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Avatar f tn May 13, 2009 I had a partial removal of my right knee inside medial meniscus. fell on it three times from June to October finally could not stand it any more went back to my Dr office two weeks ago, first had an Xray, I am bone on bone where the minescus was removed. Arthritis is flaming really bad Then I had an MRI showing I now have a tear in the minescus. I was told I will get called Monday or Tuesday about surgery option & meet with Dr, etc.
Avatar n tn i had surgery on my left knee twice. i tore my meniscus playing soccer. However, i believe i lost the flexibily. my Question is, why dont i have full range of motion? ie i cant sit on my heels if that makes sense. im starting to have the same symptoms in my right knee that i had in my left before the surgery. like my knee clicks pops in and out of place.
Avatar f tn knee problems by jbadam01, 16 hours ago some background, i fell 15 ft face first on concrete patio, ruptured c6c7 disc in kneck, brok right wrist and left elbow, i ended up with 2 bone bruises, a bakers cyst, torn meniscus and frayed carteledge in right knee, the specialist told me i had pateller tendonitis and that part of my tendon was dead and not getting oxygen like it should.
Avatar m tn I had the ACL reconstructed in 1988 which was preceded by two operations to repair tears in the meniscus. Do I have an MCL injury? What are my options?
182884 tn?1259316506 I had a drop attack and fell to my right, I sprained my left ankle and tore the meniscus in my right knee...I tried PT, but it did not help bcuz I had isues with my right ankle as well. The pain seemed to get worse every day..and when driving if the tip of my keys brushed against my knee drove me crazy. I too have DDD, and spinal stenosis.I was recently dx with EDS which is a hypermobility of the joints and it does involve pain as well.
Avatar f tn The second used an allograph which, thank God, did take. I’ve also had 2 arthroscopic 'clean-up/meniscus repair' operations on my left knee. During one of my knee surgeries, the doc also went into my left ankle to remove some cysts and clean out scar tissue. I still have pain every day in my knee and ankle. Pain has been such a part of my life for so long and it really takes a toll on my emotionally and physically. I can’t do every activity I want, at least not yet.
Avatar f tn Hi! I am 24 years old and have a history of knee injuries, resulting in 3 operations over a period of 6 years time. The last one is now 2 years ago. The problems originally began while I was still a competitive swimmer. During the warm-up for a swim meet I hit my knee against the wall while climbing out of the water. About half an hour later I had to swim the 200m breast stroke, which only made the pain worse. I went to see my GP for this and for about 3 months I was on ant-inflammatories.
182884 tn?1259316506 I don't know the exact date, or even month, but at least a year ago, ( as my knee was hurting and swollen) I knew my knee was not right. It was continually aching, and stabbing pains as time progressed. I remember falling or slipping on the grass while on my way to my foot dr.s for a checkup after my foot surgery, and another time falling in the bathtub.
Avatar m tn In an active duty US Navy not at fault accident in 1973, training for Vietnam, my ACL was torn, and the Navy doctors said they tried an experimental procedure to split the PCL, and tie it into the ACL to perform both functions. Recently Dr. Koco Eaton, sports doctor of the Buccaneers & Devil Rays said they probably did was the opposite.
Avatar f tn I tore my acl and meniscus and have had 3 operations. I have arthritis really bad in my knee so what ever exercise I do will have to be worked around my injury. I dont know what exercises to do but I am trying to find some. Anyone with advise please give me some. I have two kids one is a girl and she is 5 my son is 3. my husband and I have been together almost 10 years but have been married 7 this July. My goal is to lose as much weight as possible by then.
Avatar n tn I'm a 48 year old active male who had meniscus surgery on my left knee in 1977 and on my right knee in 1979 (old school on the left, arthroscopic on the right). I have experienced OA for several years now but has gotten worse recently due to increased activity levels. I decided to see an Orthopaedic recently to determine where the medicine/technology is today and he recommended Synvisc (although he gave me a cortisone injection on that visit which did next to nothing for me).
182884 tn?1259316506 My left knee has been hurting and swollen on the inside front of the knee at least since March of 1999, ( I complained to my husband and took photos to make sure I wasn't imaginiang things.) Finally this past April a neurosurgeon who was examining my back looked at my knee and after attempting to move it in different ways said he thought I may have a torn Meniscus, and should see an Orthopedic about it. After an Xray in May ruled out anything, my regualar dr. finally got an MRI this last week.
182884 tn?1259316506 It is frozen in postion and he also noticed I have severe scar formation on my foot ( after 3 foot operations ) and I am sure he knows that is not good for surgery either. Also my bad feet and gait and pain in the hips has thrown my body out of alignment and made pain worse, particualry on the left.
Avatar f tn I just took them for the first two knee operations and then put them down. I've used morphine but developed an aallergic reaction. Nothing was as tough as oxies. But the oxies work. I just like the buzzy feeling too much. Thanks for the info. I won't use opana if its like that. No way. I was on a dilaldid drip in hospital. I'll ask for that again. Maybe they can send me home on that instead of oxy.
Avatar n tn (i truly think he told me to lay down so I couldn't punch him when he did what he did next.) Next he grabs my knee cap and starts yanking it side to side and massaging my knee very roughly. He tells my wife she has to do this twice a day, ten to fifteen times and then pick up my knee so it bends a little 3 to 5 times. He then told me I couldn't have my brace back and sent us home with a script for Physical Therapy. I guess my question is, it has only been 4.
Avatar f tn To complicate things a bit, about the same time I stopped my pain meds, I fell causing a grade II tear of my MCL and medial meniscus. I am scheduled to see the surgeon on 4/10 - so I am doing everything I can to manage that pain with ibuprofen / tylenol. So that is my story. I'm on day 9 c/t and up til today can say I have been feeling better each day. Today has been a little bit of a set back.
624074 tn?1263877407 I had 2 others related to a fall I had bcuz of Chiari...I torn the meniscus in my right knee and also had an issue with my right ankle which had to be done b4 my knee as I needed it healed so PT would work for the knee....and then my knee surgeon sent me to another Dr thinking I had Lupus and that is how my Chiari was found and dx'd. I know with the shrinking of the tonsils they may not go back into place completely but the lamenectomy should provide the space ...
Avatar n tn The pred is easily the worst part of all the operations ! Every time I taper down from 75 mg they bump me right back up to buy time for the next procedure. I am not happy about the side effects and I certainly don't feel comfortable in my body right now.(Moon-face, hump on neck, big belly, fur! ) Not to mention how lazy my eye is since the surgerys! I look nothing like I did a few months ago! I want everyone out there to never feel alone in this.