Knee pain after hysterectomy

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Avatar n tn a growth on my ovary that continued growing over 3 months. After pain for 6 months off and on and a trip to the emergency room, with pain so severe it made me double over, it was found on a CAT scan that I had a good size cyst that they thought burst. When I went to my OBGYN and had a vaginal sonogram they found not a cyst that had burst but one that doubled in size from the 2 weeks prior trip to the emergency room.
Avatar m tn I had a total abdomen hysterectomy July 17 2014. After surgery I blew up like a balloon all over. I was so distended I couldn't move. Next day my palms were white and was told I was bleeding internally. I got four blood transfusions. Then I was given another catheter and LASIK because I now had fluid on my lungs and my oxygen was low and had trouble breathing. Then I had degenerative heart failure and had a heart moniter for 3 or 4 days. I was unable to eat and had no bowel movement yet.
Avatar f tn I've been having these knee pains for the longest, at first my mom took me to an doctor with said it was growing pains! I am grow now with the same pains it's mostly hurts after sex now. When I apply pressure it seems to feel better and mostly left leg, I had an hysterectomy earlier this year thinking maybe from fibro tumors, I don't know what an mystery!
Avatar n tn I am extremely nervous about it as my mother also had a full hysterectomy and started bleeding after 20 years. She died 2 years later from rectal cancer that spread from her abdominal area. I do have a doctors appointment but I am very uncomfortable about him doing a pap. He makes me feel that all this **** is in my head...
Avatar f tn I had a complete hysterectomy 2 years ago. I started having lower back & pain in hips and rt. leg, buttock within 10 weeks. I started with a burning sensation in lower back during sleep. Continued getting worse waking me. I started having trouble walking with much weekness on rt. side, but have times when hips lock or cause me not to be able to move my feet. I can't take normal sized stairs now, I have to pull myself or take them sideways.
1931832 tn?1398884049 I had undergone Total Abdominal Hysterectomy last April 2012. And then after a month, I felt back pain. I thought it was the after effect of drugs during the days went on, my knees had the same too..I went to see my OB and required blood tests for Potassium and Uric, it was found Negative, and immediately prescribed Difenax for pain, it helped though, but I had to see an Orthopedic Surgeon for proper evaluation. Undergo series of x-rays for my knees.
Avatar f tn I understand that positions patients are placed in during surgery can sometimes result in this type of issue, so I was not too concerned. However, about 5 weeks after the surgery I began to experience burning feet. The shooting pain had just resolved when I began feeling this burning pain to my bilateral feet. Approx. 2 weeks later, my left calf went numb. After approx 3-4 days this began to resolves but not entirely.
Avatar f tn I have had no end of low back and knee pain since my hysterectomy. I was fine before my surgery. Now I'm messed up and want answers as to the cause and what solutions there are, if any. Hope you find the help you need with your problems.
Avatar n tn After my hysterectomy in 2001 I have never felt good I get much pain in my left side( that was the ovarie was removed ) my legs hurt and I can barley walk at times I cannot work anymore the pain in my legs and back is to intense. I feel like my life has been stolen from me. Deena Any suggestions welcome I want my life back I was very out going please help Doctors can't figure me out.
Avatar f tn I am scheduled for a total hysterectomy at the end of Dec. 2013. I was told by my family Dr. 2yrs ago I was in post-Menopause, by blood test. I was also told by my Gyn. Dr. that I have a tennis ball size fibroid in the uterus. I do not have any Bleeding. I have not had a period in 2 yrs. I have painful intercourse from severe dryness and vaginal atrophy. I tried Premarin years ago, but stopped it due to Heart disease and stroke in my family history. No family Hx. of cancer.
Avatar f tn The area of sensitivity travels a few inches above my knee and onto my leg. The area sometimes tingles after walking on the treadmill. I do not have any pain. I would say the feeling is similar to numbness but the area is not completely numb. I had a hysterectomy a few years ago and was wondering if there was some nerve damage from surgery. I am 48 years old. Any thoughts on the cause would be appreciated. I am concerned about brain or spinal malignant tumor.
Avatar f tn I am 3 weeks post abdominal hysterectomy + bilateral salpingo oophorectomy (after diagnosis of endometrial hyperplasia with atypia). My right leg is numb from the knee to nearly the hip. In addition to the numbness, I am experiencing what feels like "bursts" of electrical currents. Walking makes the site feel better. Lying in bed is the worst. I cannot get it into a comfortable position. I am to the point of tears. I know this is common.
Avatar m tn At first it didn't hurt but after half a day there was one huge knock with excruciating pain. The pain lingered a few minutes. I could put no weight on the knee after that. Went to another orthopedic doctor who said my knee cap was slightly too far to the right and so out of its groove. I used Advil, Bengay, ice, rest and got a knee brace for compression. I'm now scheduled to start physical therapy tomorrow to strengthen one muscle.
Avatar n tn In March 2007 I had an Inguinal Hernia repair operation on both sides after I had experienced bad groin pain for about six weeks. About three weeks after the surgery, I developed testicular pain in both left and right testicle with the left one swelling up dramatically. After going for a scan it was observed that I had a hydrocele on my left side. Six weeks after My original operation, I was hospitalised after I developed severe pain on the right side of my groin.
Avatar m tn I was passing large amounts of blood and having severe pain. After 5 days they took out the stent and the pain got worse. I was released from the hospital on 3/22/10, only to have to go back to the ER the same night due to even more severe pain than the original. Today is 3/25/10 and this is the first day I've been reasonably comfortable. My urologist still says it's bladder spasms. He has now put me on a medicine to help with those spasms. Hopefully I'm over this now.
Avatar f tn In 2010 I had a total hysterectomy because I had a very large tumor on my right ovary. Since the surgery I have had pain, numbness and tingling in my left hip, leg and knee. I have been seeing a pain doctor since the symptoms began but I feel like she doesn't really believe me. Is this compression neuropathy common after hysterectomy?
Avatar n tn When she was done, she said she had never had anyone go through as much as I did and in that much pain. After a few minutes, the pain subsided and I was able to go home. Within an hour of going home I started hurting again. The only way I know how to explain the pain was it felt like a contraction when you are getting ready to deliver your child that did not ever let up. We called the office and they told me to take two more lortabs which did not do anything so they sent me to the hospital.
Avatar n tn I used to think it was my kidneys and the pain was going after I had been to the bathroom, now I am not sure if the pain is going just because I am up and moving. I do not get the pain at all during the day.I have no other symptoms ( I dont think) I have had blood tests, urine tests and X rays all of which are OK. I would love to hear it anyone has any ideas what this could be as my Doctor has openly admitted he is stumped. Ta..........
Avatar n tn I have right leg pain, with buckling of the knee and severe clonus. All this has happened simultaneously with undergoing a hysterectomy. I have been to 3 neurologists, 1 neurosurgeon, 1 orthopaedic surgeon. Still no answers. I have had 2 Mri's of my thoracic, lumbar, leg, brain, cervical and 3 evoke tests, and they show nothing. What could this possibly be?
Avatar n tn My left knee can get screwed up rather quickly in that all it can take is to get out of the tub the wrong way or turn the wrong way, and ping - unbearable pain where I can hardly walk. That pain usually subsides after I've been walking for a little while. My left knee can act up for several days in a row and then be like nothing happened for a long time. This pain can be sporadic.
Avatar f tn Hello, Pain during sex can be due to infection of the vagina, cervix, tubes by bacteria, yeast; lower urinary tract infection; endometriosis (deposits of the inner lining of the uterus in the pelvic cavity); ovarian cyst and tumors ;remnants of hymen; vaginismus (reflex tightening of the muscles at the opening of your vagina);vaginal dryness etc.
888637 tn?1241038507 I am desperately looking for a doctor in Syracuse, NY who can help immediately so I don't undergo an unwanted hysterectomy. I've had pain and heavy bleeding with no known cause since I was 20. I'm now 34. At age 29 two different doctors said it was endometriosis. I was dutiful, did the Lupron for six months, started on continued birth control pills to avoid having a period. It felt better without a period and heavy bleeding. But unfortunately, the pains came back.
Avatar f tn This time, whilst in hospital straight after the op, I had severe sholder pain as wall as extreme pain down one side of my tummy to my rib cage area, to find out it was "trapped gas", well, I was so shocked, I'd never felt pain like it. That subsided, and I am now very bloated & uncomfortable, i've been quite active the last few days, but now feel in a bit of pain around the incision areas more so, but just an overall pain on my whole tummy area and inner pain.
599170 tn?1300977493 When I woke up after the surgery I couldn't talk as I had a breathing tube down my throat. I was in intense pain and couldn't tell anyone. Whenever my family would jiggle my bed at all it sent me into agony. Thank goodness my SIL noticed my reaction and called to the doctor's attention. They had a port in my chest for my meds and nourishment and it wasn't sewn in properly. I was getting no pain relief at all. Such a nightmare.
Avatar n tn I also have notice that other joints are now becoming symptomatic (shoulder, wrist CTS, knee, heel pain). I am becoming increasingly despondent. Do you have any recommendations or advice?
Avatar f tn I think the recovery is going as expected and well-- I stopped pain meds Weds evening -- the surgery is great, the side effect are what are bad--bloating, gas pain (lessening as time goes), bowel pain and lack of movements. I again have a call into the dr for the dizziness....I drink copius amounts of water, walk and even get out so my circulation does well. What can be done for the dizziness. Any "magic" pill I can take....