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375373 tn?1492346001 But since about a year or 2 both the right knee and hip started very slowly but incrementally to hurt, and more intensely after doing my adored but very energetic int'l folk dancing, or walking briskly more than 2 hours, or aerobics (except water aerobics), etc. I read an orthopedist's explicit and step-by-step book about replacements...and I'm terrified!
Avatar f tn My knee pain began about 5 years ago after roller skating on a big ramp. At that time I was about 27 and thought I was still 15. After a week of repetitve bails from sometimes over 8-feet onto my poor knees ( I did wear protective gear:knee pads ect..) well, I got better at it, and fell less and less. A short time after while kneeling on the tile floor in my living-room I felt this pain for the first time.
645390 tn?1338558977 She said ,(after the first 2 weeks) she should have done it years ago. I realize pain is pain be it physical or mental , arthritis or MS, coughing or falling, etc. But, there will be a brighter days. Remember how good you felt after the steroids? Well it will happen again. As for giving up your job, you are in good company here on the forum. There are lots of us that have done it whether it was our idea or the employer's. It's a big hurdle to jump but you can do it.
892665 tn?1259175314 We have had a series of small little storm symptoms coming in and out. I have so much OA knee pain. I was dx with OA in my knees at 17 years old. I have been dealing with it for 32 years! I have tried years of meds, heating pads, cortisone shots, weight loss, aqua aerobics, physical therapy, Synvisc etc... I have limited mobility. I can get only about a 90 degree bend in my right knee on bad days, about 95-100 degrees on good days and I can’t straighten it to save my life.
Avatar n tn Hi I am experience a similiar type pain in my knee. It started rather suddenly and within a few days grew to the point of pain that involuntarily causes me to scream out loud. Each episode lasted no longer than 30 seconds or so, and were usually spaced out by hours of no pain.
Avatar f tn But now, as of a few weeks ago, a different knee pain has occurred. The other pain behind the knee was gone (I had all of the symptoms of an ACL tear, but an MRI said nothing was wrong other than the previous damage from the MVA). Now the knee pain is so bad that I can barely walk, and have to walk keeping my leg straight, because it hurts so bad to lift it. And five days ago, now if I sit for too long, I can't straighten my leg again.
Avatar n tn I use an excercise bike and walk up to one mile a day, but my legs stiffen up a lot after excercise. I am not sure if I am any better yet,although the pain in my knee is better.
Avatar f tn Three years ago while at the gymn doing aerobics, I believe I injured my right knee. I never felt any pain really. Just a little bit of tenderness. But I noticed one day, that I could no longer bend my knee completely like I used to. I never went to the Dr for advice, and it has never gotten any better. My bending is limited in that one joint. Fast forward. About six months ago, I started having trouble walking up and down stairs. At first is did not feel like arthritis at all.
Avatar f tn The MRI of my left knee showed the following results: 1.obliquely oriented tear involving the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus 2.multiloculated ganglion identified posterior to the distal femur above the level of the knee joint. 3. moderate sized joint effusion 4. grade 1 spraiin anterior cruciate ligament The dr suggested draining the knee for relief but also said that surgery would be another way to go. Please give me your advice as to what to do.
Avatar f tn No matter how they are taken, there is still pain, shooting hot pain, very bad muscle spasms, feet hurt after walking. knee gives out, never know when this is going to happen. Have to walk steps using both feet. VERY distessed at this point. Any answers as to what could be causing this? ANYTHING would help!
Avatar m tn Remedies for Arthritis Pain Chamomile Oil Massage The soothing flower works wonders outside of its use as a calming herbal tea. Massaging your achy joints with topical chamomile oil can significantly reduce your need for acetaminophen, finds a recent report published in the journal Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice. Chamomile contains terpenoids and flavonoids, natural chemical compounds with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and pain-killing properties.
1304381 tn?1273157491 Hi!! I started walking as a form of exercise recently but right after i started my knees started cracking alot and with alot of pains in the left knee. It got swollen and i went to the doctor, she checked me and said to rest it and told me the tendons were sore, she also thought i may have rheumatoid arthritis so i got some blood test done and we are awaiting the test results. She gave me joint supplement and pain meds to take which helped.
Avatar m tn Just wanted to say it is three weeks after surgery. I have been on a lowered dosage and strength of pain meds. Taking about 2 -3 hydrocodones a day (if needed). Unfortunately, ever since the oxycodone, I have slowly evolved into hypomania. Last night was bad. Now, I am awake 3 hours later like I slept for 12. I am doing this weird sleep schedule I have never really had to deal with so much: 4 am-7 am then 12:00 noon - 4pm.
Avatar n tn I have had problems with my left knee, and have had 3 surgeries. Nothing serious. 2 weeks after this illness, my right hand started feeling weak, as if i couldn't make a fist. It turned to pain in my wrist, that travels up my arm. It then went to weakness in both hands. Now pain in both wrists. My right ankle has now started, and feels weak in my foot, and bad pain in my right ankle. My left knee (the bad one) is feeling like the good one now.
Avatar n tn The doctor had me wait several months to see if the pain would go away. The pain was not only in my knee but radiated up and down from the knee into the thigh and shin. I had surgery, which slightly helped the knee but the pain in the thigh and leg did not go away and has gotten worse. I can not describe the pain as burning, stabbing, tingling or aching. It is a combination of pain.
12573102 tn?1431705217 Hi everyone its been quite a while since I have posted. I have been back at work for 3 months now & still sort of struggling mostly with joint pain to elbow, hips, back & knees. Just wandering if anyone has had issues with joint pain post Chiari decompression. My decompression was in April 2015 then my 2nd surgery for CSF leak was June 2015. I had mild arthritis to my left knee & right elbow prior, but now it seems as though all of my joints are inflammed!!!!
Avatar f tn me and my brother was running after each other,suddenly i felt down and my knee got injured.that time mom took me to the local bone fixer.he fixed it and did bandage couple of time,afterward it gave me problem on and off.sometime when my body balance had been out ,my knee got a pain than i slowly sat down on the floor,straight my leg.a noice came and than evreything went pain no swelling,now a month before i was **** aerobics n gym,my knee got injured again,had a bad pain.
Avatar f tn I have been there before, as my pain comes around fairly frequently. I have had lots of pain in a knee for the last month. Saw an Orthopedic surgeon yesterday, and did not get good news. I am pretty down and out, and in very very bad pain, ever since they manipulated my leg and did a cortisone injection. Anyway, I did get some vicodin today, and took it, and do feel "mentally" better as well as physically a bit, I do agree you should look into pain management.
Avatar n tn I think there is a difference though with chronic pain and a short term pain, such as a post op temporary pain. I am wondering then about this highly sought after buprenorphine ( not yet fully approved here for some uses)... would it be good for either chronic pain or short term pain for addicts ???? Next question... what is this business about THIQ... acronym for a long name I cannot pronounce.
Avatar n tn I am also glad I found this post, since I was beginning to feel like I was the only one who had such a complaint, and it was just plain weird. After several years of putting up with these "flu-like" symptoms after aerobic exercise, I think I have finally found out what's going on. While scanning the web searching for answers, I came across a site that deals with digestive ailments, and their possible influences on your body.
Avatar m tn I started the pills because of knee pain. I had three knee replacement surgeries, 2 PKRs and one redo a TKR. My knees are the best they are going to get, can manage without pain killers. But I was still on the pills because of my shoulder. After my third knee surgery, I came off of methadone but stayed on the Norco. I've been clean from Norco since Jan. My shoulder is getting worse every day. I've been in tears for three days.
Avatar m tn That must be frustrating to have surgery and still have pain and limited mobility. Sometimes the lymphnodes behind the knee are damaged during surgery and cause swelling and pain. There are lymphedema therapists who perform specialized massage to reduce the swelling. I would go back to the surgeon for some direction in how to best manage the swelling.
Avatar m tn I have back pain (mid back) which increases when I strectch both of my hands forward/ I have a neck pain when i tilt my head backward and also knee pain while walking. Also I have ankle pain and sometimes hip pain and elbow pain. there is also pain in the back of the head and fingers pain. Doctors ruled out RA and my doctor always tells me rest and it will be fine. I am 36 and cant do any major activity. Any advice what it could be??
Avatar n tn Many, many women have back pain after delivery for up to a year. No matter WHICH way they deliver. Besides, a C/S is usually only scheduled no sooner than 38 weeks, or there is a risk that the baby's lungs may not be 100%. I'd go back to the doc and explore the options above before I did anything else. If you aren't using the belly support, let me know...there is a pretty good kind that a lot of ladies use. I'm so sorry--I KNOW how miserable you are.
Avatar m tn I had knee replacement 3 and a half months ago. I've had therapy, but the pain, stiffness, and swelling has held me back. I'm now trying to find exercises I can do in a Therapeutic Pool . I haven't been able to find anything I can print out. Can you tell me where I can find some exercises.
Avatar n tn I can't tell you the complete results of surgery now till i comlpletely heal. Inspite of all the pain i've gone throt=gh after surgery and going through now, i have to say that i'm glad I went through the surgery and didn't wait anylonger. hope this helps.
Avatar f tn This is common with some ladies and also there are mood swings. Eat healthy and only exercise when you are fine after menstruation. If the pain becomes unbearable we advice you to take smooth muscle relaxants, drink sufficient water and visit a Gynaecologist if your symptoms worsen. Take care!
Avatar n tn The pain accumulates throughout the day, and is worse after a day of activity. I cannot place the pain to any type of traumatic event. I have been doing high impact aerobics for 7 years so my joints do take a beating as there is a lot of jumping activity. I have ignored the pain as I assumed it was from wearing sandals in the summer and hoped by now it would go away. Some days there is mild swelling at the end of the day. Do these symptoms warrant a trip to the doctor?
Avatar f tn Trying to deal with our pain realistically is a challenge - but after what we've been through with early withdrawal and recovery, it's nothing we can't handle.
Avatar m tn Sorry I can't help you on comparing the knee pain. If you do have Lyme, I guess you'll find out if the knee issue is Lyme or week knees when you get better! :). It could even be both.