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Avatar n tn For me, the joint and back aches and pains are pretty much always there, but moreso the three days after shot night. Old knee and joint injuries see to send reminders. For all ache/pains, including frequent-constant headaches, I switch between aspirin and tylenol. But trying to keep both at a minimum. I think I stretch out a little more, and more frequently, on tx just to keep from getting stuck in one position.
Avatar m tn my brother 26 yrs old is suffering from both knee joint pain since two years.he has consulted orthopeditian and rheumatologist,what they said is everything is normal(non specific arthritis).even his blood parameters and xray are normal.but he cant stand more than two hours or cant walk even one kilometer.can you suggest the probable diagnosis.
Avatar n tn recently i had pain in both knees joint 3 month back i visited doctor and was asked to carry out the folowing tests CBC with Vit D3 level and Radiography of both knee joint reports are as folows haemoglobin 13.6, total wbc 5400, esr 254x1000 16mm/hr test 25 hydroxy cholecalciferol (Vita D3), serum by RIA observed value 10.
Avatar m tn After realizing that I couldn't do any decent amount of weight, I tried to do some simple deep knee bends - no weight at all - and my right knee still complained. I rested my knees until they seemed back to normal, then I tred to do something super-light and they acted up again. It's like my knees are telling me "if you dare go any heavier, I'll really make trouble for you," so I'm afraid to go further and really produce an injury instead of just a warning.
Avatar m tn By this time, my mom became very weak. Her knee pain started to worry her and not able to stand and walk as knee is hurting her a lot. It started at left leg and passed to right leg. Both legs swelled a lot.... We took her to hospital for check up and admitted in hospital. Doctor conducted tests such as 1. Liver Function test 2. complete Blood Picture 3. Endoscopy 4. Potassium/Sodium 5. Hepatitis A,B,and C-- result negative 6. AntiNuclear Antibody (ANA)-- result negative 7.
Avatar f tn I had x-rays done and was told that my knee looked beautiful (structure-wise I guess) and that I probably had something called Femoral Pain Syndrome or Runner’s Knee. He recommended physical therapy, a knee brace, and said I should be fine in a few weeks. He also prescribed me a six-day dose down anti-inflammatory pack, even though I told him no swelling had ever occurred. I took my meds, went to physical therapy as instructed, and did my exercises religiously.
Avatar n tn Only problem is I am suffering from severe multiple joint pain in hips, lower and upper back, ankles, right knee(worst) and left wrist. Been tested for arthritis and osteo blah blah but they keep telling me i am fine. I'm not. I am not sure if it was the treatment itself(combination therapy) or the disease itself(hep c) that has caused me this constant pain.
Avatar n tn I did have joint /muscles pain in the begining , however since laast 2 months my joint pain is lot specailly in my toes/heels , ankles and hands which is similar to what you describe . I am going to see rheumatologist. I am wondering ,is it common to see in Hypothyroid this kind of pain.
1242017 tn?1268324302 You have medial and lateral mensicus in your knee joint. Menisci are ligaments to stabilize your knee joint. Lateral meniscus has degeneration due to past or recent injury. With wear and tear and weight bearing your articular cartilage has thinned and these are changes of osteoarthritis. I would suggest you to follow up with an orthopedician and take necessary steps for avoiding further damage. Take care!
Avatar n tn Hi, How are you feeling now? What’s your name? How old are you? Well I think the symptoms are disturbing your daily routine and knee pain is annoying too. I think you should be consulting an orthopaedician to rule out if any pathology exists. Have you checked your sugar status? Do you have diabetes? Are you a vegetarian? I think you should also see a physician and decide regarding investigations to rule out diabetes and other disorder.
Avatar n tn My name is alex and I am 15 years old. I injured my knee about half a year ago when doing leg extensions in the weight room using too much weight. I got an MRI to check out my knee injury and the doctor says some of the cartiledge probably wore away. To get treated i took anti-inflammatories, rested it, and did physical therapy. I can walk and run for a bit with no pain, but if i try to jog long distance i feel joint pain in my knee.
Avatar m tn When i do most activities like walking up and downstairs, lunges, and even walking sometimes i get a sharp pain as if im sticking a thick nail into the center of my knee cap down into my knee. It hurts to the point that i have to stop and stretch it out constantly. it is always swollen pops alot of times when im walking i can feel a bubble forming and i have to stop and kick like im kicking a soccer ball and it pops loudly and hurts for a second but then feels better.
Avatar n tn Hi, What is your name? How old are you? Knee pain has many causes, including pathologic processes in the knee and disorders in distant locations with referral to the knee area. In you case it is the disease of knee which is likely to be affected, as your work involved more stress and strain for your knee. Can you tell me when this pain is more? Do you experience any grinding, locking, catching, or giving way of the knee?
Avatar m tn I am sorry to say but if you would have gone ahead with knee fusion then, doctors would not have been able to do ligament reconstruction or knee replacement surgery. The anatomy of knee or knee joint configuration would have changed after the knee fusion surgery to do any sort of surgery after that. Yes I think an orthopedic surgeon experienced in knee replacement after knee fusion could possibly with difficulty could have done it. Keep me informed if you have any queries. Bye.
Avatar n tn Since then, I've developed a somewhat sharp pain in my right knee making it somewhat hard to walk or bend. I've had no injury to my knee and never really had knee pain before. Is it possible that the pain I've developed is related to the cortisone injection? I'm paranoid of being considered a hypochondriac so I haven't called my dr for an appt. I'd hate to go in and him tell me it's just arthritis or think poorly of me but then the pain is also getting a little annoying.
Avatar f tn Hi my name is jacob and i've had 2 knee surgeries. On 4/13/07 i got into a bad motorcycle accident that broke my left knee. The urgent care I went to told me that it was a fractured tib/fib plateau and that it would heal soon. They said that i could walk on it when i wanted to and gave me 20 vicodin 500s. The surgeuon that my insurance had was on vacation but when he got back almost a week after my break, he called me and told me that i need emergency knee surgery.
Avatar m tn Other treatments include knee caps and braces, taping the patella to reduce friction, anti inflammatory drugs, custom designed foot wear to correct arch problems if any and rest to the knee joint and applying ice packs. You need to avoid postures where knee is kept bent for long. Please consult a sports injury specialist for this. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
1308443 tn?1302696921 I forgot the name of the condition but it is when the cartilage behind the knee cap gets soft. I just question whether there is really NOTHING to be done. It is very painful and common in teen girls so you would think there would be a fix.
3122657 tn?1357436202 Hi all my good friends i have a question i am having a lot more joint pain and headaches i wanted to know if i could use rubbing alcohol on my muscles to reduce the the joint pain im thinking no but i figured i would ask anyway because im in pain
Avatar n tn I can pin-point exactly where the pain is (it moves around the knee and elbow joint) just by touching it. I can also feel a constant throbbing pain without even touching my knees or elbows. I have not been responsive to icing it, physical therapy, several anti-inflammatory medications, a cortisone shot, prescription pain medication, and fibromyalgia medication. I have never experienced any sort of swelling nor do I feel stiff in my joints.
Avatar m tn My last session of chemo was 12/1/10. Radiation ended 1/7/11. Up until that time I did not have any joint pain. About 45 days after the last chemo I started to have joint pain in all my joints. I have been reading on this web site how this seems to be very common. However, all the questions when answered state that this outcome is not due to the Chemo or any other treatments for the Cancer. I am now on Tomoxiphin, but this started to occur prior to the start of the drug.
Avatar m tn but we have recently heard that in some knee injections like these, the liquid injected would become rather dense or would solidify let's say and brings back much more pain, causing a need for a new treatment which would mostly be an artificial knee joint.
Avatar f tn Hello Dear, Osteoarthritis is the most common type of knee arthritis. Also called wear-and-tear arthritis or degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis is characterized by progressive wearing away of the cartilage of the joint. As the protective cartilage is worn away by knee arthritis, bare bone is exposed within the joint .It is not necessary that if one knee is affected the other will also be affected.
Avatar n tn Is Kristab your name? Swelling in the knee joint space can be secondary to hemarthrosis (fracture, ligamentous or meniscal tear) or inflammation (arthritis, gout, infection). Assess the knee joint for warmth, which may indicate active inflammation. Do you have tenderness over the joint? Do you feel warmth over the joint? Do you feel feverish any time? Is there any concern over the movement over the joint?
Avatar f tn I think its my left SI joint. I did strengthening of my left quadriceps and hamstrings and my knee pain disappeared but it always comes back when i stop the exercises. What could be the cause of this as its always 1 thing or the other which aches but never both at the same time??
Avatar f tn Usually a burning sensation on the knee with pain is due to inflammation of burs or bursitis. A bursa is a small sac of fluid. It cushions the outside of knee joint so that tendons and ligaments glide smoothly over the joint. This is usually treated with rest, anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy. If infection is suspected then antibiotics will be prescribed. If pinched nerves are suspected you will need to undergo nerve conduction studies. Please consult an orthopedic specialist.
Avatar n tn I think, since I'm so hypermobile and have such lax joints, that made the joint even LESS stable. It's like my ligaments/tendons are too loose to hold my joints together. I feel like I'm literally falling apart... I'm in constant pain, stabbing, burning, grinding. Sometimes it feels like someone stuck a knife in between my joints and won't take it out. At this very moment, I feel like I want to rip my head off and set it back on the way it’s supposed to be!
93210 tn?1287457826 My other knee is in desperate need of a total because of severe osteoarthritis that has chewed away at my joint so much that I'm bone on bone now. My knee is constantly swollen and from time to time has about 60-70 cc's of fluid drawn off of it. And of course the pain is almost constant and mostly severe. Sorry for the long bio. My questions are, do you have a thought about why my knee is giving away?