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Avatar m tn 5 years i've felt a constant burning (sometimes stabbing) pain which is mainly behind my knee cap, and at the top of the knee cap (where the thigh meets the knee), it also clicks and somedays feels very stiff. this pain fluctuates every day, and some days it will feel almost fine, some days i will be in agony, both of which sometimes stick around for months. excercise is STILL extremely difficult due to pain levels and my knee sometimes locking up.
Avatar m tn I start having this funny feeling in my spine about middle ways down,the best way to describe it is it feels like a worm crawling around my spine,every so often a sharp pain hits in the same spot,like a sharp nail.Then I started having pain and swelling in my rgt knee with the same sharp pain and a burning feeling,then it started im my hips and its hard to even move for the pain,then it went to my other knee and my left shoulder,which feels like its on fire.
Avatar f tn I have had burning joint hip pain which goes into my back. Everytime I go to the doctors they say its just part of my Fibromyalgia but I know how that pain is and the pain I have now is prohibiting me from working because of the extreme pain. The doctor took some blood test such as sedimentation Rate and c reactive protein and they were normal I just don't understand how can it be normal when I hurt so bad?
Avatar m tn Meanwhile it is advised to restrict movements around the joint. You could wear a knee brace. OTC NSAIDS and ice-packs may also help with pain relief. Hope this helps. Take care!
634590 tn?1293777693 As you know i took 20mg isotretinoin for 15 days and pain started in my right hip joint. Went to Arthopedic and he said it is infection. im now on antibiotics (one week on IV augmenten + oxidil and then on ciprofloxacin 500 twice) for last 5 weeks. Today i suddenly feel same kind of pain in my left groin (front of hip joint) . im wondering if there was infection in right hip joint how can that infection travel to my left joint even im on antibiotics.
Avatar f tn I have an appt on Tuesday the 16th but I just looked at my knee since I have been in a lot of pain. I have bruises all over my knee. The pain is shooting from my knee to my thighs.
Avatar n tn My left knee was hurting a little in the patella area and after my run tonight I bend my knee while standing and had a burning shooting pain...its a little sore now....was wondering what it might be?
Avatar n tn Ever since then I cannot knee on a certain part of that knee. If I do I get a sharp, burning, stinging pain that quickly subsides once off the knee. I can walk and run on it fine, and have not experienced any swelling or other problems. I cannot feel any abnormalities on the outside. The pain is on top of the knee. Even pushing on a certain area it is is sensitive. What do you think?
Avatar m tn i am having a sharp burning pain on inside of my right knee, its a constant pain worse when i bend and keep it straightened out for long periods of time
Avatar f tn That you still have swelling, pain and a burning sensation in this joint three MONTHS post your fall is totally unacceptable. Since none of these symptoms have resolved in that time period, the only conclusion is that there is damage in the joint. That even your ortho, who I will assume was your surgeon, can't figure out what is wrong is pretty damn alarming!
Avatar n tn These are essentially a little pinch of the capsule that cushions your joint-plus the fluid inside it-that has bulged out the back side of the knee join. Can cause pain,burning,swelling, or be symptomless, usually behind the knee, often also in the calf. The fluid inside the cyst is not supposed to roam freely in our bodies, so if it ruptures the response can be mild for a small cyst or wicked for a big one. I have seen a few docs drain off fluid, but not often.
Avatar f tn got a new pain in both knees now - inside of the leg, below the knee cap (more on teh inside of my shine rather than knee). Any ideas? I also have a burning pain in my achilles - had this for about a year - doc reckons tendonitis / bursitis, but cant get rid of it.
Avatar f tn About a month later my wrists started to feel better, but I started getting the same pain in my ankles, and my left knee. It really hurts alot when I walk or have to lift my knee. My knee almost feels swollen. I have never heard of a joint pain that moves around I am so lost. I am tired of taking Ibprofin and sleeping on a heating pad! I went to my primary DR. He took blood, x-rays and urine, but they all came back normal.
Avatar n tn My knees commonly feel as though they are on fire, not necessarily hurting in a specific spot but the whole knee feels on fire. Mid day the pain ussually sets in. By time I am off work it hurts so bad and burns that I find reasons to not stand. At night i toss and turn trying to stop thinking about the burning sensation. My legs are typically swollen( they feel heavy too). I have als noticed my feet and hands are a blue tint even when hot outside.
Avatar f tn About a month later my wrists started to feel better, but I started getting the same pain in my ankles, and my left knee. It really hurts alot when I walk or have to lift my knee. My knee almost feels swollen. I have never heard of a joint pain that moves around I am so lost. I am tired of taking Ibprofin and sleeping on a heating pad! I went to my primary DR. He took blood, x-rays and urine, but they all came back normal.
Avatar n tn When I kneel on my right knee I feel an extremely sharp pain inside of my knee, almost as if I have a piece of glass jabbing me. I do experience some discomfort while walking or sitting and especially while running. I do have flat feet and I also experience pain in my hips, What could be wrong?
Avatar n tn Ever since then I've been developing some problems. Problem number 1, I started haveing knee pain in my left knee, I went to the doctor and he said that I have joint inflamation. however the pain isn't there anymore, but the inflamation is, and it feels like theres something floating in my knee, it hurts only when im on my knee's. Problem number 2, about 8 days ago, I have been having pain in my upper back and neck, and it was causing headaches.
Avatar f tn I have multiple joint pain including lower back pain that increases if sedentary, burning knee pain especially in the evening and after sitting cross-legged. I have had over 3 surgeries on my shoulders and have very weak ankles and wrists but have never injured or sprained these joints. I also have occasional severe pain in my hips which comes very quickly and leaves almost as fast.
Avatar n tn ) And, the pain...I can hardly take it anymore. Now it’s in every joint and pinching all the nerves. I am planning a trip to Mayo in Feb or March 2008 - whenever I can get in. I'm desperate. My body feels like it is collapsing. Docs say not EDS and I agree. They are trying me on Enbrel. After one change and in fact I'm worse. All my joints catch and crunch. It's scary. Really scary, in fact. How can we get in touch with each other?
Avatar n tn My problem started 2 yr back as sharp pricking pain along lateral aspect of the right knee with numbness(5 to 15%) when compared to other adjacent area. After some 3 to 4 months later in the same area there is tinigling sensation develop, this tingling slowly progressive towards thigh region 1 yr back pain in the lateral aspect of the left popliteal fossa develop which is sharp and burning nature and radiating towards calf muscles.
Avatar m tn I'm experiencing a sharp knee pain (left knee), to the side of joint (left side) when i kneel flush on my knee cap. I've had water on the knee (right) many years ago which only occurred when i flew long distance. When i press my knee cap, no pain, nor to the side, only seems to be on hard surfaces with my full weight. Any thoughts, much appreciated.
Avatar f tn Pain meds are ok, but they make me really sleepy and it is hard to function at work and home. Pain started in 2006 in fingers and toes. Now every joint is effected. The other night my knee hurt so bad it would not have hurt worse than if someone took a sledgehammer to it. People don't understand the pain. Some doctors have told me that I was depressed and stressed out. Well, first of all, who isn't now days?
Avatar f tn I'm delighted you found us and took the time to post your question - but sorry to hear about your encompassing pain. The knee joint is the connection between the lower leg bones (tibia and fibula) and the thigh bone (femur). The femur is the bone in the leg that extends upward to the hip - and the hip is closely related to the lower back in proximity. Pinpointing where the pain actually originates between the three can be a daunting task and is best left to the experts.
Avatar f tn My right knee was causing much pain on the outside area, and when I would walk it felt like my knee would try to slip out of joint. Like the outter area of my knee was pulling it out. I went and saw a specialist, they took an x-ray and didn't see any damage. He moved my leg around in every motion possible and said I more than likely tore my meniscus again on the outside and that is why it is giving out.
Avatar f tn I had total knee replacement in April of 2007 and continue to have a nagging pain in the knee area as well as it stays slightly swollen all the time. The pain is a burning and stinging sensation and is made worse when I try to walk any length of time. Therefore, I don't get much exercise. The pain subsides with rest at night but when arisinig in the morning it's back and still swollen. Due to the swelling the knee doesn't bend as far as it should.
Avatar f tn You need to check with the orthopaedician for ruling out a pinched nerve sural or saphenous nerve branch being impinged in the knee joint. Since burning sensation is positional with reference to the knee joint. You might need corticosteroids and physical therapy. Rule out diabetes and B12 deficiency, rheumatoid arthritis and hypothyroidism. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I have the exact same pain when I kneel on my right knee. It's a very sharp intense burning pain. Has anyone been given a rational reason and therapy for this?
Avatar m tn A few years I had a total knee replacement done - 6 years on am still in horrific pain found out ortho doctor made a greave error by trapping some nerves - have had them released - more pain then finally cut no more nerve pain but while the operation was done the plastics doctor noticed I has soooooooooooo much adhesions he took a lot away but I am now left with just the pain - burning pain all I can describe it as is it is like walking on raw flesh the pain it is shocking how the hell can I st
245285 tn?1220501946 I would suggest you to apply ice packs on your knee joint 4-5 times a day till the pain and inflammation decreases. Take NSAIDs, rest and avoid weight bearing for couple of days. If your symptoms continue then I would suggest you to go for scans (X-rays and if required MRIs) to diagnose any bone or soft tissue damage. Always wear proper shoes and walk and exercise on suitable surfaces and avoid concrete and hard surfaces. Take care!