back onto the field.
Avatar m tn It was nothing traumatic other than being kicked below the knee causing a contusion to my shin and then started causing pain in my upper knee. After several months off, with no soccer and only minimal rehabing in the training room (due to mass amount of swelling and pain) a surgeon scoped my knee in November and took out 2-3 plica and a ton of scar tissue. After three weeks of healing and feeling great, the same pain as before came back except for more intense.
Avatar m tn I then made the decision last fall to play some indoor soccer again and after the first 30 seconds of the game, my knee would be in incredible pain of which would leave me limping for the next 3 days. So besides knocking down, at times, 800mg of ibuprofin 3x a day (with food & water) to manage the swelling, nothing has really helped with the pain. Yesterday I went to see my surgeon again and discuss my options. He did some knee stability tests and said my ACL is very stable.
Avatar f tn I had something similar happen and was also concerned so I asked my teacher and thats what she told me. Except I got my bruise on my knee from playing soccer. Once the bruise was gone there was a lump there for quite a while but it'll go away eventually. Just try not to poke it or anything cause as you know it just makes you hurt.
358594 tn?1211255129 Question I had and knee injury during my soccer game I was in real pain right after the injury I had x rays and a altrasong because my knee was very sloween I had a brace for a while and took pain killers I felt good 2 days after lest pain also so I walked without the brace and cruches not well but ok then I knee just move and swell right back up almost a week after now I my knee feels ok can't bend or straighten so I walk funny if I do try to walk normal my knee falls back and it's sti
957414 tn?1246670050 I went down right away and felt pain in my left knee. Both sides of my knee were a little bit swollen, and I could not bend my knee all the way back. In addition, if I put pressure on the sides of my knee, it hurts and this was after swelling went down. I was able to bear my full weight on my injuried leg without pain at all. I have since then put on a brace to limit my knee movement with icing and elevation.
Avatar n tn Aching pain at and below the patella. Difficulty straightening the knee. Pain is most servere when putting weight or pressure on it. Pain can be felt when climbing up the stairs, jumping, running and standing for prolonged periods. In addition, pain can be felt behind the knee cap. I've had blows to the front and side of the knees before when playing soccer. The Orthopaedic diagnosed me with having Patella Tendonosis. However, I'm seriously starting to doubt the diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Whenever i squat or bend my knees they make a lot of popping and grinding sound, and sometimes when i'm sitting and move it a certain way i cannot make them go straight without pain and then a pop. Also when I ice skate or roller blade the medial side of my left knee cap hurts and the lateral side of my right one, what does this mean if anything?
Avatar m tn Also, when I wrap my hip flexor with ace wrap, I can play soccer with absolutely no pain while slide tackling and lifting my leg--it is only tight sometimes but no pain. My main concern that it is a labral tear is that there was a sort of popping sensation immediately before it started hurting, but that never happens when I wrap my hip. Does this sound more like a hip flexor strain or a labral tear?