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5289415 tn?1391257241 A few months ago I began to have numbness in my left knee once it was bent more than 90 degrees. Over the last few months it has got to the point that its numb no matter how I stand or sit. Just wondering if anyone would be able to provide me with some more information on what could be the cause. Thanks Again!
Avatar m tn This would rule out the major cause of arthritis related pain (whether the spine is involving the leg and hip pain or the knee joint is having referred pain in the hips and vice-versa). SO consulting an orthopaedician is must. Let me know, what was the outcome. Feel free to discuss more. Regards...
Avatar f tn Patients with a loose total knee joint limp. The pain is usually felt in the whole knee area, predominantly in the front, along with increasing stiffness and effusion in the knee joint. With advancing time patient will not be able to put weight and diminished motion in the joint. Diagnosis can be made with the help of X-rays. Revision operation can be considered if there is unbearable pain, progression of osteolysis and loss of function.
Avatar n tn while I was comming from office in local train every thing was fine suddenly I felt light pain and numbness in my left leg upper joint and knee my eye start getting dark and stomach feel like bloating I thought Im going to die there was no chest pain I take deep breath and try to control the situation in one hour time I reached my destination and from there I visited a Cardiac center . I told every thing to the doctor he done and Ecg and pressure checkup ECG and pressure was normal .
Avatar n tn I had my right knee replaced four years ago and the numbness in my feet never went away. I recently had my left knee replaced and now the numbness has increased from just the ball of my feet to all except the heal area on both feet. I believe it is a result of the Epidural for pain. I have been checked for nerve sensation and they don't find anything wrong, but that doesn't keep it from feeling numb.
Avatar n tn So since conceiving I've been having dull aches. It's felt deeply almost like numbness but no tingling. It's so annoying!!! I feel it where my leg & hip connect then it travels down the front & stops at the knee joint. No pain, just a gnawing discomfort. Doctor says its not pregnancy related but I've never had this issue before. (7w 1d) Am I the only one?
Avatar n tn My problem started 2 yr back as sharp pricking pain along lateral aspect of the right knee with numbness(5 to 15%) when compared to other adjacent area. After some 3 to 4 months later in the same area there is tinigling sensation develop, this tingling slowly progressive towards thigh region 1 yr back pain in the lateral aspect of the left popliteal fossa develop which is sharp and burning nature and radiating towards calf muscles.
Avatar n tn Hi, Thanks for writing in. The knees are the most commonly injured part of the body. The largest joint, the knee is used for everything from standing up, sitting, to walking, running, etc. It's a weight-bearing joint that straightens, bends, twists and rotates. All this motion increases your risk of acute or overuse knee injuries. As you already have a history of trauma there is a chance of ligament injury or meniscal tear or tendinitis.
Avatar f tn A few years ago I had an un-diagnosed condition where my left knee and right elbow were so painful I could barely brush my hair or walk down stairs. At that time I also developed erythema nodosum on both of my shins and ankles. I saw several doctors but they didn't know what was going on. It went away on its own after about 2 months, but I still feel remnant pain in my knee and elbow occasionally. Now I don't know if this is related but I am having more joint issues.
Avatar f tn You need to check with the orthopaedician for ruling out a pinched nerve sural or saphenous nerve branch being impinged in the knee joint. Since burning sensation is positional with reference to the knee joint. You might need corticosteroids and physical therapy. Rule out diabetes and B12 deficiency, rheumatoid arthritis and hypothyroidism. Hope this helps.
363110 tn?1340920419 not sure if anyone has an idea. I spent 8 days in a coma and after coming out, my left quad muscles were weak and the feeling from hip to knee was gone on the surface with a deep ache. some numbness contiues down the front of my lower leg towars the ankle. I fell several times on my left knee following release, and my doctor says I've got fluid on my knee.
Avatar f tn I had a my left knee scoped on Aug 22nd and I returned to work Nov 23. My Dr had me limited to 6 hrs shift, but I work retail so of course I've been having to work longer hours than that. So know my knee is swollen and I'm having pain in the again shooting through the back of my knee and sharp shooting pains in the inner knee joint. I'm also having numbness in my foot as well. I called the Dr office and they bumped up my Dr visit. Any advice?
Avatar n tn The best course of treatment for an injury to the knee joint caused by a twisting force depends upon the exact nature of the damage sustained. This can vary tremendously from a simple sprain to an internal ligamentous or cartilage tear. In principle the initial treatment involves RICE, rest, ice packs, compression and elevation of the leg.
Avatar f tn Thanks for replying. My doctor has made no official diagnosis but asked me to bend and flex my knee and leg this way and that. She said that my knee joint is a bit loose. I'm getting an x ray to find out and physio but I'm still waiting on both of these letters to get to me. I'll use the codeine and I have laxatives at home. I've been drinking more water lately so a bit more might help.
Avatar m tn While the pain from the arthritis is mainly gone I am experiencing much tightness and numbness in the knee. Combined with limited strength in my quadricep I have a much difficulty climbing any steps. I am working with a physical therapists but still am frustrated about the limited success. Any thoughts about this. The surgeon looked at the knee through xrays and felt things are going fine.
Avatar m tn I also get pain on the top of my right foot. Currently the new one is joint pain on right knee. The pain seems to get worse with low activity and taking walk seems to help sooth most of the symptom, but the right knee pain. I also have numbness of my left finger tips, but this has been happening for years now.
Avatar m tn anxiety does not normally cause joint pain unless your anxiety causes you to hold your joint rigidly for a period of time. any ticks in your area when you are outside? some tick bites can cause joint pain and fatigue.
565899 tn?1216591914 The doctor gave me a steriod shot in the knee joint. I now have no pain. My right knee also has arthritis, have had surgery to remove cist on knee cap 7 yrs ago . Knee is now better. I recently had pain in right hip and numbness and tingling in thigh. Orthopedic surgeon diagnosed bursitis and I had a steriod shot in the right hip 2 wks ago. The pain is getting better. Have you tried steriod injections in the joint? This seems to help a lot.
Avatar f tn I'm a 58 y/o female who had a left total knee replacement 15 months ago with a subsequent MRSA sepsis. I underwent a second surgery where the left knee was debrided and the plastic part of the joint replacement was changed. I was treated with 8 weeks of IV Vanco and oral Rifampin. Now I have continual pain in my left buttock with "sores" only on the left side only. I continue with pain in the left buttock muscle, as well as most of my other joints.
Avatar m tn If I was to sit with my legs straight out and bend my left knee it hurts really bad in the hip joint area. ..It is almost like I don’t have the strength or muscle to lift my left leg. I would like to point out that I am in good shape, I work out and as recently as March completed the P90X program, which is not for the faint hearted, with no problem in my leg.
1139187 tn?1355706647 The problem is I have had every side effect in the entire world. I have been tired, shaking, numbness in hands and my knee hurts like holy hell in the spot where they nailed me. I dont think i was allergic to bird feathers, but maybe I was? I have the worst stress headache feeling headache. I have a tens unit for the pain. Once the unit is off the pain starts back up. I had SUPARTZ. How long do these side effects last for? Its a different pain than the arthritis.. am i alone?
Avatar f tn Severe joint pain in the knee and later also in the fingers. The knee thing turned out to be ostenecrosis where the femur of my right leg was dying. now I think this was all caused by the Tamoxifen, but what matters is that my vit D was very, very low, and it is in many people with cancer and bc. After I found supplements that were effective, and the D normalized, my leg and knee went back to normal. it just started one day without any injury or provocation and it stopped the same way.
Avatar f tn I can pin-point exactly where the pain is (it moves around the knee and elbow joint) just by touching it. I can also feel a constant throbbing pain without even touching my knees or elbows. I have not been responsive to icing it, physical therapy, several anti-inflammatory medications, a cortisone shot, prescription pain medication, and fibromyalgia medication (Lyrica). I have never experienced any sort of swelling nor do I feel stiff in my joints.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have constant joint and bone pain - a dull ache. The pain is throughout my body but especially worse in the shoulders, ankles, knees, neck, and BACK. It is worse in the morning when I wake-up ~ I spend 15 to 30 minutes every morning stretching in order to try and relieve some of the pain. I'm a 30 year old female with no health issues. My father was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis a few years ago. I do not experience any joint swelling or redness/warmth to the joints.
Avatar n tn Since the injury, which occurred while hiking and hopping off a rock, my heel has been numb and tingling and I have a very sore spot on the ball of my foot. The foot is very still in the morning and the numbness and tender spot is constant. I shared this with my orthopoedic surgeon several times and he kept saying it would go away. It is not improving and my foot is more stiff and sore in the morning than it has been. What do I do next?
Avatar f tn Hi there :) have flare-up of osteoarthritis in knee after being diagnosed formally when I had an arthroscopy a few months ago. Just wondered how long pain and subsequently being out of action may last for? Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful. Thank you so much.