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Avatar f tn I have been experiencing severe muscle pain behind my knee, in my calf and ankle. This happens after exercise and when I am at rest. I am doing the exercises given to me by the hospital. I have tried ice, ibuleve gel and medication but there seems to be no improvement.
Avatar f tn 8 mph on the treadmill with no problems for 45 mintues. Now after 5 minutes on the treadmill at level 3.0 my knee pain starts up (same pain as the ITB). It's like someone is winding up my knee really tight with a screwdriver. What is up with this!!?? It is so frustrating. I had goals of at least walking a 10K and 1/2 marathon. I can do the elliptical, step, kickbox, etc all with no problems. I have been doing a lot of walking around, shopping, errands, etc. with no problem.
655727 tn?1283296048 It does not restore the same level of function that the person had before the damage to the knee joint began. The knee will not bend as far as it did before you developed knee problems, but the surgery will allow you to stand and walk for longer periods without pain. After surgery, you may be allowed to resume activities such as golfing, riding a bike, swimming, walking for exercise, dancing etc.
Avatar f tn Exercise can help reduce stiffness and pain, and it can also help you lose weight, which takes pressure off aching joints. Losing as few pounds can cut the risk of developing knee osteoarthritis by 50% for some women. Although OA typically affects the knees, your hips, hands, lower back, and neck may also be affected. Always ask your doctor before doing any exercise! Warming up with gentle stretching can help get your body ready for your workout.
Avatar m tn I had a meniscus injury almost 2years ago a tear in left knee due to gym exercise while doing thighs exercise and from that time I was exercising my legs and their was no more pain after nearly 8 month , just yesterday I did the same movement once again and I hearted a pop in the same knee and a little pain with a bending movement in the same place after examining it by my self by pressing on the spot is it possible that the tear had happened once again ...
Avatar f tn I hate to read you are suffering. A knee replacement is suppose to improve your function and it does not sound like that has been your experience. Have you talked to your doctor about your symptoms? Has he/she given you any feedback? I have not had a knee replaced but hope someone here who has will write to you. You might also post in the orthopedics forum as I know they talk about joint replacements there as well.
Avatar m tn I am 45 years old from last year i am suffering from knee pain. Last year started left knee pain and this year started right knee pain Please suggest me what treatment can i take and what type of exercises can i start to solve my knee pains.
Avatar n tn In basketball practice I made a cut and felt a sharp pain in my right knee. After that, running and jumping has caused much pain in my knee. I went to an athletic trainer and they told me I had tendinitis and to ice and take ibuprofen. It continues to be very painful during practice. I can feel rubbing and clicking in my knee when I walk. What is wrong with my knee? Should I still be playing basketball or will it make it worse?
Avatar f tn I do notice however that I get sever pain in my right leg and especially knee region when I exercise. My left leg is perfect. It can be extremely painful. Is this normal? Does anyone experience this? When I exercise and start having this pain, should I continue or stop?
Avatar m tn You should find a different surgeon. I am a surgical technician and have first assited in knee replacements. Let me tell you,the glue must not have "attached" the bone to the implant or they could have put the wrong size implant in. As for him saying you need to lose weight, how can you do that without exercise? You can't exercise if your knee is painful. Most people who have knee replacements are overweight so not sure why he would have said that.
Avatar m tn I felt no discomfort then, but each day afterward for about a week I felt first pain on the lateral side of the knee, then the pain moved to the medial side of the knee, now the only discomfort is on the posterior portion of the knee in the soft tissue with my leg straight as I walk. It was bad enough last week that I was limping, (almost ready for a cane) but it was intermittent. What happened to my knee and what should I do to heal it and for how long?
Avatar m tn What a stupidity I did, just to permanently hurt my knee. After several months off from the gym, to see If it would heal on its own, had no positive response so went back to the gym and started out with leg press with light weights and progressively adding up to heavy weights, like 250 lbs. I found myself cheating, the pain inside my left knee wouldnt let me do the exercise right so my right leg started to get thicker than my left and the leg press machine was getting unbalanced too.
Avatar f tn I had my right knee TKR in June 2010, I cannot recall what the pain was pre-op, but I do know that it is very bad and has been since surgery. I have fairly good function with the knee and am able to do the work I love (I would be very depressed to lose that) but work is the whole of my life as it HURTS during the work day and it takes the rest of my day to 'recover' somewhat. I have pain in the night quite often and pain upon waking.
Avatar f tn My left was done in Janurary 2007 and my right knee was done in July 2007. Since the surgery I have had severe pain espically on the outside of the right knee. I have pain in both knees and limited movement in both. The pain has not gotten any better with time. I did have an injection of steroids about 6 months ago that helped some but things have not gotten any better since. Has anyone else had this sort of problem?
1773330 tn?1314171331 It takes a month for the chondritin to work but I never got the knee pain back after that. I also started putting gel heel inserts in my running shoes and that cusioned the knee too. hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I have pain in my both knees. Mostly, only after doing exercise it got swollen and pain started. I have done some particular exercise but no use. But, I got permanent swelling from last 3 weeks and pain also. Pain is in my lower and upper part of knee. I tried cooling and hot cycle belt of wrap but still pain exists. This all started from nov 07. I never had injury with my knees. Completed my blood test and routine check up in January 08 but everything is normal.
Avatar f tn My first knee replacement was in 2002. Second one was in 2003 (on the other knee). For a number of years now I have had pain in my "knees". Even the tissue surrounding them. I've noticed that I can hear the prosthesis move when I move my leg. I swing my legs and they make a funny noise. Today I went to an orthopaedic surgeon about another (unrelated) problem and asked him about the pain in my knees.
Avatar m tn Respected Madam, There is no pain in my knee and also i didn't done excessive exercise. I took rest for 6 days without any exercise and swelling was gone. Again after that i started very light exercise and then swelling is increased but it is not that much as was before(It is seen only during straight leg). Also when i rest my foot on the floor gently with the help of crutches then also i do not feel any pain.
Avatar f tn The one knee does worse the less exercise I get. Every knee is different and that is why I would start with a GP an possibly PT first.
Avatar m tn 6 weeks after the surgery I was still having the pain and discomfort behind my knee. I experience increased tightness and pain with exercise....the more I use it the less I am able to do. Even walking causes discomfort. I am not able to pick up my foot and move it back as if trying to touch my butt with my foot. I have a tight, full feeling and its painful. to sit for a period and then attempt to get up and walk is almost unheard of now.
Avatar n tn prior to the surgery i had throbbing knee pain in posterior right knee. they tried cortisone shots - 2nd one helped but wore off quickly. even after TKR i STILL have this pain. Cold weather intensifies the overall pain. i still have on going knee pain in general and doc says takes sometmes ONE YEAR before see difference. When they did the TKR they did clean up some scar tissue (had 4 prior procedures before having TKR).
Avatar f tn My dog tore the tendon in his left knee in the back. He had previously torn the tendon in his right knee. Both times we used conservative treatment and the knee healed. We don't allow (although he doesn't always listen) jumping up and we've blocked off the stairs. We also only let him out in the yard and don't take him for long walks. Should he be taken on longer walks? or do I continue with the conservative care guidelines. We can't afford to take him back to the vet yet.